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11K in 4 Hours Review
Scam? Yes or No

Creating and selling your own information products can be one of the best and most profitable ways to make money online. The 11k in 4 Hours program helps people take advantage of this opportunity. It offers step-by-step guides to follow in order to create and sell your own informational products online. Does the 11k in 4 Hours scam people? Learn what you can expect with this program in this review.

11k in 4 Hours on the Web

The official website for this program is at http://11kin4hours.com/. No Facebook or Twitter page found.

11k in 4 Hours Review: How It Works

This system apparently is a tutorial that shows people how to create informational products, promote them online effectively and capitalize on the launch of the product. 11K in 4 Hours further claims that it will show you how to develop a large opt-in list to sell your product to.  It also states that you will learn how to create pre launch content that will make the sales of your product.

Additionally 11K in 4 Hours says their blueprint will demonstrate how you can make use of affiliates who will be promoting your products for a commission. And all this happens without article marketing, pay per click, SEO, affiliate marketing or many of the other internet marketing techniques others teach.

Program Costs and Guarantees

This tutorial goes for $37. This also gives you access to several bonuses including the product launch guide and access to a resellers club online. There is a 60 days money back guarantee in case you are not pleased with what you get.

About the Founder

Jani G, a successful internet marketer created this system. He claims to have created a blueprint that he used to make over $11 thousand dollars in 4 hours but that should have made more.  In his words he “screwed up” and should have made more.

Is 11K in 4 Hours a Scam? Yes or No

Many people make a lot of money selling their own information products online. If 11K in 4 Hours can actually show you how to do that then it is a valuable program. The reviews and comments that I have found mostly follow the same theme; 11K in 4 Hours is a good program but the level of income didn’t approach the title’s implication. The comments also seemed to be dated mostly 2009.

With no reason not to accept user’s comments at face value then, it would seem that the 11K in 4 Hours program is not a scam

Do you have any experience with this subject?  I welcome your comments and opinions below.


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