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Inbox Dollars at a Glance:

Inbox Dollars is a membership site that seems to share the revenue from its advertisers with its members.  Advertisers provide numerous ways for Inbox Dollars members to receive rewards for performing small tasks that include reading email and shopping online. The rewards for completing the tasks are usually in the form of cash or some form of money saving discounts.

Inbox Dollars on the Web:

Main Website URL:    http://inboxdollrs.com/
Facebook  URL:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Inbox-Dollars/165362130170221
Twitter URL:  http://twitter.com/#!/inboxdollars


Inbox Dollars Review-How it Works:

To participate in the Inbox Dollars program one must become a member. The membership, however, appears to be free.  The required form asks for your name, address and a password.  In fact they claim that they will pay you $5 for creating a membership account.  This membership then allows participation in any of the offers available.  There does appear to be some limitations to memberships that prohibit multiple accounts in one household or multiple accounts using any one computer.

The program offers and services of Inbox Dollars seem also to be free with perhaps the odd exception within the online gaming offers.

These offers include:

  • Reading Emails
  • Taking Surveys
  • Watching video Ads
  • Redeeming Coupons
  • Playing Online Game
  • Searching the Web
  • Shopping Online

Offers are normally only able to be redeemed one time and should be completed immediately after clicking on the offer. Otherwise it is possible not to receive credit for the completion.  Any cash earned by the successful completion of an offer will apparently be held in the member’s cash account until a minimum of $30 is accrued. The minimum payment, as stated in the membership terms and conditions, is $30.


Is Inbox Dollars a Scam?

Inbox Dollars is part of Cotter Webb Enterprises, a company that is the parent company to the two largest online loyalty marketing communities online. It appears that Inbox Dollars provides legitimate services to its members and allows advertisers an outlet for their offers. The ability to earn money through this website is viable, however one may question whether the time involved is adequately balanced by the earning potential.

Do you have any experience with Inbox Dollars?  I would welcome comments or opinions.



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Inbox Dollars | The Inbox Dollars Scam Truth — 77 Comments

  1. Inboxdollars is a scam, they do not like paying the users a dime for all the surveys and spam you collect
    trust me I used there site for 10 days for evaluation purposes to see if I would really get paid for the time and effort i put into the services.
    the only thing I got was my account terminated during the “payment process” and while waiting for my money I was reading there terms of service and they clearly state they do not promise any payments, In fact they also claim to the advertisers that there members are true and honest while taking the surveys, This is in fact is most not likely true, I would like to see the supreme court subpoena there time recorded surveys
    and show both advertisers and consumer how much of a scam this site is.

  2. Problem with sites like Inbox Dollars is every time I’ve tried them I get maybe 3-4 pages into a survey before being told “Unfortunately you don’t qualify to continue this survey.” If it wasn’t for the fact I lied about everything other then the throwaway email address I made, I’d be worried about identity theft. Sites like Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks,My Survey and many others sucker people in with the promise of rewards for menial tasks. Problem is would take years to get anything you’d actually want. An old saying goes “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

  3. Was with them over 2 years. It took a year to reach the $30 cash out, had my cheque in about 6 weeks. I just cashed out again 2 days ago and said cheques will be processed on Wednesday. Today is Wednesday and I logged in to a message saying my account was deleted for not abiding by the terms. I’m from Canada and it had me listed as from the U.S., there was no option for me to change this. I was told in the facebook group that it would be ok. So it was not an issue last time I cashed out but this time it is. I recommend staying away from this place.

  4. I have been with inbox years for a couple years now. I qualify for some surveys, do the coupon clipping, watch the videos and read the emails. I love it. I am a stay at home mom and I do it for a couple extra bucks. I have never had an issue with them not paying me. Maybe the people that are having issues accidentally gave the wrong address and the check was sent to the wrong place or you thought that the check was junk mail when it came and threw it in the trash. Inbox dollars in very legit. I have been paid twice and soon it will be three times. It takes about six plus months to make 30 bucks so you are not going to get rich.

    • I just started a few weeks ago and I too am a stay at home mom and I’ve almost made 30.00 already. I love it also. They are a great company!

