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Any time you come across a home business opportunity that promises heaven, you will want to know whether it really works or it is just another work from home scam. So does the incomeathome.com really work or is it just a rip off?

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www.incomeathome.com is a website that helps people create an income from home opportunity. This website is endorsed by prominent radio personalities. You have probably come across the website online or heard it featured on a popular radio show and wondered whether it works.

Incomeathome.com promises to help you work from home and have time to spend with your family members. You create your own schedule, work part time and have the freedom you have always desired.

What’s the Offer

www.Incomeathome.com promises to show you how to succeed and make money with a home business. Once you become a member of this website, you will receive a work at home kit that will guide you in creating a successful income at home business opportunity.

The business system is a multi level (MLM) or network marketing business model. The business start up kit coaches you on how to succeed in network marketing. The home business opportunity presented is an independent distributorship opportunity. You will be selling health supplements and vitamins from the multi million dollar and publicly traded company, Herbalife International. You get paid when you recruit new sellers and earn commissions on the products you sell.

Is the Incomeathome.com Business Opportunity for You?

While many people have experienced outstanding success with network marketing, it is not for everybody. You need to be persuasive, be creative and have outstanding sales skills to succeed with this business model. The best thing is that this website teaches you how to succeed. All you have to do is follow the advice and be dedicated to making this business opportunity offered by www.incomeathome.com work for you.

Is It Worth It?

www.Incomeathome.com offers a legitimate business model so it is not a scam. The coaches will guide you on how to succeed in this business system. However, to see real results and be able to make money from home, you will need to dedicate time and effort, as this is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a business like any other and you will have to work hard and be pro active to succeed. The best thing is that you get the income at home business kit risk free.   If you are interested in the 14-Day Risk Free Trial, click here to start today.


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Incomeathome.com Review – Is Incomeathome.com a Scam or Opportunity? — 140 Comments

  1. First off, all those radio talk show hosts who are endorsing anything, get paid to for their endorsements. Some folks think that because a talk show hosts has a widely listened to show, that they are prominent, and totally on the up, and up. This is called advertising income for them and their shows. These talk show hosts are nothing more than entertainers, who get paid for entertaining, through what ever monies their advertisements generate. Most of the time I don’t believe they even care if an advertised product actually works as advertised. They say what they say about a product for the income generated. I listen to these shows, but I don’t believe for a minute what they preach, because for the most part they are being told what to say so as to keep their job. I listen to them to be entertained until something more important comes along. Political talk show hosts are the worst. Just look at what, and who they are “talking” for.

  2. I wish I would have seen this website months ago! I appreciate all the comments and the research done. I didn’t want to believe that this was a multi-level marketing when I got into it. But, it didn’t take long to figure it out. I’ve discovered they do have good products, but I don’t like selling and really you have to to do this business. There are very successful people in this. I wish whoever joins the best of luck! It’s a tough road!

  3. Hearing about IAH on so many talk shows from hosts I trust, I was genuinely interested in at least checking into what this was. MLM is not for me, I was in Amway years ago for a few years and I made an honest effort of it. What is said about upline support is totally true. In order to succeed in this, you need to integrate with a great team. The only money-making opportunity in this is to build your own team and duplicate what you’re being taught to do in many others. It DOES require TIME and ENERGY and most of all – EFFORT!

    I have no regrets for at least trying Amway all those years ago, and for those who see MLM as their “niche”, and find a way to make it work, I may not always buy your product, but I will be your biggest cheerleader for taking some action to improve your circumstances. Many have said MLM is not for everyone – how very, very true. If it turns out that it is for you, go for it and make it happen! The opportunity is out there and it is available for anyone who wants it bad enough.

    • Very well said d.s. I too tried the Amway…love the products!! But, not a big sales person. I heard about this through “Glenn Beck”, so I thought for sure I couldn’t go wrong, lol.. Couldn’t go wrong if it was something I was capable of doing, lol…oh well I will keep looking…

      Thanks to Rich for showing the FULL information on the matter, it’s really scary sometimes to send money off for a “kit” that you have NO idea on what you’re getting yourself into. Thank you so much, saved me a lot of time and trouble.

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  11. Beware of hired praise. Most of the “positive” comments here are saying the same “you have to work at it” comment that all MLM people say. The problem is, you don’t know it’s a MLM until you sign up (or research it).

    Incomeathome.com is all over talk radio, and it’s being touted as a way to make money from home. You know, like the site name implies. But really you’re going to have a hard time selling product if you just sit at your computer at home, and you’re going to have a hard time recruiting salespeople without leaving the house (or inviting strangers in… not a good idea).

    You can ethically make a profit from running an MLM. That’s not the problem. The problem is that incomeathome.com is intentionally hiding the fact. This kind of thing is why marketers and salespeople have such a reputation for being dishonest. Like some comments above said, just admit that you’re a MLM and you won’t draw in a bunch of people that hate MLM’s. Unless those startup packages and memberships are your real product? Be honest.

  12. I am glad I googled this first I heard about it on Hannity
    I cant believe they are sponsoring a MLM as a work at home without providing more detials boy i would of been pissed
    Best of luck to all who bought in I am going to let this one pass and keep working on my websites etc.

    • Radio shows do not have to give details.The advertiser pays to advertise on these radio shows.What you hear on the radio is an advertisement that was provided by the incomeathome.com people.Everything you see on television or here on the radio does not give ALL of the details.They pay for 30 seconds or so of airtime and it is to get your attention.That is why it is called advertising.Do you actually think that every car or truck is best in it`s class?

  13. I wanted to look into Income at Home and initially heard from my coach thru email several times. Now she won’t respond to any emails or phone messages in the past few weeks. So, is this a scam or does anyone know how to help? I even tried to reapply and they’re web browser was “down”.

  14. Really glad I read this review before getting suckered into another one of these MLM scams. Thanks for the info, I pity any fool who signs up for Amway, Herbalife or any of the other million or so internet money pits out there.

    • Your right! So keep sitting on your backside whinning about different MLM business and you will never achieve. The people involved in these type of things probably would’nt want you anyway but why run others down who want to improve their lot in life.

      • Dave – you are so right. we did Excel for a few years and, although we did not become rich like many that started early in it, we did see income and it made our lives more comfortable. Anything you get into – MLM or not – you have to devote time to. That includes Mary Kay, Avon, etc. If you’re not willing to work at it you will fail – period.

