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Ok …It’s time for an Empower Network Review.                                                                         

What is the Empower Network and is it worth anyone’s time?

The Empower Network is a unique program that offers a basic product and several informational products all of which can be simply used by those that purchase them OR they can also be resold to make affiliate commissions as an additional bonus.

This fact does not make the Empower Network unique. However the fact that the commissions paid to affiliates is at a rate of 100% does make the program unique. That’s right, you earn 100% commissions on every product.Empower Network

The basic product is a viral blogging platform completely set up for immediate use upon purchasing  it. There is nothing for the user to do… except blog. There is nothing to set up, it is completely optimized and ready to use. The cost is $25/ month.

You receive your own blog on their empowernetwork.com domain which  is already an accepted authority site in the search engine’s eyes.

The other products are trainings to to teach  you how to build a serious business and income. The Inner Circle product is a series of audio trainings from a variety of internet marketing industry leaders and is updated regularly.

The Costa Rica intensive is just that…an intensive training by one of the founders, David Wood, and is designed to take your business to the highest level.

Empower Network Review- What does this mean to you

What it means to you depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for an affiliate program that can pay out large sums of money, you are in the right place.

The Empower Network has paid out over $2.5 Million in commissions to its affiliates since its launch 2 1/2 months ago on Oct.31,2011.
UPDATE: It has now paid out over $2o Million to its members in it’s first year.

If you are looking for a funded proposal for your existing business, you are in the right place. People can get in and get started  for only $25, however you can earn all the way up to $4625 per sale AND $125 of that is residual income paid out every month.

Your only job is to- blog daily…tell others….collect money.

If you are looking for a platform to promote an existing business, again you are in the right place. The fact that the domain name, empowernetwork.com, is already an authority site means that your blog has an instant status on the search engines. Therefore it is easier for  your posts to get ranked. So more people will see whatever you are offering.

Empowernetwork.com has an Alexa rank of under 600 which means that out of ALL the billions of websites on the web it gets more traffic than all but around 600 websites.  That translates to a million hits EACH DAY.

If you are looking for a push button solution that requires no effort to make money on the internet, then the Empower Network is NOT for you.

Empower Network Review- Founders

The founders of the Empower Network are David Wood and David Sharp, both of which are internet marketing and network marketing giants. David Wood actually lives in Costa Rica, and the Costa Rica Intensive training was videoed virtually in his back yard.

The entry level cost is only $25 however it should be noted that if you want to resell the products and earn the 100% commissions, you need to become an affiliate of the program which is $19.95/ month. This covers the cost of operating the overall  website and handling the payment transactions through an “e-wallet” system.  This eliminates the need for each affiliate to open their own merchant account to process payments.

Empower Network Review- Is it Worth It?

For a $25 investment, basically the cost of a website hosting company,  you have the ability to leverage a top domain to promote whatever you desire AND perhaps even generate life changing income as an affiliate . It seems clear that the Empower Network provides real value.

The fact that it also pays 100% affiliate commissions only makes it a more attractive program. So does this Empower Network Review recommend this program…Yes without hesitation.

To learn how to start earning YOUR 100% commissions watch the video on the other side of this page , make a decision and  join our team.



Rich Riley
"Helping People Make Better Decisions Through Better Information"

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Empower Network Review- Is Empower Network Worth Your Time? — 62 Comments

  1. Good morning, Rich!

    Thank you for spelling things out about the EN. Question, in addition to being an EN affiliate, could I post in my blog links to other businesses that I am an affiliate with such as eBay or vistaprint?

    Thank you.

    • As Rich states, if you are looking for a push button solution that requires no effort to make money on the internet, then the Empower Network is NOT for you. The Empower Network is however a great platform which can be utilized to your advantage.

  2. Great blog Rich! I am a member of Empower and I love it! My wife has been marketing online on and off since 2009 and she loves that fact that Empower is a vehicle that anyone can use regardless of what MLM company they’re already in or whether or not they already have a business.

    If you want more out of life and what you’ve been doing isn’t providing the lifestyle you desire then Empower is a great vehicle to get you there. My team has some of the most awesome training and support for new members and once you’re in Empower you’re family.

    Denver was our first event and it felt like a family reunion and the energy of being in an auditorium of 6,000 people who all have a goal of more time with family, living life on purpose and with passion was an exhilarating feeling :) I hope this review give you the information you need to TAKE ACTION and join us on this journey to freedom!