  5. I never considered inbox as a scam. in the past I always received my checks, but its been close to 2 months and I still haven’t received my payment. I am a gold member so I should have received it by now. If you use it with cashcrate, opinion outpost, treasure trooper, and sendearnings (which is the twin of inboxdollars) you can make at least 3 dollars a day from these sites combined and much more if you put in the time and effort. I like inbox and sendearnings because they send paid emails to my email. I just let the paid emails accumulate and click on them after a week or so when I am not on treasure trooper or opinion outpost (the best site to make money fast ;) btw). If you are just using inbox alone by itself then you are waisting your time because it does take forever to make payout. Imo I love the site and hopefully I will get my check soon so I can continue appreciating it.

  6. Looks like my experience isn’t rare at all. Acive for a year, maybe qualified for a couple of surveys, got a balance of around $70, asked for a check, then the ONLY email I got after that was telling me that it would take a few weeks because they wanted to be sure I would continue to participate.

    I found it difficult to participate without getting emails. I found it frustrating that they dropped me the moment I asked them to keep their end of the deal.

    Save your time. Don’t bother.

  7. I have been a member of Inbox Dollars for about 2 months now and I am currently waiting for my 2nd check to come in the mail. I have had no problem making or collecting my money from them. I don’t do any of the things that you have to pay for, I only do free offers, surveys and paid emails. The only thing that has bugged me was having to wait a few days for my account to be credited. Some helpful hints, before you sign up make an email address specifically to use on InboxDollars as you will get a lot of junk mail. Also when you are filling out offers (and some surveys) it is crucial to use the email address that you signed up with on InboxDollars or you won’t be credited! They do have an option now where they will waive the $3 check fee if you choose that option (when requesting check) and get your account to $40. I did my first check at $30 and my 2nd check at $40 so in 2 months I have made $67 (with the check fee taken out of the 1st check). Not much to some people but as a mother that is pregnant with twins and on bed rest it is an easy way for me to make a little extra money while I’m laid up for the next 3 months!

  8. I am fairly new to inbox dollars, but so far I am having a great experience! I have been a member for a little over a month and have been able to request my 1st check in the amount of about $33 I believe. I have not yet received it, but it hasn’t been long enough so hopefully it’s on its way! I am currently sitting at $20 credit now, so I seem to be doing well! I can say that you have to be able to devote a decent amount of time to the site to make any money! I happen to work a job that gives me a lot of down time with a computer in front of me, so this gives me something to do and makes me some money. Whoo hoo! I don’t qualify for a lot of the surveys but surprisingly enough to gain a decent amount of credit and I also sign up for the trial offers and set reminders on my phone to cancel them in time when I decide I don’t want to continue with the service and/or fee.
    So basically if you have a lot of free time and access to a computer you could make some money!

  9. Sorry to hear so many people have had problems. I’ve been an InboxDollars member for a few years now, and I’ve never had a serious issue, other than occasionally not receiving a timely credit for a cash offer; however, after having a live chat with their chat assistant (who I’m pretty sure is a bot, but hey, whatever works), I always received my credit right away. People have complained about the three dollar check fee, but they give you a three dollar credit, immediately following, to be reflected on your next earnings, so really, you’re not “out” that three dollars. I regularly receive emails every day, at least three or four, and normally around one or two survey opportunities a day; even though I don’t qualify for many of the surveys, if you’re patient, the ones you DO qualify for add up. I’ve made approximately 150 dollars, over a few years, and that was with me not always being diligent in responding to their emails. The fastest turnaround I had was maybe three months of emails and surveys before qualifying for a check, the average was maybe five or six months or so, but hey, every little bit helps! And I’m a middle-aged disabled mother of three, I am definitely not on the InboxDollars payroll.

  10. This is one of the worse companies I’ve ever dealt with…..i asked for payment at the $30 mark…..they “somehow” forgot about it….I requested again At $50……they say they sent a check a month ago……BS…..they never sent anything. Then….they cancelled my account because my daughter had an account……..so….nothing…..I hate that I wasted the time doing this for them……and I’ll keep reposting for as long as I would have been reading emails…….