  15. Has anyone noticed how often Amway is mentioned here? This is because Amway completely dominates all Direct Sales Companies… Family, Freedom, Hope & Reward is what Amway stands for.. Just like the company you work for.. Right?
    Unfortunately 95% of people are sheep & will always be sheep & follow the heard.. We are brainwashed in society by governments & the Mega Rich into living a mediocre/peasant lifestyle so that the rich get richer…. Are you dillusional?
    For Centuries stories have been told of people/groups who stand up & fight for freedom & truly stand for what is right..
    Amway is the modern day fight for your familys freedom… N you expect freedom to come easy, without a fight, without paying a price… R u kidding me?
    How much are you willing to fight for what you want in your life? If you believe Amway is not the best thing out there then you haven’t done Amway!!!
    Good luck shopping at Woolworths, the people who are sending you broke while I share $33Billion Dollars of Bonuses with my friends & family simply by changeing where I buy my toothpaste n telling some people.. R u kidding me?
    U are incapable of changing where u buy your weet-bix in order to obtain financial freedom.. U have to be a moron to have seen Amway & not be doing it. Thanks & Good Luck

    • While I agree Amway is not a scam per-se, I was roped into starting a business when it was covering itself up with the name “Quixtar” in North America. I even asked if it was Amway, and was told that it was not…until after I paid the money to get started. I also asked if it involved selling, which I am not good at, and was told again that it was not. All I had to do was invite family & friends to watch this cartoon about building a pipeline and they would sign up too and that was how I would make my money. Of course, I was coached to be very cryptic with information when I was calling to invite people to watch this. I am so grateful I am not good at selling, because if I had finagled any of my loved ones into this I would feel really guilty to this day about it. I felt deceived and coerced.

      Also, while the products they sell are good quality, the prices are ridiculously higher than I pay for my usual brands.

      I wish you nothing but the best in your business. Just know that it isn’t for everyone.

  16. No doubt, there are scams and traps all over the place in the work at home industry, but here is what I liked about IncomeAtHome when I investigated it. The system is impressive. Everything has been done for us, turn key, all I had to do was plug in. I am still shocked at how simple the business plan really is. If you work smart, follow the proven business plans and work with consistency and urgency you can achieve your goals! I have to admit that I wasn’t very successful at first, but I was committed and stuck to my plan. I knew that if all the others had done it than I could do it too! I didn’t give up. I was determined to succeed and it definitely is working for me.

    • I believe that an income from home is an absolute possibility because I am a distributor, but for a company that had local upline training and support. I am a Juice Plus distributor, which is whole food nutrition, 100% absorbed into the bloodstream. My family has been on it for two years and our health has never been better, as well as our eating habits. As the person above stated, it does require going out to get business. My upline aids with lunch and learns for Dr.’s or we conduct Wellness Presentations in our home by calling or sending invitations to our homes. Both Herbalife and Juice Plus have a positive reputation. However, JP does is not really an MLM. You do earn from your own customers and distributors under you. The support I receive from my team is unmeasurable. The diffence in my eyes between the two, is that when I heard John Tesh describe did not state what your company promoted. I assumed it was dong seem kind of Internet postings for companies. I can’t see how you can sell a product without face to face interaction or atleast providing webinars to promote the product. In defense of the concept, health is a promotable business, but there is nothing like the lunch and learns I do with a doctors office, or even one on one in person and over the phone promoting. The person can log into a webinar with you and even visit our support site. The top of my uplink and every uplink does regular webinars for potential customers and for distributors only for training. I have never been told they are not available for me. The highest level is NMD, National Marketing Director. Tho individual support us financially when needed because of the bonuses they receive towards marketing. They pay for the lunch and learns and many other marketing tools. I only need my IPad or a computer that have already prepared presentations. Anyway, I feel with any viable product, success can be made from home, but through direct contact or technology. Best wishes to those who pursue an at home opportunity. You set your schedule and it can be very lucrative. Sorry for the babble. I am doing well with JP, it speaks for itself.

  17. The level of naivete out there is mind-boggling. You can’t trust someone unless you know them personally. And their name is misleading. You mostly have to work outside your home to succeed.

    • See my post above. I absolutely agree as I am a distributor for another product that is in support of disease prevention and strengthened immunity by consuming whole food nutrition in a capsule or a gummie. Children are free under adults, but face to face presentations are important to convey its effectiveness.

  18. Ok
    Herbal Life have been around for years. I was a member way before computers came into existense. Their products are not for everyone and there are a lot of members sitting between the highly active to simple distributors that receive the product at company price rather than the retail cost.
    Yes you do need to sell these products and obviously the more people you interest in the company process the higher commission. But you also need to ensure you are retaining that level of sales (similar to building a client database) each month.
    MLM’s are not for everyone. They are definitely not Get Rick schemes. The ads for IncomeAtHome are not entirely honest but hey all you do is Google the net to find your answers. The fact you are reading even this tells me you did the right thing.
    Now the unfortunate aspect there are unscrupulous people in the business and these will leave a bad taste for the other genuine people attempting to build a business. If you run into these dubious people notify the company directly, let them know your experience, especially if you met the criteria for having your money refunded. Herbal Life could not have lasted this long in the industry if they were unscrupulous in their dealings.
    I am not here to promote Herbal Life nor shoot them down. They are a business that has expanded into the global network. But they are still a business. They offer you an opportunity to become a sales person of their products. But like all sales people you need to have a hunger, a yearning to achieve. However, if you have a good upline they will find out your story and promote you. If you wish to go slow or fast they will support you. And if you feel your upline is too pushy let them know.
    You are in control at all times.
    Wishing you success in whatever you choose to do!

  19. Sounds like another AMWAY scheme which my best friend and her husband ran for over 10 years. Didn’t see them rich, just divorced because ‘only AMWAY friends’ are your friends, making false statements about their income status, ie husband said he had retired when in fact he was on dole and family eating potato cakes and cereal while he spent every penny trying to ‘build the business’. The ‘teams’ were so sleazy many affairs ruined relationships and the expectations were unreasonable don’t get caught up in this, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

  20. I love the products…however when I started up years ago for a cost of 400 and something dollars my up line support wasn’t educated enough. I was told what to do and went out and did it. It went to fast for me as I was being told to do so many things without really having any knowledge of my own and or my up line really didn’t either. When my customers had questions my up line didn’t have an answer. I was flat broke at the time and if my up line person had have helped me better or if i had had someone better it would have worked for me at the time. It is a lot of down payment when you are flat broke and their over the top enthusiastic approach without answers deterred me and I looked elsewhere. What is the point when you have so much drive but your teachers have no knowledge…good luck to those who have a wonderful up line team.

    And yep i wanted a work from home job…not a throw parties or letterbox drops or giving out flyers down the supermarket job……

  21. Thanks so much for all the comments and info about IAH. I am very dissappointed that this is a MLM, mainly because MLM is NOT a “work from home” opportunity. MLM requires you to be out and about, giving presentations, attending meetings, etc. I am disabled and need a REAL “work from home” opportunity. Having said that, I will tell you I was in a MLM business about 15 years ago. I loved it and made some money with it. It was hard work, but a lot of fun. But it was definitely NOT a “work at home” job. Even so, it saved me from losing my home. MLM can be a good thing for some people, but you have to be in the right place at the right time, with a good product and a good company, and THEN you have to be willing to work your buns off. Even with all of that, you can still fail, because your income is dependent upon your upline and your downline, not your sales.

