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The F5M Millionaires Club claims to offer a way to create an income that will pay you for life. It does not seem to matter whether you are a beginner without any prior knowledge or experience in internet businesses. This review will reveal the truth about the F5M Millionaires Club scam claim.

F5M Millionaires Club on the Web

The official website URL is http://www.f5m-millionaires-club.com/. There appears to be no Facebook or Twitter URLs.

F5M Millionaires Club Review: How It Works

The F5M Millionaires Club apparently offers membership in this MLM in a three tiered fashion. Membership to the club gives you access to a wealth system that promises to give you the potential for unlimited lifetime income. The system provides you the resources, tools and training your need to start your own successful business.

The income opportunity appears to be an MLM opportunity where you earn by referring others to join this program.  The process is apparently based a three level matrix system that you can recycle over and over. The matrix apparently is called the Fortune 5 Minutes matrix, or F5M. Suffice it to say the more times you successfully complete, or recycle, this matrix the more money you earn.

F5M Millionaires Club Review Fees and Guarantees

The entry bronze level beginners program, where you can get started by paying a one-time fee of $5 to access the system, is the most affordable membership level. This plan only gives you an idea of how the system works and seems to provide only a basic program to earn money.

The real cash business programs are in the higher cost membership levels:  Silver level for $49.95 and the Gold level costs $199. The higher levels allow you to access more of the total program, and thus theoretically allow you to make more money. The program also allows one to “progress” to the next higher membership level by using the system.

There are no monthly fees; however the gold level has an annual renewal fee of $99 for the newsletter. There is a money back guarantee for all levels except the $5 beginners’ level.

About John Kielec, the Founder

John Kielec, an online entrepreneur, created this system to help people start a viable internet business and make money online. He has years of experience in internet marketing and says he wants to share the exact home business that has given him financial freedom. He states that the system has been paying people for over 20 years.

Is F5M Millionaires Club a Scam?

Although the system has been around for a good while, F5M Millionaires Club is relatively new.  This reviewer was unable to find any real complaints against the system which is always a good sign. It would therefore be unfair to fan the flame of any F5M Millionaires Club scam claim.

John Kielec promises that you will receive support, mentorship and resources to help you start and succeed. If you are still wary of the F5M Millionaires Club scam claims and are not sure whether this is a real opportunity, it might be worth your while to investigate it further for only $5.

Do you have any experience with this subject?  I welcome your comments and opinions below.


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  1. I want to learn what the millionaires did to be successful and the powwer behind the successes of other as far as millionaires,billionaires are concerned.Tosin

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