  11. The article written is quite accurate in my opinion. I have an active Inbox Dollars account and I have received 1 check. It took about 2 months to get over the $30 threshold in order to request a check. Sometimes you do not qualify for a survey to earn the potential dollars, there a free offers provide you sign up for a newsletter, etc, there are offers that pay out more but you either have to qualify (i.e. sign up for a credit card) or start a free trial (then remember to opt out if you do not want to continue being charged for the service). Most people do not want to have to go through the rigmarole of how the money is made and therefore Inbox Dollars fails. The question whether its legit; its most definitely legit. However, its still to the individual as the whether the time involved is balanced with the earning potential. Realistically, if your goal is to try to make a lot of money in a quick amount of time, this is not the avenue.

  12. I have had mostly good results with Inbox Dollars. I have received two checks and they came when they were supposed to come. It is a secondary site I work, but I think Swagbucks is a lot better, more fun and has far more ways to earn money. I still do Inbox Dollars but it is a secondary site for me, after Swagbucks. I do wish they would get rid of the wheel. It was fun for about a day, that’s all. Getting a sweepstakes entry is just plain annoying for me and I’ve noticed since the wheel and tokens were introduced that there are more .25 surveys so they give you a little more with the wheel but pay for it by reducing the survey payments. I would rather go back to the way it was, no wheel and no .25 surveys. But overall, Inbox Dollars is okay. I would suggest, though, that anyone who works any of these sites should always cash out as soon as possible, don’t save up your earnings. I have heard about accounts being deactivated, but it has never happened to me.

    • My experience with both companies have not been good. However I will only talk about inboxdollars. I did recieve one check from them after 9 months. My problem with them is that I will spend damn near an hour filling out some crap and I never get credit for it. Also they have the worse online so-called customer service. It is actually a Bot you are communicating with.

  13. I have been a gold member over a year now. Never had 1 survey match so gave up on them and took a year to get $27.00 after $3.00 fee. I requested my check and I never got it. Contacted them for the 2nd time by live chat today and was told this time the only way I can get another check re-sent is for a $10.00 fee!! What a laugh..

  14. I am a member of inbox dollars. It is not a scam. Now, let me tell you, I don’t participate in taking surveys or any of that nonsense. Nor do I use this for an actual income. I use inbox dollars to save a few bucks here and there on products. Like for instance, I received $5.00 for signing up for Hulu Plus streaming service, a service I was going to sign up for anyway. So it was like using a coupon. And speaking of coupons, I print out their coupons (and yes they are the same you can find on other printable coupon sites) but when I use them, I get an extra 10 cents in my account. Is this paying any bills?? Nope. It’s not designed to. It helps me save just like clipping a few coupons for groceries. When I earn enough in my account, I cash it out and receive a check in the mail. I have been a member for a few years and have made only a couple hundred dollars, but that’s a couple hundred dollars I wouldn’t have normally had. For those nay-sayers, this isn’t meant as a work at home opportunity. You will not get rich, not even close. But you may save a few dollars here and there, and that is fun to me.

  15. After reading the above reviews, I’m inclined to think the ‘pro’ Inbox Dollars reviews are written by their employees or are fake somehow. The negative reviews all seem to have the same issues…the same as mine. Therefore, I have to believe Inbox Dollars is a waste of time and energy. You would be better off collecting cans and bottles off the side of the road and turning them in for cash than spending time with this website. Don’t go there!

    • I am a “pro Inbox dollar reviewer” and I promise I am not an employee! I am a working mother of 2 :) You really can make a little extra cash…but you do have to spend quite a bit of time doing surveys etc.

    • I understand about the surveys, they are a waste of time, I have atten at least 4 of them, started them was on the survey any where from 15 to 30 mins., then survey discounted and says I wasnt qualified. Why would it take 15 mins to determine if I am qaulified?

  16. Hello all. I have been a member for about 2 years. I have received 4 checks from $27 to about $42. I earned my last check of $28 last week, but it took me about 6 or 8 months to accumulate it. The surveys do pay the most IF you qualify. I had my fiance sign up and after accumulating $18 he gave up. Now I have to work on both accounts on my free time. I am thankful for a place like this, because eventhough it takes time an lots of effort, its free money and the way the economy is, anyone can use the extra cash. In terms of account deactivation, all you have to do is click on the top of the screen to reactivate, no need to call customer service.
    I think is better than nothing. I will give it a 3 out of 5 rating.