  22. I was displaced and out of work 3 years ago and can not fine any work . Please provide me with additional infomation …… thank you in advance.

  23. When I was introduced to this work at home opportunity I was at the lowest point in my life. My dream “SPA” business that my partners, the bank, and I had invested $300,000 was only paying me $500.00 per month. I worked 12 hours a day and 7 days a week, I found myself sleeping on the basement floor of my business on a mattress. I was only looking for an extra $1,000.00 per month and in my very first month working 2 hours a day I was able to make a profit of $2,700.00. I have always been willing to work hard but I just needed to learn a few more skills to become a successful business owner. What worked for me was that they had a personal coach available to teach me step by step how to build a profitable at home business. My 3rd year I reached over $10,000 per month! If I can do this anyone can!

    • I wanted an income at home opportunity that doesn’t involve selling. I was disappointed to discover that Incomeathome.com in selling Herbalife. Why does a company have to lure perspective distributors in without letting them know the whole picture. Just be upfront and those that want to sell Herbalife will invest.

  24. Finding Income At Home was the best thing that happened to our family. We were previous business owners that kept us away from home 12-15 hours a day. We jumped in right away and made a commitment that we were going to make this work for the sake of our family. Just like any other business, it takes serious commitment and self discipline, but the rewards of working from home are so worth it. In our first month, we generated $550 and by our fourth month, we had banked $2,300. By our one year anniversary, we walked away from our other business and now are working Income At Home exclusively around our family’s schedule. It may not work for everyone, but it worked for us.

    • Truly glad to hear of a success story. Unfortunately, for every success story I personally know at least 10 people who gave it their best shot and it was a disaster. Every Herbalife/Amway/Melaleuca/Shaklee/Mary Kay person I know stays in it just to get the products they personally use at wholesale prices. But they’ve learned that if they want to have out-of-the-business friends who’ll still associate with them, they keep their mouths shut.

      • I totally agree with Molly and others. If Herbalife and others wish people to market their products, please come out and just say who you are. Some will come on board, but others will not waste their time having to search for reviews to find out who they really are, before making the mistake of joining the organisation.

  25. Rich, thanks for posting this article and comments. Helpful information. I liked JFermins acronym for JOB meaning Just Over Broke. Ha! And I liked Carla’s comment: ” . . . but I got involved in a transparent, well run, solid business model that I think my husband and I can make money on. I use the product and love it!” I have been burned twice in life by MLM schemes. I think I have now found a company like Carla’s, and the wife and agreed to give it a chance for three months and up to $1,500 investment. There are several ways to make money with my company, not just building distribution channels, although that is one way for sure. There are not many ways to make decent money working from home, unless you’re a CPA with a home office, a seamstress, or you buy a windshield repair franchise, or something like that. Any business involves investment of time, effort and money. I truly work my tail off four days/week (my choice) with advertising, training sessions, calling, prospecting. I wish you all success.

  26. Did any of you check their privacy policy before you clicked on anything else? You allow them to sell all your personal information just by going on their site. You must contact them by mail to stop them from continuing to do so. Don’t forget to erase your cookies on your computer, they are tracking you.
    I did not continue with them just because of their policies, but really many companies do this. It is up to you to check every company you visit.

  27. I am not sure about Herbalife or MLM but I know that my sister started working for this company very part-time on the phone and internet and she made $950 her very first month. http://www.okzeal.com she said at first she was skeptical, but found out that the products really work and there was a great support team.
    I been trying to get my wife involved with it, since she is a stay at home mum, and stays home with the kids….I guess, some income from the house companies really work…but the work ethic has to be there..she said…no welfare mentality

  28. I saw on ad on TV and it looked good so i went to the website and ordered the info pack. when it arrived it didn’t tell you anything about the products or what you would be doing. I had the call with my coach and they said that it would cost $325 for start up caost and then 39.95 for the decision pack for start up cost and $89.95 per month to have a website (mandatory) and then you needed to pay for advertising on top of that, but she couldn’t tell me how much that would be or even give me an idea of what other people spend. She couldn’t tell me what the rate of success is or what I would be doing on a daily basis. And when I asked questions (as the pack tell you to do in this phone call) I was just told that the business pack will have all the information in it if I chose to purchase it ($325). WTF? The coach was actually really nice but I think the business has a few screws lose.

  29. I don’t know why everyone is so surprised to find out that IncomeAtHome is HerbaLife. All I had to do is Google Income at Home & instantly found out what they sell. I was really hoping to make money at home in order to reduce my day job to part time. Totally disappointed though to find out what this was. George Noory (Coast to Coast AM) Shame on you!

    • Really!? ….Really? Disappointed that you would be working with a $5,000,000,000/year company with a proven product line and amazing compensation? What kind of company are you looking to get involved with? Herbalife isn’t a scam! People fail at this because they don’t educate themselves on marketing for the long haul. People want to make a quick buck without putting in the time and work. Before you start bad mouthing one of the fastest growing wellness companies in the world, maybe you should stop and think why you feel so negatively about them. Is it based on truth or just your perception?

  30. thanks for the warning!!!!! of all the responses the one where the rep from incomeathome spoke so harshly and defensively to a perspective employee let me know they are not as legit as they try to let on.

  31. I was interested in this due to hearing about it many times on talk radio.
    I understood that it would be sales/marketing and I am willing to test the waters. However, I don’t believe that the market for vitamins and related health products is large enough to warrant the effort. We have stand-alone stores, Walmart, Amway, etc. I cannot conceive of someone making $50K in a year selling this type of product.

  32. You will put more money into it then what you make.. Everything you do costs money, It’s worse then Amway!!! Ask yourself this: “Do I know anyone who uses or ever thought of using Herbalife before”?? Are my friends rich in this horrible economy, do my friends, family want to feel pressured to buy things they can’t afford??? Enough said, walk away while you can!!!!!!!

  33. As a person recently diagnosed with RA, I am hopeful in the prospect of working at home. Being steady in the workforce for thirty plus years, I am far from lazy and unwilling to accept disability. Perhaps I was too comfortable in hearing “trusted” radio personalities advertise so emphatically about this opportunity. In checking the website for IAH, and fortunately comparing with the responses of this site. I clearly saved time and dwindling personal finances towards this endevour. Placing no blame with IAH as they are a legitimate buissness, as with all too many oppertinities, they are lacking in up front explanation to what is expected. Only a fool buys a car without a test drive, so does one that jumps into any claim of profit without minimal research. Thanks for the (descriptive) flak jacket from the IAH bullet.

  34. Rich,
    Thanks for your honesty. I didn’t like the idea of paying money just to find out what the business is all about.