  3. Finally a informative review! Now it makes sense. Why can’t people just tell the truth and stop being “salesmen”.
    I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. But still thinking about trying it.
    Thanks for a great review.

  4. Hi Rich:
    Nice review. I’m assuming you are a Empower Network Member. Are these video’s in downloadable MP3 audio format also for burning to a CD for listening only.
    I’m also debating which is the best training for targeted traffic to websites and are these video’s really that good. Also read another review that these training video’s are also in PDF format. Is it a requirement that you buy the other training informational products before you’re allowed to buy the 15K formula. Again read this in another online review. Look forward to your response.

    • Hey Jim, Thanks for tuning in. The Inner Circle product is a series of audio trainings that you can download, but the videos are not able to be downloaded. However the $15K Formula product does have downloadable PDFs. As far as the $15K Formula you can purchase it any time after you join the program. Each product has its own benefit which is why I own all of them.

  5. Hi Rich. So what i’m hearing is that if i am a herbalife distributor that is struggling to get my business off the ground, i can get better success using the Empower Network training tools?

    • Exactly. The question always boils down to being able to put people in front of your presentation….. marketing. EN has some of the best, if not the best training on marketing on the internet that I have ever seen. And if you so choose you can market the EN products as well and receive 100% commissions. Pretty cool!

  6. Hi Rich,
    I do not have a business at all to promote. So how would I make money? Do I have to buy the product in order to sell it. How do I find people to sign up?

    • Hey Doug, Learning the “how to” create a successful business online is really what EN is all about. It is an affiliate program that pays 100% commissions and it’s products are informational products that teach the art and science of marketing. And yes you need to own the product to to be eligible for the commissions.

  7. I live in Canada, can this program works in Canada? 2. I do not a product of my own to sell on empower network, do I have chance to make it by just selling the empower products?

    • HI Mypoyo,

      EN is working for people in countries all around the world including Canada. The products provide the training you need to market any product…including EN’s products.

    • Hey Brian, There is no set answer to your question. I varies for everybody. Personally I was in profit within three weeks. Does that mean you will be? No way to know. However I know the answer is never if you never begin. Be well.

  8. If I start with the $25 mo program:
    1. Is my mo fee $25 + $19 a mo?
    2. Do I have to use the blog on a website?
    3. Do I have to purchase the products that I am selling? If not, who does? Where is the source for the product?

    • Hi Jannice,
      Thanks for your interest. The blogging platform is $25 / month. That is like a hosting fee. The $19.95 / month is an affiliate fee that gives you the right to resell any of EN’s products. In order to receive the commissions for the products you need to own them. It is that simple.

  9. Ok where do we get the people to promote theses products to begain with.
    Do we have to hound people all day like EN are doing
    to me now.

    • Hi Phillip,
      It makes nos sense to me to ever “hound” people. Learning how to generate leads online is the key. If you feel hounded simply unsubscribe.

  10. Very detailed Review of Empower Network. I would just like to add my opinion in a slight way…This platform indeed have some power, but not for everybody! For those who expect a “get rich quick” program that will earn them thousands without doing some real time work within a few days – Stay away. Too many people are screaming Empower Network Scam nowadays for they do not have the ability or skill-set to use the program to the full extend with added patience.

    • Hi Christene, Yeah it is too bad when people are led to believe that there is a magic EASY button anywhere. EN, or any other program, does NOT have any easy button. It does have, however, the best training I have seen inside any program from actual people who are producing results.

  11. Hi, I’m curious to know if there are any upsells in the EN? For example once you become a member, do you have to buy certain software to create your blogs or pursue more traffic, or is it just straight up $25 a month if that’s the route you choose and it comes along with the system ? Hope that makes sense.

    • I appreciate your concern Marek, but the blogging system is just $25/ month if that is all you are interested in. The other products inside the Empower Network are informational products and are there for those that want to grow an online business.

    • Hi Dave, The compensation plan is set up so that the 2nd, 4th, 6th and then every 5th sale of each individual product passes up to your upline. Dave and Dave, the founders of EN make their money as affiliates of their own company and they pass up commissions to the company as their “upline”. It’s pretty cool how it works.