  17. I have been part of them for more then 3 yrs and had to resign up since they deleted my account I had and only after 3 yrs getting a check. Now I don’t get only one email a week from them, been that way 6 months, and 2 cents is just not worth visiting daily(this is a new account)

  18. I have received two checks from them, but it takes a while to accumulate a significant amount. Two main changes I have experienced over the past few months is that there used to be a lot of videos available to watch, and they paid $0.06/video. It then dropped to $0.02/video, and then they just stopped becoming available. Haven’t gotten a video to watch in a couple of months. Also, I used to receive 3 emails per day on average, and now only receive 1 per week, which amounts to $0.02. The best approach seems to be maxing out the daily searches, which amounts to $0.15 per day and a $0.10 bonus each week that you search at least 4 days. At this rate, I am making about $60 per year, and it’s not really worth the time. I’m going to stick it out until I accumulate $53, and be done with it after I request my check.

  19. In my opinion inboxdollars is a great way to earn extra cash. Many people seem to have valid complaints that I have also encountered. The scariest and most important flaw to the system is there security and identity protection. If you are not careful you can easly become a victim to identity theft, fraud, spam and info gathering due to the simple fact of web phishers. You may want to open a new email account just to further protect yourself from such incidents. The program also does take a lot of time to earn the cash and rewards. I enjoy this site because it has a great referal program wich you can earn a great deal of extra income. It’s all about your dedication towards time and patience. Pay attention to all terms and conditions under any survey and or offer. Inboxdollars also does have a significant amount of issues with continuing there services on an extensive level, meaning they do cut short of surveys and offers due to lack of interest in the program or simply earning up to twenty dollars in your account. Can you get rich? Yes, and no, like i said it depends on your dedication. Me myself realy only confirm emails and refer others to the site. Once in a while i come across some offers that i take up but other than that i dont even bother with the surveys. Word of advice, want to make money with the program then invest in advertising and spreading the word about the program with referal links. They pay 0.50 every referal that completes the simple to do list. After that, you recieve ten percent of all earnings earned from offers they complete.

  20. A few months ago I would have said it is not a scam. I earned $37.00 & wanted to cash out & they suggested I wait until it was 40.00 then they wouldn’t charge me the $3.00 fee. So I did they still charged me the $3.00 fee, when I complained they paid me the $3.00. After that the # of emails started slowing down, & now stopped. Tried to get into my account & it was deacitvated. I had at least $10.00 built up. I talked with a “live” person & they said I didn’t show interest in offers so I was deleted. I did show interest & now I lost my money.

  21. ive been a member with inbox dollars for the last 4 months and i love the program, i would def recommend this website to someone who has extra time on there hands and would like to earn a few dollars…..A++++++++++

  22. I’ve been a member with Inbox Dollars for a while now. I got my first check (or qualified for it), pretty quickly. My only problem with it is, it seemed like once I requested my first $30 dollar check, it took about 3 months to arrive. After your first check, you get upgraded to a “Gold Member”. I am close to my next check, and it says Gold Members can request checks weekly rather than monthly (as long as you have at least $30 minimum). I’m not real dedicated and don’t sign up for a lot, but if it’s free or if I can cancel a membership for one of the offers without paying a monthly charge, I will sign up for an offer then. I get alot of emails from them.. Probably 4-6 per day, but I read that if you are reading the emails alot, they will send you a lot more.. I do try and at least read or “confirm” the emails, even if I’m not signing up for the offer. It’s not going to make you rich, but for a few minutes of your time, it doesnt seem to hurt anything… It’s not a scam, but if you go into it thinking you will make a bunch of money, that won’t happen.. But $30 here and there never hurts especially if it didn’t cost you anything but a few mimutes a day to read the emails..

  23. I enrolled recently with InboxDollars. I noticed a few disturbing things: Their Spin & Wheel is rigged… you never get the $1 or $5. More often than not, you get a “No win,” or a useless entry into one of their sweepstakes that I am not even sure exists, or a paltry $0.05 after you have spent 20 mins trying to reply to one of their surveys.
    At times, when you finish a survey, it simply closes and you are told you don’t fit the profile… So you wasted your time.
    I have managed to accumulate more than $27, and I noticed too that, all of a sudden, I no longer receive any surveys – I used to receive several surveys per day. If I do receive surveys, all of a sudden, they are no longer available when I click. I can no longer find paying videos; they don’t seem to be there anymore; and even then, watching videos was no guarantee to win the grand sum of a couple of cents (!). All there is is a couple of paid emails a day… At this rate, I’ll never reach their $30, which is probably what they are aiming for.