  35. Herbalife is an mlm company as are some others. Other people were good enough to post the actual costs they would have incurred had they signed up. unless you hustle, and get a lot of customers and sign on every one you know to sell chances are you will be in the red for a few years and broke. The products are good and the offer is legitimate but not up front about actual costs and results. Laws are not in place that would force them to reveal all costs at the time of the offering. What’s worse is TV and radio personalities are pushing this and their listeners who once trusted them are now ready to give them the axe. Is it worth losing credibility for a few bucks?
    Yes every business requires start up cost and many hours of hard work. To go to a site and suddenly learn that after you have just purchased the so called business package you now need to continue spending a lot more money than you have in your budget. that is misrepresentation. This offer will make money for the company and the people who sign you up. Statistics prove there is a huge failure rate for most people who try their hand at MLM.

    • It is worth noting that statistics also tell us that there is a huge failure rate of ALL small businesses regardless of business model. MLMs are not alone in that category. This fact, however, has not stopped many successful businesses from being launched. The beauty of our economic system, even with all it’s flaws, is that it doesn’t guarantee success. We are free to be successful AND we are free to fail.

  36. I know it seems disappointing to hear well known show hosts endorse this type of marketing. Just remember they are being paid to read a script from a sponser. Without sponsers, no radio or tv show. It is still an individual choice for us. Me, too, I don’t do sales of this type, but someone must be good at it. Hooray for them! I’ll keep looking.

  37. I have read just about every comment on this site. I agree with some, and very much disagree with others. A few points
    1) pyramid schemes are illegal and offer nothing tangible in exchange for your money. And the people at the top will always make more then those at the bottom.(as cleverly put by one of the people on here, just like your “real “job)
    2) MLM are real oppurtunities for people to make money. You must sell a product to make money. Yes you do make residual income from those who sell that joined under you. There is a product involved however, not just money changing hands. Also, MLM dont make you create different legs of your business, and place this person here and that person there. MLM just ask you to “word of mouth” recommend and use there product, and get others to do the same.
    I hate hearing all the skeptics, and people useing the term “pyramid” so losely. MLM is not for everyone! there is money to be made! However, I do think companies that decide to market this way should be more upfront about all of it. I think in the long run this would actually get more people to join, and be excited about the oppurtunity. Nobody likes to feel like they got the “bait and switch”.
    Also, there needs to be clarity on how to make money and what the product is right from the start. I just ordered this kit. I will be returning it. Not because I dont think you can make money. I do think there is money to be made here for those who want to sell and use there product. but I got involved in a transparent, well run, solid business model that I think my husband and I can make money on. I use the product and love it! Thanks. I do wish all of you health and prosperity. MLM is not for everyone. However, I think there is oppurtunity for anyone looking to work for it in this great country! Have a great day!

  38. Thanks for all the info. I wad going to look into this as a,way to supplement my income but think I’ll pass now. Think I’ll stick with Avon where the cost of start up is upfront and you’re not misled

  39. I just recently got involved with One24 which happens to be the same founder as Herbalife. Looking for some detailed comments if I made the right decision with this home business. The claims are non-MLM business model type.


  40. Interesting… W. Buffett and Robert Kyosaki both have ownership in MLM companies. Point being that, as mentioned by Rich and others, it is a legitimate business model; but certainly not for everyone. I think there are better options for most folks – that are looking specifically to replace their primary income.

  41. Even AmWay has finally figured out that your system will be perceived as a scam if you’re afraid to tell people what it’s about up front. It’s a legitimate business. Why do I have to search any farther than their website to find out what it’s really about. To me, this says that maybe there’s opportunity for the right sort of person, it’s not as wildly successful as they try to make it out to be. They’re looking for a cheap salesforce to push their own product. That tells me about all I need to know about their product as well.

  42. If they would just claim to be Herbalife it would have saved me the time of this search. Anything that hides who they, typically has something to hide and this is no different.
    I’m disappointed in Hannity and Boortz for endorcing this.

  43. I don’t understand where people get the idea that Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners are part of some MLM. I was suckered into sales with Rainbow about 36 years ago – it was just a scummy way to get vacuums sold – there was no network marketing aspect to it at all. As to the MLM question – I have been in a few with minimal success, but the business model is valid, and you can earn much more than your upline, and at the very least they teach you good success principles which apply in all aspects of life. Some companies are good, some aren’t, you have to decide if the product is worth your while. I go on the basis of whether I would by the product at that price if I had nothing to do with the business, if so, great, if not, find something else. By the way, I am not associated with I@H, nor will I be because I have different preferences. Also, in spite of their scummy sales approaches, we have a Rainbow vacuum cleaner, my wife won’t accept anything else, and we have tried a lot of different brands over the years!

  44. I actually signed up and supplied credit card information, than had 2nd thoughts and removed the credit card information. I went further, trying to find out more, discovered it was Herbal Life, and, after making certain all information was erased, left the site. I was contacted by email, and my credit card charged$9.95. I received the information pack but did not open it, but sent it back to where it came(phoenix az) by certified mail. The return was received. I have disputed the charge. They do say that the 9.95(S&H) is not refundable, but on their site there is a page with Sean Hannity’s picture that reads “say maybe” and it will cost NOTHING. $9.95 is not nothing. So dispute all charges if you have returned your material. Note, however, the nothing is only if you return the material after “a couple of days”. What I am wondering is how did they get the information that I did not supply? I erased the information and never clicked on submit.

  45. I wish I had seen this website before contacting income at home. At no time was anything said about a fee. At no time did I give out a credit card number. After looking at a DVD and talking on the phone to someone I declined getting involved. I am not a good salesperson and did not want to get involved with Herbalife. Today I discovered a charge for 9.95 and 2 charges of 39.95 each. We have had to cancel the credit card. So sad, especially when I heard it advertised on so many radio talk shows. I don’t expect to get something for nothing. I don’t mind hard work, but tell me up front that it is selling vitamins. As soon as I heard that I knew I was not interested. MLM businesses are great, just not this one for me. I have learned to check, double check and seek out sites like this one. Never to old to learn.

  46. thanks everyone you helped me make up my mind. I am going to do this simply because i am at least as good and better than many off the people i will have below me. and if i can find a hand full who feel the same way there is no doubt i will be successful. the investment is quite small with a promise of a large return for a respectable amount of work. i am sure its very difficult at first but as i grow i will learn and my efforts should be rewarded with both money and time as i learn what does not work. I am 100% convinced that i will get anywhere if i am afrad to do anything.
    well anyway ….. wish me luck

  47. We got involved with Herbalife years ago…NOT a good experience! The products were grossly expensive to begin with, which inhibited first-time customers; they did not work anywhere near as well as promised, prevented repeat customers. To make a long story short, my wife spent $800 on inventory (you have to buy the products yourself first, then sell your inventory after to make a profit) and we wound up simply throwing most of it in the trash a couple of years later because it was simply unsellable. RED FLAG: they want you to buy your kit first, before they even tell you what you’ll be doing, they don’t tell you even who they are until after they get your money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS!

