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Online Business Systems Review: At a Glance

Are you interested in working from home? Online Business Systems may be the right opportunity for you. This business is known as “the online business” and it is supposed to help you earn an income from home by utilizing pre-made websites. The opportunity promises that within minutes of signing up with them, you can be on your way to earning income. The website itself says to “go back to the person who told you about Online Business Systems.” The website wants their “sellers” to tell others about the earning potential located with Online Business Systems.

Online Business Systems Review: On the Web

Official Website: http://online-business-systems.com


Online Business Systems Review: A Closer Look

Online Business Systems seems like a unique opportunity for the right individuals. However, the business itself mentions several different names in which the opportunity operates under. If you order their system, then it is known as “The Online Business.” Online Business SystemsHowever, the website is referred to as Online Business Systems. The opportunity itself explains it was “designed and created by Online Business Systems in order to help people run a business from home using pre-designed web sites and an automated lead generation strategy.” Herbalife, a health and wellness company, appears to be a huge fan of Online Business Systems, and has been using it for years to help reach their maximum potential.

Online Business Systems Review: About the Founder(s)

There is not a lot of information about the founders of Online Business Systems.

However there is evidence that it is the online marketing creation of one or more of Herbalife independent distributors.

It is a business that is registered with the Better Business Bureau and is licensed in the state of California. The BBB gives a real address for this business and proclaims that all “claims” have been settled according to the standards of the BBB.

Online Business Systems Review: Fees/ Guarantees

No noted guarantees seem to come with this business offer. Matter-of-fact the only way I can see to find out how much it costs is to follow through with the “cart process.”

Online Business Systems Review: What Are Others Saying?

It appears that people are split down the middle with this opportunity. Some say it is a scam and others say it is not a scam. Although it is registered with the BBB that registration, by itself, is no guarantee of legitimacy. Online Business Systems is given an “A” for following through with everything they have been given to deal with, customer wise.

Is Online Business Systems a Scam?

This is one of those opportunities that is hard to tell if it is a scam or not. If, as suspected, Online Business Systems is a marketing arm of independent Herbalife distributors then the “split” view makes sense. Herbalife employs a multilevel marketing sales model, and very often people group all MLM’s into the scam category whether warranted or not. The MLM sales model has been very successful for not only large companies but for many individuals as well. However it is clearly not suited to everyone.

Do you have any experience with Online Business Systems? I welcome your comments and thoughts below.


Rich Riley
"Helping People Make Better Decisions Through Better Information"

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Online Business Systems Review| The Online Business Systems Scam Truth — 77 Comments

  1. Rich,

    Yes I got on the site to find a free way to build a website. There name came up in a google search so I thought I would take a look. Checked out several others as well. Clicked on the free option, gave my credit card because I thought a look at a catalog can’t cost anything.
    Looked for a couple of minutes and decided it was not for me. Immediately emailed the company late Friday afternoon, stating I’m not interested. Saturday morning I received an email from Patricia Nixon saying that my credit card had been charged.
    Again wrote another email asking for a refund. This morning got arrogant email saying the product I ordered had already shipped and no refund was forthcoming. I was told they have proof of my ordering a product. I thought was supposed to be free. Anyway another reply just before writing to you stating I wanted Patricia’s boss to call me. Let’s see what happens.
    Thanks Edmund

  2. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m now not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else recognize such targeted approximately my problem. You are incredible! Thank you!

  3. This sounds like a scheme. Being desperate for work, i began to look into this and feel it is just another ploy to take money from those in need. Sure, if you have the money to invest, and are a salesperson this might work for you, but the average person is not suited for this. What really bothered me was when first looking at the site the offer was good for only 24 hours and there was a countdown timer for the next 15 minutes to “urge” me to sign up right away. Both tools to encourage signing up without researching. Instead I typed online business systems in search and found more negative than positive information. The fact that local news covers it as legitimate just encourages more to try without researching the facts. I feel it is a deceptive program

  4. I’ve read so many un-truths here I don’t know where to start. The most glaringly wrong this is that this is some sort of scam or that you’re forced to do something. Many of the posts I’ve read here by people who claim to have been a member or invested in the business package or just wrong. I can tell these are made up because the things described do not happen…there is no way someone can be billed for something they never bought..there is more to the business package than what is described. I could go on and on. Oh one more thing…the package is designed to be a two-part presentation…I suggest some of you go back to school and learn some marketing.