  12. Great review, I have a question.. is this your blog through the business? Someone reached out to me on facebook once but when he showed me his blog it was one that looked like a “Get Rich Quick” scam website. I am a young entrepreneur I currently have an online printing and design company and soon to release a partnered site selling external hard drives that I am drop shipping from a distribution company. Traffic for the new site is my goal. If this is not your blog site for the business can you provide me a link to the one that is?


  13. Hi Rich,

    Great Review but i have this one question which is still bothering me. how do you create your downline/ team.
    Taking from what David explains if i get in , the commissions earned would be from the 2nd 4th 6th etc…and if i recruit a person and enroll and unfortunately he happens to be the 3rd person to get enlisted under my team, then i would not get any commission from that person. My training of the direct recruit would not be making any effect on my income. This part is confusing when they say you would have your team . How can this work? Is my understanding the concept wrong? Hoping to clear my mind on this.

    • Hey Jaggs, The “pass ups” are on a product basis not on a person basis. Everyone you refer to the program is coded to you. The 2nd, 4th 6yh etc. time you sell a particular product then those commissions are passed up, NOT the person.

  14. Thanks for the info Rich and david.

    So I can keep selling my own stuff on my own site and learn how to sell it better and get better traffic with the EN products, and if i like i can also sell EN stuff as an affiliate.

    Like that. Thanks heaps


  15. Hello,

    I have a question regarding being an affiliate of Empower Network. Once you join as an affiliate will you get affiliate links and banners to market Empower Network on other websites.

    • Hi Karen,
      You do get affiliate links as you would for any affiliate program. However if that was all there was to it then 100,000+ people would never have joined. It is simply the most profitable affiliate program that I have ever seen.

  16. Hey Rich….thank you for the information. I do not come from any type of internet marketing background, nor am i tech savy. So I guess my ignorance is gonna really show with my question. But my question is this…once you have established yourself with the network, WHAT exactly are you supposed to blog about to promote to sale? I have lots of time on my hands because of having to retire early from a career as a dentist due to being diagnosed with MS. But sitting around the house and having the biggest decision of my day being to vacuum or not to vacuum is just not my personality. Having owned my own practice for a number of years I am a self motivated person, and the idea of being a working, productive citizen is very appealing. I guess I keep hearing the words TEAM and BLOG and SALE and I just do not know how they all go together…..See, I told you my ignorance would shine. Thank you for your time in reading my reply.

    • James, Thanks for stopping by. The, “what do I blog about”, is the question I get asked the most. The answer really depends on what you you are trying to accomplish. Some people simply blog about whatever they are passionate about, while others have a specific goal in mind. It is a topic that we cover in depth inside our private team training site.

      • Rich,

        I am a teaching professional in Myrtle Beach, if I began a website regarding golf lessons, which is both my passion and profession. Do you see a win, win here?

        • Hey Ryan, the truth is that marketing is marketing. If you are looking to promote your existing business the training inside our private EN team training site teaches exactly that. The “how” you promote something online doesn’t change regardless of the “what” you are promoting.

  17. Do you choose your own blog topics or does EN provide you a list of topics to choose from? Is there any target marketing involved? For example, only blogging on weight loss products or only blogging on money making opportunities or only blogging on the NFL?

    Please clarify.


    • You can choose to blog about anything you want to blog about. It is entirely up to you. As for having a target market…ANY business that wants to be profitable has a target market. It depends on what you are promoting. If you are promoting health and wellness products then it would make sense to blog about health and wellness. Our private team training site can help with that. The beauty is that your EN blog can be used to promote ANY business or product you choose to promote.

    • Dave, it really depends on your goals. Some people simply want to use the products to help them build their existing businesses. Others have found that their EN business is so profitable that it has BECOME their primary business. The products are there to provide the information either way, and if you decide to market them as an affiliate they pay out 100% commissions.

    • We have a private team training site that everyone on our team has access to and I am willing to work with anyone who is serious about their business.

      • Hey Rich, I have always been curious about empower. How much start up would I have to invest to make $5000 a month. I have no products this would be my product.

  18. Kinda seems like Amway. Once you buy the $25 a month product, do you pay that fee every month forever or what? Suppose you decide it’s not for you, what then? Are you stuck with a permanent $25 a month bill? Aren’t you really just renting the product you supposedly bought?

    Also, that you don’t get all the sales and commissions from them and some go to your upline kinda gives the lie to the 100% commissions promotion I’ve been reading about.