  48. This whole thing reminds me of an experience I had with Rainbow Vacuums back when I was pretty much fresh out of high school and still rather naive. I answered an ad in the paper that was looking for people to “Set up and demonstrate medical grade air purifiers”.

    I was brought in for an interview then asked to come in for training the following day. Much to my surprise there were about 10-15 other people at the “training” facility which wasn’t much more than a house that was set up for office work.

    It wasn’t until damn near the end of the first day of training that they finally revealed that we were going to be selling vacuums. I remember one fella asked point blank early on in the day if this was vacuum sales or some other such waste of his time and was assured it was no such thing. Needless to say multiple people walked off as soon as the truth came out and I didn’t last much longer.

    Why all these companies choose to do business in such deceptive ways is beyond me. Amway, HerbalLife, Rainbow, and so on have the reputations they do because of the business practices they employ. Even if there is an actual income opportunity to be had it’s already over shadowed by the bad taste they leave in your mouth because of their business practices.

    I have no problem with MLM. I have a good friend that does well for himself selling Primerica Financial’s services. However, if the product your selling needs to be hidden to even get people to listen then maybe you should reevaluate things. Maybe ask how in the Hell did it the name of my product become so tarnished that I need to hide it from people for them to even think about taking me seriously.

    The bottom line is that yes people can technically make money. However, due to a history of deceptive and aggressive business practices you will most likely be better advised spending your time with a product or company that doesn’t need to hide their name.

  49. I’ll add my thanks for this website. I only checked into IAH because of the strong recommendation of a major talk show host, and I am alone with too much time on my hands, and he suckered me in. (I should post this link on his well-known website!) I have always been willing to work hard, and I have been a fairly good salesman when necessary, and I sent for the decision kit for this about eight years ago. I had a day job, but I needed to work at home to help support my bed-ridden wife who has since passed on. It had to be a strictly ‘at home’ job. The kit price was a burden then, and I had to fight tooth and nail to get a refund as soon as I found that the secret was Herbalife!
    A tenant in my large complex was very nice and very aggressive in Herbalife about five months ago here. She posted many fliers and went around giving personal invitations to everybody to come to the “parties” in her place. Very aggresssive and friendly. The right ingredients for success, right? Two weeks ago, she and her family skipped out on their rent and left many things behind!
    I’ve tried several other things, but there seems to be no escaping MLM downlines, purchasing advertising, pay-per-click, etc. These invariably make money for somebody, but it definitely ‘ain’t’ you!

  50. This site was misleading from the get go…… They should have stated there was a fee in the advertisements on the radeo and on the web page. I am on disability and trying to get off of it and I can not afford it esp since I have to pay alot just to keep my health ins. This is a complete scam.. I am disappointed in the radio personalities that indorse this. I think any good company that is like this should be honest about their fees up front… Any so called offers like this that are legit should not charge a fee.. if the company makes as much money as they claim then they can afford to send it for free

  51. Ahh the secrecy… I remember back when Shaklee and Amway were big… You would be invited over to a friends home for no apparant reason… No details, just come by… Very obscure… Have some snacks etc… Then came out the White board, the charts, the displays… Crap, now stuck there for a least an hour of hard selling, overblown potential profits etc… Products I guess are ok but for them to make money they have to “Recruit”… Friendship can be strained… Now I know why they have to keep this a secret… Then blindside you with it… It’s not for everyone, but more power to the ones who succeed…

    • P .S Amway is larger than it has ever been before … It was big and still is… Largest direct selling company in 2013 . Amazing.

  52. thanks to everyone for posting their opinions . i’am 72 years old and am trying to figure out someway to make a few extra bucks.i have all the aches and pains that come with aging. so i thought finding something to do from home might be the answer to my income . and setting my own schedule. and i thought this was it. thanks to all your replies i didn’t fall for this. there sure is a lot of ways to lose your hard earned money to someone who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves.like the ole saying “there ain’t no free lunch” maybe i will find something to do maybe.

  53. I am really surprised, that the sponsor wasn’t aware that this was a MLM business for herbilife products. This sort of advertising is called bait and switch.
    There is nothing free about this, you start paying from the get-go. Yes you have to be, a very aggressive person to acheive your goal.
    I have been in many MLM businesses It does take time and alot of effort, not to mention some of your own money to invest to start up this MLM business.
    The only ones that make money are the promoters the ones that are already on top.
    And yes this is like a pyramid scheme, the diffence being legal. you have to report and pay Taxes on what you sell and the money you make. This kind of business cuts out most of the overhead costs. Makes you a sole co-owner and operator of your own down-line in the pyramid. If you have the the want and the drive maybe this will work for you.
    Good Luck!!!
    One more thing, I’m guessing, but I beleive that Rich Riley, is an assoiate member of Herbilfe. That is clearing the smoke of any doughts or concerns you may have.

    • Dennis,
      Thank you for your comment, however, for the record, I am not and never have been associated with Herbalife or the Incomeathome.com opportunity.


  54. Couldn’t remember their exact web adress, so I googled it. The second google hit was for this website. After I visited their website and could not figure out exactly what the opportunity was, I then came to this website. THANK YOU! for the honest portrayal of what this is all about. I thought it would just be selling overstocks through eBay, but it is not. MLM is not for me, especially for a product I do not respect. Would rather sell overstocks through eBay.

  55. WOW, I am so glad I read these reviews. I am in serious need of extra cash, but not the extra headache ! Thanks to everyone who posted, ya’ll have surely helped me with my decision

  56. Let me preface my remarks by saying I am not part of, nor have I signed up for, incomeathome.com at the time of this post. This is not a recommendation or indictment of the incomeathome.com business model.

    Twice in my life I was unemployed, was flat broke, and lost every personal possession; house, automobile etc.. At one point in my life I supported two young children and a wife by picking up aluminum cans 10 hours a day. In 2001, I became an entrepreneur. My entrepreneurship was started because my position as a Regional VP of Sales for a software company was eliminated. Being over 50, in a bad economy, I had three choices; go on government assistance, become underemployed or self employed. Since making the decision of being self employed, I have built two successful businesses, one in real estate and the other in energy. I have also had failed businesses. Each business, whether successful or not required my time, money, and risks. In America each person is guaranteed opportunity, but not success. If a person wants guarantees, there are two avenues; welfare or union membership. Both welfare and labor unions require a person to give up their individuality in exchange for guarantees.