  5. I signed up and started trying to sell Herbalife products to establish a platform to enable me to start the more lucrative recruiting part of the business. But when I hit a couple of snags and needed advice, suddenly my coach stopped returning my calls and answering my emails.
    I experienced all the secrecy and gradual revelation of charges mentioned by others here.
    Now I just want out, and can’t seem to find the way. My coach still doesn’t respond to calls and emails.
    If anyone can give me a contact to help me exit, I’d really appreciate it.

  6. This kind of sounds like a ponzi or a pyramid scheme? Maybe I’m wrong, but what are these “coaches” and “kits” y’all are talking about?

  7. I want to return my packet, but I’ve seen a couple of different addresses on here and am not sure where I should send it. I haven’t bothered, nor am I interest in, talking to the coach. Should I just send it to the return address on the package?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I also am returning my packet and kit. I did speak to my coach and he said to return the items to him and we would discuss exactly how when they arrive. I hope that helps a little. Good Luck.

  8. Well…… I can finally say that I did a “little” checking on what others had to say about OBS (Herbalife) before I pulled the trigger. My review of all the comments was that 50% were for and the balance were not. Although I have never been in business for myself, it is not too difficult to understand that it will take $$$ to start a business and that there will be expenses. MLM’s are interesting but not easy as I understand them. I paid the $9.95 and tomorrow will have my discussion with the COACH. I don’t believe this business is for me. I will have to continue to search for a business that I can get into with a reasonable upfront investment. Thank you all for the time it takes to offer your observations. Goog luck to all of you.!!

      • I do not work for this company, but just recently was on the website. It very clearly says on the website that if you don’t return the packet, you’ll be charged the $49.

    • Hi BC,

      I started looking at the OBS package because I was intriqued by the ‘online system’ that OBS advertised. When I found out that this was an MLM that sold Herbalife, I was out. I’m not against MLMs at all – I’m currently building a great coffee MLM business, and the products (coffee) are significantly easier to promote over weight loss. I’m working my coffee MLM full time and I’m doing pretty good. Like I said, I saw the “online business” and “don’t need your friends or family” comments, and was intrigued enough to order the package.

      Personally, this feels like a big bait-and-switch tactic. I don’t know OBS, so I can’t comment on whether their business works, but it’s enough like my coffee business that I don’t need to duplicate those efforts with a harder product to sell.

      I’ll be returning my pack and focussing on my coffee.


  9. My “personal coach” has never called and doesn’t return phone calls, but sends messages via e-mail urging me to call her! I’m sending the kit back today. Thanks for providing this forum. I’m not investing this kind of money in Herbalife…

    • Well, you were right to not investing. I did 6 months ago and now I am over 7,000 in debt. Don’t get me wrong, I love the products and helping people with their health issues but the recruting side, where you make the big money, is the problem. I work very hard but it still doesn’t work because I am not a hard core sales person. Just not good enough. They don’t tell you all the money you should invest to buy leads, and if your not extremely confident, you probably will not close, or all the merchant fees. I am at a point I can no longer invest. I am not alone. There are those in more debt than me. I am hanging in for the retail because I do have a passion for helping people nd maybe eventually will break even. If you are a great sales person, this wold be a good job for you. you either have it or your don’t and you shold know if you do or not. It’s my fault completely for not researching and finding sites like this one. But I am in it now and just working the retail. your coach may haev not been successful but the upline coach should still be there. Also, I signed up distributers but they have not produced. Anyway, good luck in whatever you do!