    • You are correct that, like Amway, it is a business that offers no guarantees, but it also places no ceiling on your ability to earn an income. The $25 subscription fee provides you with a blog website on the empowernetwork.com domain. As with any subscription if you choose to cancel your subscription the monthly fee stops. It is like a hosting fee for your website. It IS correct that some of the commissions are “passed up”, however that doesn’t change the fact that EN pays out 100% commissions for the sale. Also the beauty of the “pass up” sale is that you have the ability to receive pass ups from your downline. Think residual income. This is not for everyone, but it is the best affiliate program that I have ever found.

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  20. I have watched all the videos and read lots of reviews but still don’t quite understand what the MAIN aim is to making this $1000 a day, people are tip toeing round the real points! You have to blog? And empower produce the traffic for the blog they set up for you? And a capture page? What do you actually sell? Is there still a pyramid scheme to it as your trying to welcome us to YOUR team?! Do you just sell empower network affiliate program and the training videos?

    Would love some answers please

    Thanks Darren

    P.s still a good review tho

    • EN is a direct sales affiliate program that pays out commissions to its affiliates as they make sales of EN’s products. However instead of paying out 20%, 30%, or 50% in commissions it pays out 100% of the sale in commissions. The products range from a blog on their domain to various informational products people use to build their online business of choice. Some people have found that it is so profitable to sell these products that EN is their main focus. Your choice.

      • hows it going?

        what are the products being sold? no one seems to say what it is they are selling. People keep saying you make 100% commision and all that but off what??

        Thanks for help

        • Hey Andrew,
          It is simple. The done for you blog is the $25 product. The other products are information products geared to anyone who wants to learn how to have a profitable business online. It isn’t any secret. Bottom line..it IS profitable.

  21. Hmmm yet to check it out but like and appreciate your honest approach. Not too sure what I am seeking, just an alternative maybe to my present income selection and that little fact that I reach my soft retirement age next year. A change would be nice and it would be nice if I could have an income that justifies my expenditure on my computer upgrades. I’ve been told I can sell ice to the an eskimo but my honest streak tends to buy the ice back…. ~ so if either Empowerment or IIU is as clean as you convey it will be refreshing.

    • The refreshing thing is when programs, and people, deliver on what they promise. You should always do your due diligence. I believe you will not be disappointed.

  22. Rich,
    First let me say great review on empower network. Empower Network not only provides a fully optimized blogging platform, but also top notch training products. I’ve personally been through the costa rica mastermind and 15k formula training, and it’s awesome! I wish you much success with online!


    • The training provided in each of those products is indeed quite extensive and powerful, and it can be applied to any business or product.

  23. I am still not clear what Empower Marketing is all about–Is it about bringing new members so you can start earning $25 per member and as it grows bring in residual income every month or is it also marketing products as drop shipments from the order you receive from the site one creates. Very confusing.

    • Thanks for stopping by.
      The Empower Network is an affiliate program that provides you with a “done for you” blog on a viral blogging platform for the entry level $25. The blogging platform is the “what” and the other products are the “how” to take advantage of the 100% commissions and leverage that blogging platform into a serious business.

    • Actually, the way Empower Network works is this:

      You buy the $25/mt product.

      You use it to learn how to setup a viral blogging platform for your own business on your own domain, or use the one they give you if you want to resell the program to make money.

      keep in mind, you don’t have to sell anything for them. If you have a business selling weight loss products, this $25/mt course Plus the $100 Inner Circle program will teach you how to use Viral Blogging and other methods to promote your Weight loss product like crazy.

      Now, if you want to earn some money on the side, separate from your weight loss products, or soley earn money promoting the Empower Network, you will earn commission. So if you sell the $25 and $100 product to 10 people, you will earn $125/person ever month, residual income.

      But according to the Compensation Plan, the person you bought the course from will get your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th product you sell as their commission for giving you resell rights to sell the products.

      So you earn 100% commission from each sale, but you don’t get every sale, so it ratios out to 50%+ commissions.

      In other words, if you sold 2 people, one sale would be yours, one sale would be your and one would be your sponsor who you bought the course from. You earn 100% off of your sale, and the second one you don’t, which equals 50% commission.

      So if you sold 10 people, you would keep only 7 sales, and lose 3. So you are actually earning 70% commissions for all the sales YOU PERSONALLY CLOSED.



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