    I am amazed, but shouldn’t be, at people who want to claim to be victims of incomeathome.com. From what I gather, these “victims” were wanting to be guaranteed a successful business, with immediate unlimited income and time, with no risk, having all of this without investing any money or time. That type of opportunity does not exist. After reading these negative post I had a flashback to the lady who said that now Barack Obama is elected, she will never have to worry about paying her mortgage, the car payment, or her bills, because Obama was going to take care of her. Sounds like the same people who ran up $50K in student loans, and now want the federal government to bail them out of their financial obligation. Well hows that hope and change working for you? But I digress.

    As for me, I would rather have opportunity without guarantees, than guarantees without opportunity. So you want to be self employed? Any business endeavor will require the investment of your time and money. Your success is directly proportional to how much time and money you are willing to invest. MLM’s are the most economical way people can become self employed. Buying a franchise business, inventing a product, or offering a service are other ways to become self employed. The way to build any successful business is to get other people to work with you; each person duplicating what you do. For example, companies have sales people, and retailers have multiple locations. What I have found is that real estate and franchising are the closest business models to MLM’s; both require extensive financial investment as well as time. For example my first year in real estate I spent $10,000, worked 80 hours per week, including weekends, and made a $10,000 profit. Today I make a six figure income. The question is are you willing to invest your time and money to be a successful, self employed entrepreneur? There are no short cuts. I wish you well.

  57. They want you to sell shaklee vitamins and the info kit is 40.00then if you want to get started you need to invest 400.00 to 1000.00 dollars and they never mentioned the 1000.00 just for checking them out. My wife is sending our kit back which was nothing but testimonials so in My view it’s a ripoff unlike the commercial leads you to believe

  58. Some people do not want to sell something for an over inflated price whether it is good or not. Most MLM products are a re-invention of the wheel, so to speak, like many other products on the market that can be found at a much more reasonable price of the same quality at many retailer’s.

    • Robert that is my biggest problem with MLM. I love to buy good products at the best price I can. So do many other people. Trying to sell the MLM products at their incredibly high prices seems wrong. At least it is wrong for me. My second problem is knowing how annoying it is to constantly hound people to buy from or join the company.
      If others find this works for them then go for it.

  59. Well at least a person doesn’t have to wrestle alligators or dance nude on the town square to make money with this system. Herbal Life isn’t a bad product, its just tough to sell as most vitamins and health products seem to be. It may be good for some and God bless them for being successful, but I’ll continue to work on the back of my garbage truck to make my g’ment check each week.

  60. To all of you out there bitching about them not telling you upfront who they are, it is because as soon as you heard the name Herbal Life you freaked out. All you had to do was go the BBB & they tell you it’s Herbal Life, plus if you sign up & go down to the end of the page it has Herbal Life there to. I think most of you are afraid of accually working hard for anything.

    • In order “to sign up” one must give their CC information and find out all of the above “secrets” to read any of the “fine print.” All we ask is that companies be up-front. Don’t hide behind false testimonies, secrets and rhetoric. Thank goodness I didn’t buy into this.

  61. Just like most here, I heard IAH.com advertised by several talk-show hosts I listen to, and become curious. I began doing a little internet research, and arrived here. I am not surprised that it is a MLM system, and that it is Herbalife. First of all, I am somewhat disappointed that it is pushed the way it is by talk-show hosts, however, certainly they are contractually obligated by their employers to advertise certain products on their shows and have little if any choice. We all have to keep in mind that this is how the system works, this is simply the way companies generate revenue (advertising). In my opinion, it does not necessarily hurt the credibility of these hosts, since with regard to business (commercials) as noted above, they have little say. And, I certainly do not blindly accept everything these hosts say anyway, you have to think for yourself. Back to IAH.com, just like almost everything that is advertised, there is some truth and some BS. It just a matter of degree. Of course IAH.com does not tell you what they are about (hidden), or that they are Herbalife, because, they have to sucker you in with targeted and emotionally grabbing verbiage, which they know, in most cases will be interpreted by many, as promises of making (lots) of money. That’s how this type of system works. Whether it’s A.L. Williams, Amway, or Mona Vie. It is predicated, and you are taught to use pushy, hounding, highly aggressive selling techniques towards relatives, friends and then just people you run into, attempting to pitch this “incredible” (and usually expensive) product. Talk about a turn-off. And, in addition, because they (the “company”) realize that a very small percentage will ever be able to sell the product, you constantly have to replace “salespeople”, and therefore you are told in order to make your riches, you have to recruit new people (constantly). With enough of a downstream “team”, you benefit, because now you don’t have to sell as much, since you have a group doing it for you and you benefit from each sale (is the general pitch). And this is not like working at Home Depot, like someone tried to spin earlier, where you are paid an hourly wage at a real business, and it is absolutely not a pyramid situation (as some poster was trying to spin). Others, above you are paid more, because they have a specific job to do overseeing and managing a department or store or region, etc. You don’t walk away with nothing for you time. You may not become wealthy as a front-line person, but you don’t walk away with nothing or very little earned for you efforts like the high majority do with MLM scams. Further, in many cases with and MLM, you are also required to buy a minimum amount of junk product (in many cases, how sales are primarily made), so you may actually walk away losing money. If you are highly aggressive, can find enough weak “customers” who you essentially force the product on, at least on a continuing basis, and can sucker in enough people to try selling the product as part of your team, then yes, you may make some money. But if you are that type of person, stay away from me. LOL. Scam, as most things are now, just depends on the degree, as noted earlier. This is a high degree scam.

  62. I spoke to someone about this the other day. To really get set up with a website and all of the support is $400.00. That’s not bad to start a business but I’m lousy at recruiting and even worse at hard selling. I’m not the aggressive type. I worked for Aflac for several years and enjoyed it because they don’t want you hard selling. Unfortunately, when the economy went south, so did supplemental insurance. I have a feeling the Herbalife might be the same.

    • I agree! I signed up, paid for the kit then $400 for more info was completely set up and thought I was onto a good thing as the support you are given is fantastic but then came the monthly cost of $150 oh and not to mention the $7000 to set up completely and be on your way to success. This is when I said thanks but no thanks!!!! Nearly $8000 up front for uncertainty, at least 3 meetings a day, weekend seminars and hours upon hours of online, phone and personal hard selling…. Not sure what part of this is either work at home or income efficient? No good!!

  63. Find the big red box with white writing that says “Ship My Risk Free Kit” . The last sentence on that page says “Business method presented is an online method of operating an Herbalife International independent distributorship.” The product name is hard to find but if you read everything you can know what it is before you order.

  64. All I can say is THANK YOU for the honest description of this business and honesty in the comments. You all have saved me time AND money!