    All in all, accumulating points is painfully slow; you never know if you are not going to be rejected at the end of a survey, even though you initially fit the profile; $0.50 per 40 mins survey is pathetically low.

    As far as I am concerned, it is a scam; their surveys are not serious, anyway. They are just a pretext for you to waste time on this website.

  24. I had over $100 worth accrued from years of work and they “cleaned” my account. Stopped sending emails, said my email account was inactive although I have all emails sent directly to my phone every day. They wouldn’t reinstate my account either. They probably would’ve never sent the check anyhow as others have experienced on this scam site. Don’t waste your time.

    • Hi, were you only doing the paid emails? There is a page in th faq that says if you go a certain amount of time only doing emails instead of surveys and offers they will give you less and less and eventually close your account. Other than that, the site is great, i recieved my first two checks in under two months.

  25. There is really a contrast between the people who have good experiences with Inbox Dollars and are receiving money regularly and those who have bad experiences. Really makes me wonder what’s going on. I’m in the bad experience category. Along with the flood of surveys and free offers that were never really free, my computer is now slowed every time I try to reach a website. The computer goes first to something called toolbar.bsavings.com with every page. It’s really frustrating. I cancelled my Inbox Dollars account months ago, but this is still happening. I can’t click on anything because the message that says it’s connecting jumps from one side of the screen to the other if I go over it with the cursor. If anyone knows how to stop this, please post the solution.

  26. I was a member with Inbox for a while and the closer I got to reaching my $30 they started slowing down on the emails and surveys. When I would finally get one, it was “thank you for coming back”. I never left. Needless to say the emails conveniently stopped around the $29.00 mark and I never heard from them again. Also, everytime I tried to do the surveys I was “not what they were looking for”, so I never received credit after taking the survey. It was a big waste of my time not to mention the clutter received in my inbox.

  27. Inboxdollars is great. I use it with cashcrate. I made $10 on inbox dollars within the first week and $15 on cashcrate in the first week, so together they work great. For cashcrate, you can cash out everytime you reach $20 (they pay through checks and paypal). First month and I’ve already reached $88. You can also get points and trade them in for giftcards and cool stuff. Plus, it’s absolutely free. If you don’t like it, then don’t continue using it, but I pretty much guarantee you’ll be able to cash out within a month. The only issue I’ve had with cashcrate is that they don’t always credit you when you complete the offer, but I just emailed them, and they fixed it (they even gave me extra for the trouble they put me through), so really, it’s a great site.
    P.S. Just a tip, do the FREE offers.

  28. I have had a account with Inboxdollars over 3 years now an never had a problem getting paid. I have over $200 in my account now and will be cashing out soon to use for a new computer. This not a scam.

  29. Agree with Dan. I was supposed to get a $37 check. They take off $3 for no reason. They would lead you to believe they will take it off if you earn a certain amount in a certain time but they stop sending emails then. If they can waiver the fee its a scam. Still haven’t received my check and probably won’t.

  30. inboxdollars is fun i have 30.80 in my account right now there is a 3.00 dollar fee that is if you dont make 40.00 within a time frame they give to you before you ask for your check.

  31. I love inbox dollars. Being a stay at home mom, I have the time to do the surveys, and they pay decently. But the really cool thing is the offers and coupons. They provide the same printable grocery coupons as sites such as coupons.com or couponsuzy.com, but not only do you get the coupon to use for money off a product, you also receive .10 in your account for each coupon used. That can really add up when you are an avid couponer. I also have used the offers in the past for flower delivery, books, movies, skincare products, and each time I received the stated amount in my account. I have never had a problem getting a check from them, within a quick time frame as well. Also, you can connect your inbox account with facebook and it posts for you if you want your friends to see what inbox is doing for you, i.e, when you request payment, get a great deal. When your friends decide to join, if they use your link to initially join, you get a percent of their earnings as well! So when my friend gets an earning of $10, I get $1 too! It’s a great company and it is NOT a scam. :) I love inbox dollars!!

    • Jenny,

      Have you used any of your printed coupons? I used some that I printed out, and i was never credited. How long did it take for yours to be credited after using them at the store?

