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If you are looking for a unique system you can join to make money online, AffordableAffiliates.com may provide a unique income opportunity that mimics an investment club. This review examines this opportunity to determine whether Affordable Affiliates Network scam people or it is a legitimate opportunity worth joining.

Affordable Affiliates Network on the Web

The official website URL is www.affordableaffiliates.com.
The Twitter feed is twitter.com/#!/aanetwork.
The facebook page URL is unknown.

How the System Works

AffodableAffiliates.com is based on buying a wide variety of products at low prices and selling them for higher prices to make a profit. Members contribute towards the purchase of products. When the products are sold, each member gets back what he contributed and a share of the profit realized. Some of the profit is also invested in members’ accounts. 5% of the profit also goes to help a charity program of your choice.

An automated rotation system is used to determine who contributes for the purchase of particular products. No member pays more than $10 towards products purchases. You can also make money by promoting the program to other people and earning referral bonuses. There is a video at the official website that explains how the program works. The Affordable Affiliates Network scam claims maybe due to the fact that the program is unique and somewhat difficult to understand.

AffordableAffiliates.com Fees

To become a product purchaser in the program, you are required to invest a minimum or $100 and a maximum of $500 to your account. When it is your time to contribute towards the purchases, you will also spend $10. This is refunded once the products are resold. You can also join free if you just want to become a referrer to earn cash by introducing new members into the club.

About the Program Founder

The CEO of this system is apparently Chris Bell, an internet entrepreneur. He runs the program with the assistance of executive staff.

Does AffordableAffiliates.com Scam People?

This does not appear to be an opportunity to earn fulltime income at least in the short term. However it seems that it could provide some extra income without taking up a great deal of time. Overall, this is a unique program with some good long-term potential.

The Affordable Affiliates Network scam claims are not true. The program’s ties to charitable giving alone would, in my eyes, elevate this system well beyond any talk of a scam.

Do you have any experience with this subject?  I welcome your comments and opinions.


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