  65. To me, MLM and pyramid scheme mean the same thing. The ones at the top make the money. The further down you are, the less you can make and the less people there are to create your downline. Eventually, the gig falls apart, and you run out of people/opportunities. It’s not mathematically possible to succeed at this type of arrangement…unless YOU are at or near the capstone. I joined AL Williams back in the mid ’80’s. I made no money. You have got to be extremely aggressive and willing to alienate friends and family trying to push stuff on people they don’t really want. My sister-in-law who sells Herbalife used to bug us to buy ‘something’ from her. It made family gatherings uncomfortable. Herbalife is not a bad product, but to make real money selling it could be a real challenge.

  66. i am truly disappointed in this business. The ads are so encouraging and makes it sound like anyone can do it. As a stay at home mom I was hoping this would help supplement our income. After reading the messages and finding out you need to be aggessive I would not consider this It reminds me of Amway and the products are great but the bussiness end is a challenge of constant mind games and you build on the same method or pryamid. YOU CAN ONLY BE A SUCCESSFUL AS THE PEOPLE BELOW YOU IN THIS TYPE OF BUSSINESS. This in mind the hours to be a success would be more than just part time I am sure. I don’t think I am up to a commitment and selling a product that for some reason doesn’t let you know up front what it is. I guess that is how some bussineess are built .

  67. I have heard so many big name radio personalities advertise this that I finally decided to check it out. THANK YOU for your website. I was shocked to see that this is Herbalife, but I guess I really shouldn’t be. I was involved with Herbalife in the mid 80’s, as well as Amway, Rainbo vavuums, insurance, yellow page advertising, and the list goes on. If Herbalife needs to fool you into joining their team, that should tell you they have problems getting people to market their product. Just like ANYTHING else you try to sell, you need to have that hard sell drive to succeed. A true salesman can sell ice to an eskimo, but you have to have the natural bullshit artist personality to make big money at it. If you have the time and drive to succeed, go for it, but it ain’t a get rich easy plan. It’s not a scam, Just google multilevel marketing.

  68. Thanks one & all for the helpful information that is coming from First-hand experience. I too put my trust in what the radio host’s where pitching & almost signed up if not for everyone’s input. Even if you have an “Aggressive” style in sales, based on ICAH marketing strategy, you have to find many more people who can duplicate your actions. That is a big hurdle to overcome AND a deal breaker. It is supposed to be Income at home right, so how can you spare even more time to go out & recruit and train your “line? This is really too bad because I am sure everyone is truly will work for the money. Unfortunately, their marketing style (hiding or withholding product & pricing info) for attaining this “great” opportunity is exactly why most people to do not trust the MLM business plan. I know there are legitimate MLM companies but you cannot sit at home & make money at those companies either.
    Thank you all again,

  69. 45 minute DVD that explains nothing about the company…the follow up phone call ended in 2 minutes as I tried to explain that I’ve never worked for a company that I knew nothing about, even after investing nearly an hour watching a dvd. Here’s the email from the Income At Home Rep:

    “On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 9:16 AM, Steve Dennis wrote:
    Of course it involves sales. Nearly every business in existence involves sales. That should be the easy part to figure out. I really don’t want to hear any more about how the information wasn’t what you were looking for. You wouldn’t shut up long enough for me to make any sort of meaningful presentation. If I give you the business details and you say no, it won’t hurt my feelings. That’s part of the business. It is a business after all. But the bitching about the perceived lack of information is just annoying. What you should do is return the Decision Pack, like you said you were going to, over a week ago. You are past the 15 day trial. If you are still interested, make contact. I really don’t think you were ever serious about the opportunity though. If you don’t return the Pack I will continue to try to collect the debt.”

    I paid the debt, lesson learned. Strongly do NOT recommend.

    • Wow! Their representative was not only crass and unprofessional, but also very defensive. Huge red flag! Couple that with the secrecy in their advertising and on their website regarding their brand (Herbal Life) and their marketing strategy (MLM), this is a “No-Go.” If they believed that their brand and marketing approach were truly attractive, they would disclose them up front.

    • WOW , I would love to see an HebalLife rep comment on the rude email from this jerk..I would personally return the kit and shove it down his big fat mouth. I did Herbalife in the 80’s, nothing wrong with the product other then it’s pricey. Back then it was “lose weight now, ask me how” you had to wear this stupid button everywhere. My upline was a joke, the only guy making money in my upline was already wealthy and could invest his money in product and sales items. I too am realy disapointed in the radio talk hosts that promote this on their shows not sure if they even know what they are selling to their audience? nothing wrong with the hard work and huge hours any business requires they just need to tell you this is NOT a work at home business, Just sayin- buyer beware

    • I too was curious because a radio talk show host went on about how great it was. After reading the entire site, I realized I would be a vitamin salesman. If any product is good enough, major retailers would be selling them. I’ve never heard of the product they want people to push. However, what makes me think even more now, is how often I listen to this radio host, and how often I’ve agreed with their views. Now, I realize, it’s just a show. They will say whatever is needed to keep ratings high, and advertising dollars flowing in.
      Can we believe anyone?
      I didn’t spend a penny on this “offer”. If it’s really good, at least the information should be free, like the valuable information I learned here today. It actually helped me, and saved me wasted time. Thank you all!

  70. I agree that it is a pyramid. Although it may be legal by definition, if one gets paid for bringing on others, it is a pyramid. And the secrecy about the product is another aspect of this to be regarded as potentially unsafe. I too am dissappointed in the radio hosts who support this product and will likely not listen to them anymore, not only their endorsements, but their thoughts on the political issues. If I can’t trust you in one area, it is likely you can’t be trusted in others.

    • There is a difference between a true MLM and a pyramid scheme. In MLM you cannot make money by simply bringing others into the business. You only make money if you sell product yourself or your downline sells product. In a pyramid scheme money is made by kicking up part of the membership fees later joiners pay toward the top of the pyramid, no product sales happen. In MLM if you sell product you make money on the sale yourself and your upline also gets a percentage.

    • reOh PLEASE, spare me the dramatics. ANYONE who works for a Major company, especially a Retail company works for a “MLM”. Just like in a traditional MLM, if you work for say, Home Depot. Your Supervistor, his manager, his Regional Manager, his Regional VP and finally the President, ALL make a “cut” of what the front line Employee produces for the company.
      The only REAL difference between an MLM like this and a regular job, is that all the Politics and butt kissing are gone and the only thing that matters is RESULTS. So if you’re NOT a self starter and your NOT someone who can recruit others, then by all means stay in the MLM you’re at where they’ll continue to keep you in your “JOB”, Just Over Broke. They guarantee you nothing but the bare minimum. Heck, 27 years ago, I sold Herbalife and made more than my 3 friends put together every month. AND I WAS 18. Running my own business now, but it was a GREAT learning experience.

    • Just because you “agree” with another poster doesn’t make either of you right! I am NOT, in any way, involved with either Herbalife or Incomeathome.com. However, this nonsense about using the phrase “pyramid scheme” for every MLM company is getting really, really old and worn. If it’s not for you that’s fine, but can’t you stop with the name calling? That really shows ignorance, not intelligence!

    • Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, just because Sean didn’t look into this so-called business. Capitalism works on every level, you don’t think Sean has to have a minimum amount of money coming in every month, just like the rest of us? I personally don’t have the drive to do this, years ago I tried Amway, well, I’m still driving a truck…..thanks for listening to greg

  71. So glad I came to this website and read the comments. They would not reveal what they were selling on the website. Why the big secret? I’m not into the pyramid sales gig. So glad I didn’t waste my money. I’m surprised the radio personalities are endorsing this.

    • CC,
      It should be noted that this is NOT a pyramid scheme. The MLM business model is a well established model that
      is not only legal and ethical as a business model, but very profitable for many people.


      • yes its legal but either way there are still hidden pieces to this whole opportunity. I mean I was ready to sign up to incomeathome.com, then saw this and learned so much…great opportunity but not for me…to much secrecy

      • Rich,
        I agree with you reach it is a legal MLM business model, but I think the problem is that everyone is looking for a business model that they don’t really have do any work at to make money, so the first thing anyone every says is that something is a Pyramid scheme. What they fail to realize is that if you look at it your job structure is actually a Pyramid, because you will never make more money than your boss. With this or any MLM business model you get out of it what you put in, so therefore you reap your rewards from the amount of your effort. Now, definitely this or any MLM business will not be for everyone, but normally those people have an employee mindset anyway.

        • Rob – You are wrong. I know of many sales organizations in which the salesmen earn many multiples of what their boss earns. For example, most large real estate firms have managers with salaries and small bonuses. The salesmen have uncapped commission potential and routinely earn more than the managers.

          • it’s not just the earnings, it’s the top down organization, Unless you are at the top in any business you can get fired or let go by anyone above you, They all have a higher archy. CEO, Regional managers, General manager, supervising manager, then the workers. ANY business you look at it’s the same top down system. It’s easier to get to the top in an MLM than it is in traditioal business. You can work your butt of on a regular job and still get no where, but success is more proportional to the work you do in an MLM.

      • Profitable for many…but for those who don’t “do the business” the cost is high…I mean consider all the people that need to get their cut in the transaction. The secrecy should be a tip off that this is just more of the same. If they gave their name, precious few would look into it.

    • Rich,
      I appreciate you being honest and posting the article you had on the Income at Home. Why they were secretive I could not understand. This helps me with choosing other options for an income, not with this company.
      Best of luck as I am not willing to go that route.

  72. I actually use Shaklee products and have been since the 80’s when my mother started selling them and still is. I don’t sell them because I don’t have as you put it that aggressive personality, but I definitely wouldn’t be without them health wise. They are are incredible and they really work and I am happy to share that with anyone.

  73. Glad I checked out these reviews, I almost ordered this product. I am definately not an aggresive person especially not in selling anything. Disappointed again!

    • I agree…I really appreciate the posted feedback, I was so anxious to be able to have the opprotunity to work from home, BUT this time I decided to do some research first and Im glad I was able to find some honest reviews.

      • Dee,
        It is always worth while to do some research before getting involved with any organization. However there are many legitimate work from home opportunities available to you. This one experience should not dissuade you from continuing to seek out YOUR opportunity.

  74. I was suckered into this because I would really would like to make a little extra money also and was very disappointed to find out that is was an MLM and HerbalLife to boot. I have come to the conclusion that these radio host are pretty much in the hot seat and this is how they pay for their radio time etc… I just wish they would do more research about the products they advertise.

    • Radio Host do not care really for people. They really care about money. I am looking for a really source of income on internet. God bless this kind of review web site about the products because if not I would be regret to purchase a program that I do not like.

  75. i was happy to know that many famous radio persons recommended this “product” and they said free, so i went to the website and noticed if i sign up today, it is only $9.95 and the original price is $39.95 for 14-day trial version. also, no mention of what the product is…so, this concerned me, but i was anxious enough because of the endorsement to believe this company, and when i purchased my “kit” i immediately was contacted by my “sponsors” and they said to contact them right away; the business was EXPLODING (exact words), so i did and i got their voice message (twice) and i could on and on…but this is a not what i had hoped, again believing in the radio personnel that i respect. such a bummer, lesson learned for me!!

    • I also looked at this company because it is backed by talk show hosts that I respect. I committed to looking at the DVD and was told I had to pay the $9.99 to cover shipping. I agreed but have since also been charged the $39.99 and have only had the DVD for a few days. When I call the number listed in the information I get a voicemail with a full mailbox so I can not leave a message. Disappointed!!

    • Actually it does say it’s herbalife, in smal print

      “Start with a 30-year multi-billion dollar company with a global brand, top level sponsorships and a passion for helping others. To that, add a unique online blueprint helping our users generate income right now in 2013! That’s the marriage of Income at Home and Herbalife – a real opportunity that can help YOU generate income with a full-time, part-time, or even spare time effort.”

    • I remember Shaklee, John, from back in the mid ’70s when my mother was involved. She wasn’t in it very long due, I suspect, to not having an aggressive sales personality. I imagine someone originally talked her into signing on to the program. Anyway, thanks for the memory-lane moment.

        • Shaklee is absolutely one of the best work at home deals right now – fast growing company with superb products!!! Awesome!

      • my dad sold shaklee in the early 80’s – the protein shakes and “basic H” were his best products, but then again, there was “lecithin” for high blood pressure… hard to make it work for long… easy to get burnt out!

  76. This only works if you are the aggressive salesman type. And I mean aggressive. If you aren’t, then don’t waste your time with these people.

      • True, sign-up is $9.95, but after that you have to pay the $39.95 if you want to move forward. However, that’s still a small price to pay if it all pans out.
        I’m still debating f I want to make that step. Everything I’ve read cautions you about paying a company for at-home work or anything else for that matter. I wish I could talk with an actual person who is doing this, rather than them showing people who could be actors. You know props.

    • If you think you can get started with only $39.90 you are wrong.
      If you want to start with the internet it will cost you $399.00.
      I am very disappointed at the celebrities that indorse this.
      I am now out of $15.00 the initial $9.90 plus the over $5.00 to ship it back.
      Another scam for peaple that relly need an income, SHAME!!!!!

      • Wow, this is what I’m talking about, an actual person who made the move and found it wasn’t as simple as what the marketing says.

      • How is that a scam?

        Like *all* real businesses, it requires a little start up capital. That’s what a business is. This happens to be a pretty remarkable way to build monthly income, and I can keep my job while I do it.

        • My guess is that you drank the kool aide and haven’t been in this “business” very long. Every one has dreams of making lots of bucks but few achieve it. Good luck to you and you are going to be going to a lot of rallies.

  77. this was very interesting but it would not accept my password at any time. You may want to inform them they are have problems with that feature that is preventing interested parties from signing up. Thanks for your review…

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