  32. I use to use inboxdollars but too be honest the cashout threshold is abit to high compared to some of the other sites that I use. You should check out InstantBucks.com – they have more offers/surveys and you can cashout much faster.

  33. I got up to about $14 dollars with inboxdollars and later on I had some ISP problems. Obviously I was having some trouble getting up to the $30 level so I could not cash out. Evidently I didn’t log in often enough and my account was revoked, so I ended up with a big fat zero! I’ve had MUCH better luck with swagbucks and other survey sites. I never had any other survey site pull the plug on me like that. I emailed them, and if they reopen my account I’ll post an update here. Until then… I give inboxdollars a big thumbs down.

  34. I’m not sure about inbox dollars. However, I am apart of swagbucks and irazoo and they offer several different ways to earn points without paying a cent. You can then exchange your points for several different kind of gift cards including a few of the following: amazon, home depot, walmart, and also paypal cash cards where they will deposit the money into your paypal account. My friend got me into it and she saved up all her gift cards and didn’t spend a single penny out of pocket for her children’s christmas last year.

  35. I signed up on the website, and I have already cancelled my account. Not only is the payout not worth the time spent on the tasks (most were a few cents for easy tasks or a couple of dollars for a 20 minute or longer survey), but I am now receiving tons of unsolicited emails and text messages from 3rd party vendors. I checked on this website before signing up and was happy to read all of the positive reviews. However, with my disappointment, I can only assume that I am doing something wrong or others don’t value their time as much as I do.

    • I hae been a member of inbox for about three years and average about $30 every three months for spending about five or ten minues a day completing tasks. Since I can pick and choose the tasks, I never spend a lot of time on any one survey or other task. I am very careful about which vendors I give my e-mail to (I only give it out if I a really interested in getting information.). I have found that the biggest income comes from referring family and friends (Obviously, always check with them before giving out their info.).

  36. I have been a member of Inboxdollar for quite a few years now. I have never had a problem getting paid from them in a timely manor as well as any contacts have been answered fairly quick. No you won’t make a fortune and having some active referrals does help your earnings. This program has been highly recommended and paying for a long time. This is no scam program!

  37. Hello, I have been a member of inbox dollars for 2+ Years, I have made no fortune with them, however, I have received 5 + checks from them that clear, lol. It does take some time but can add up if you keep up with the emails, etc. I do work full time and do for some extra cash. Very User friendly. Christine-Sarasota, Fl

  38. Inboxdollars is not a scam, they will pay you, I got my first check about a year ago. Does anyone know how to contact them about account information ? I have been stuck at $21.45 for a while now but I have not received any new paid emails. I go to the website and my account is still active I even joined some things to earn more. I didn’t get a conformation email, nor was I compensated. The time wasted doesn’t equal the pay out at all ! It is really worth it but I don’t have a job and I need the money. Well that’s my experience take care everyone.

  39. I must say, I was convinced that Inbox Dollars must be a scam, but it really is legitimate. I joined about a month ago, and have already earned about $60 just by spending about 20 minutes a day taking a survey or two. The trick is to respond to the INVITED surveys which they occasionally email you opportunities for, because these pay more than the 50 cents you earn for taking the ones on their survey page. I actually earned $15 for one survey related to a medical condition that I have, but this was a rare stroke of luck. What you have to do is make sure you fill out the profile surveys, which gives Inbox Dollars a demographic profile of you so they can match you with survey opportunities, which are the ones that pay more. Most people don’t realize this. The other trick is to be consistently honest. If you are dishonest and provide conflicting answers on different surveys, the companies pick up on this and you quickly start disqualifying earl yon in surveys. Another trick is to install their Search toolbar, which works just like Google but pays you for all your searches, and they do add up. The other useful thing is to open all emails, which you get paid for, and anytime you want to buy something online, check to see if one of their advertisers offers it first, since you get decent kickbacks from purchasing through the site. For instance, I wanted to buy my mother-in-law a book for her birthday, so I checked Inbox Dollars to see if they were associated with any booksellers, and they were. So I ordered the book I wanted thru their advertiser at a huge discount, and also got rewarded $8.00 for it. Bottom line: you won’t get rich, but if you spend a few minutes per day trying a survey and doing things you’d usually do anyway, like searching or renewing your Netflix membership, you’ll earn enough per month to maybe pay for one of your prescriptions, or go out to a nice dinner, or pay your water bill. To me, it’s worth it.

  40. I have been an inbox dollars member for about a year now. They are legitimate, but you have to watch how much time you spend. I find it worth it to
    Open the paid emails, take some surveys (most I don’t qualify to complete), and watch the cash videos. Occasionally, I will take advantage of a cash offer that appeals to me or complete tasks if I’m bored. But as mentioned in other reviews, the tasks are too time consuming for the money, so I don’t do them often. I received my first check for $30 last summer and am just now close to earning amother $30. It takes time, but they do pay. I’m a gold member now, so this second check should come faster. As far as the person claiming he earned $40-$50 in 5 weeks using the cash search, I can’t see how without it indeed being fraudulent use. They only credit you for a certain amount of searches a day, which I think can only total about 70 cents per week. As stated over and over, no giant payout here, but you can get some extra pocket money easily by simply opening the paid emails. Just don’t expect to get the money quickly the first time and know that it takes a long time to earn it in the first place. NOT A SCAM, I was leery, too, but have received a check and cashed it. I will continue to be a member for sure and recommend it to others who spend a lot of time on the computer. Might as well get paid for surfing the net and reading email!

    • Joy, if you were referring to my post, I suggest you reread it. I didn’t say I earned $40-$50 in 5 weeks by using the cash search feature. This is what I said:

      “I was a member of inbox dollars for about 5 weeks. I did some offers and a lot of surveys and got my earnings total up to $41.03.”

      So, as you can see, I made most of it by doing offers and surveys. And “fraudulent use of the cash search feature” is just the excuse they gave me when I was banned. When I asked them to explain, they couldn’t give me any information, other than that there was no further assistance they could provide to me and then they removed the reply button so that I had no further way to get into contact with them since my account was banned.

      So, you might say it’s not a scam, but THEY SCAMMED ME. I’m happy for you if they’re paying you, but just be aware that one day you may be banned for nothing, as I was. I’m confident that I didn’t do anything wrong and if I did do something wrong, why couldn’t they tell me how I had used the cash search feature fraudulently? They just blocked all communication, instead of answering me. Real classy. Good luck!!!


  42. I’ve been an active member fof maybe 2 months. I’ve requested a check ,had to wait the whole 2 months. Still waiting,actually but other than that,I’ve had a great experience , thus far. I’ve had the occasional “issues” with some surveys but overall I’m a happy camper, thus far.

  43. I have been with Inbox Dollars for several months now. I have over $42 but they still will claim a three dollar processing fee. Bogus! I am going to do it to get out though. The time investment you have to make for the small compensation is not good. I deem it not worthy.

  44. I have been with Inbox dollars for a while and have made over $200.00.
    I have not experienced any of the problems listed here, have been promptly paid, especially after becoming a gold member – payments are processed on Wednesday and I always receive my check by Monday. I have contacted them successfully, I access my account about once a month, and in short order go through 50-100 e-mails. I click on the email, close it as soon as it opens and am immediately credited. It’s quick and easy to make a bit of extra money. I’m not looking to get rich, just make a few extra bucks. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me!!

    • I have been with Inbox Dollars and while it does take some time and effort to get to the payout, the payout is worth a little gas money. The first check takes a while to receive, which they make you aware of that. I am now a Goldmember and am working on receiving that check. I am currently at $26.97. I click on few emails each day and maybe 2 out of 5 surveys do I actually ever qualify for. This will be something that I will continue to do, an the money is good toward either gas or my teen’s savings account.

  45. I was a member of inbox dollars for about 5 weeks. I did some offers and a lot of surveys and got my earnings total up to $41.03. At this point I requested a check and they told me it would be mailed out in approximately two months. Meanwhile, I continued to earn money until I had reached around $39 additional dollars. One day I went to the site to do another survey and to my surprise, my account had been terminated with no explanation, other than I had “apparently” violated the “terms and conditions” of the site. I went to customer support and asked why my account had been terminated and they were able to tell me absolutely nothing, but that they would have someone send me an email. When I got the email, they said that my account had been terminated for “fraudulent use of the Cash Search feature”. I sent them a message back explaining that I had no idea what that meant and that I had just used the search box in the inbox dollars toolbar just as I would use any search engine and asked them to explain what happened. The following is what I received in response:

    “Unfortunately, this account cannot be reinstated. There is not further assistance we can provide to this account.” (Misspelling of the word “no” is their error, not mine)

    So, I lost $80 dollars that it had taken me approximately 5 weeks of hard work doing mostly surveys for about .50 cents an hour and they couldn’t give me any explanation for what had happened or what I had done that was “fraudulent”, nor did they try to explain anything.

    If you want to work your butt off doing surveys and offers for nothing, that’s your choice, but I learned my lesson. I learned inbox dollars is a scam, or at least, they sure scammed me.

  46. Inbox dollars question?

    Does anyone know what is going on with the “Live Chat”/ “Live Assistance” button in order to reach a live representative?

    Thank you all.

  47. I have been a member of Inboxdollars now for about 2 years. I have requested checks and yes it takes about a month but they do send it. They also a few paid emails daily just make sure you keep up with your account so it can remain active.

    I have just recently noticed that their “Live Chat” button is no longer there. They have the link but leads you to their FAQ. I have looked over the site for an email address to contact them and there is none.

    I do not know how long this has been going on but this is new to me. I liked the “Live chat” because when they send you paid surveys and you qualify and complete them it sometimes can take at least 30 days for them to credit your account. They say after 30 days you can contact them and they will look into it and would credit your account the next day.

    My question is how to contact them??
    No “Live chat” or “email address”??

  48. i am currently using inbox dollars… i cannot expect to get rich, but have already received a check for $43.00 and will be getting another check soon for $62.00.. so it does work.. however, it is a very slow process and I did buy a few things to get cash rewards. I still came out ahead though. I can’t expect to quit my day job but at least I can buy something I may have wanted but couldn’t fit in my budget.

  49. I have received checks from them and its easy to do. Not a get rich scam but do it long enough and you could cash out 50 to 100 a year.

  50. I requested payment when I reached $100. Was told that in order to get payment that I was required to keep membership active which was not a problem. Payment was to be mailed by mid March 2012, Still waiting, and the e-mails from them stopped right after that. My opinion is SCAM.

  51. Thank you for the review, Rich! Maybe it will improve my earnings at Inbox dollars, still haven’t got enough for a payment from them… They set the bar too high!
    And I hope they will start sending out gas cards, the one I got from Gifthulk was a nice help for my family budget :)

  52. I have been a member of INBOX DOLLARS for quite sometime and found them to pay as promised. You won’t get rich, but it sure seems nice when I get that little check. If you’re sitting around on the computor you might as well earn a few dollars while doing it. Thanks INBOX DOLLARS. I DO RECOMMEND YOU TO OTHERS.

  53. I have been a member of Inboxdollars for quite some time but I must say that frequency of survey invitations are very less. What I hate most about Inbox dollars is about the “Earn cash from simple tasks”. They say it takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete a particular task but actually it takes more than 100 minutes!! The worst part is you get paid only few cents, less than half of a cent, for almost 2hours work. It is completely immoral to provide such tedious tasks with a mere few cents pay. Never ever go for simple tasks as it’s never simple but only complex.

  54. You have some nice info about Inbox Dollars here. I use Inbox Dollars and like it pretty well. It’s definitely not a scam, but they do require that you stay an active member in order to continue to receive checks. They pay pretty well for many offers compared to other survey companies, but what I really like about this company is that if you ever have an offer that doesn’t credit, they will investigate it and credit it for you. I have signed up with many companies, and every other company says you’re out of luck if you don’t get the credit, so that is why I love Inbox Dollars.


  55. Hi, I did have a Inboxdollar account, but wrote and told them that if I continued to click on their paid emails and NOT get paid, I’d delete my account. Before I wrote them, they were sending me 4 – 6 ‘paid to click’ emails per day, but after I emailed them, I was receiving 0 = ZERO emails per day, so I deleted my account. I also told them that I had a blog, listing free survey sites that paid, and their sites was listed. It appeared a bit strange that they quit sending me the paid emails, ’cause I was over $21 in my account. I not only unlisted their URL from my blog, but I included their URL in the SCAM section.

    • similar story Daniel, deleted me because they say I didn’t respond to the offers. I did get one pay out, but the emails were fewer & fewer & then none. I had money in my account. Talked to a “live” operator & no luck.

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