  10. I was laid off from my 13 yr job & decided to try Online Business System because a popular radio personality recommended it. He said it was “no cold calling”; it was exactly that (the ad is still running from him, by the way). I paid the prices & tried it for a couple months, decided I didn’t like it, notified my coach & Herbalife. I did not ask for any return of any monies; I just considered an “expensive lesson” & just forgot about it. That is until 2 months later when I started receiving charges thru my checking account & transaction notifications for sales overseas that I had never made. I called my “coach” whose contact numbers had been conveniently disconnected, as well as her e-mail. I argued for a month with the company that sent me the transaction notifications, explaining to them that I had not made any money, but the transactions were still coming thru, to the tune of several thousand dollars. I notified my bank who did reverse all the charges & all the overdraft notices they caused, but I had to go in & close my bank account, file claims against the charges — all in all, a lot of headaches & aggravation. I am going to file complaints with the BBB against Online Business Systems as well as Herbalife. I consider it ALL a big scam. Beware!!

  11. Why is this so secretive? I hate that… I am so disappointed in all of this. I don’t want to have to spend $2000 dollars just to get more pay. I will be sending my kit back as soon as I get it. Who gets my 9.95? :(

    • Ummm. are you serious! the Post Office of course. It looks to me as though it is a great low cost business to invest in. Businesses are an investment and it seems this is an opportunity with a product, a great marketing plan and the Online Business System is a tool that you can build your business from home. To be successful its up to the individual to make their business work. Any other business would cost a lot more and also are not guaranteed to succeed.

  12. I’m not aware of all the $ requested. I spent the $9.95 for the starter kit and was charged $39.95, but this latter amount will be refunded when you return the kit to: EHOME DISTRIBUTION 9207 North 9th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021. The coach did have me listen to a CD, and was surprised by the words, Herballife… I learned you pay $55 for a success business package and then pay $199 for the complete package (the 55 is included). He then sent me a canister of the product for $4.95. Next, he set up a time to discuss the product. That’s all i’ve learned so far.. However, I found 3 things interesting and what it means I don’t know: CD the person lost 37 lbs, my coach lost 37 lbs, and Patti Sperandeo (July 17 comment) also lost 37 lbs.

  13. There are a lot of valid points being made. The question is whats one thing out there that does not have a bad review or someone claiming that it doesn’t work. All I am saying is that for the people who have actually been through the process they know we are just here to help people make an informed decision as to wether or not MLM is for them. ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE… That is the biggest thing for people to remember. I believe for mlm to work there are 3 things you must ask yourself.
    1. Do I love what I do?
    2. Will I make the sacrifice to change/personal development?
    3. Can I remain teachable?

    Money is not everything some people are truly successful and only make $2500/month using mlm or even an extra $500/month part time. We all view success at different levels. Best of luck to everyone out there with what ever they choose to pursue. This is just my opinion.
    And remember “If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door.” Milton Berle

  14. The more I read about this, the more I’m convinced not to try it. It sounds as though it operates similar to Avon, but without the home visits. I don’t see how anyone but those with some type of preferred status can make money selling the same stuff over the internet… it would be a crap shoot as to whether someone goes to your website, and I bet the more you pay the more traffic is directed to you. Can Herbalife not sell their own products legitimately through their own website, or partner with another big-name site to sell? That’s suspicious to me.
    I’m not throwing thousands of dollars into this. I’d rather spend it on education.

    • Yes I was just reviewing as well. You need to have a pasion for selling and I am not that type of person. although I was seconds away just now from nearly purchasing it for 9.95 and download the free tax guide lines. I saw in the right hand side a blurb that it is not a special for 9.95 after 90 days they will go ahead and charge you the appx. 40.00. It looked like they were doing a 15 minute special plus the e-download tax guide for free. I took out my visa card number. Thank you for your truthfulness it helped me decide. :o)

  15. We know this business is not for everyone and we have read the comments on here and are sorry for people who feel deceived or burned by this type of business, but we can only speak for our personal story and tell you that what we found with the Online Business was up front and truthful. Even better, it worked for my family. I was an engineer and my wife was an at-home mom. As our family grew, we found it increasingly difficult to pay all the bills from just one salary. So my wife took a part- time job driving a school bus. After seeing the kids off to school every morning, I’d leave for work and wouldn’t get home until after they were asleep. Over time, the bills began to pile up and we found ourselves facing personal bankruptcy. We signed up with Online Business Systems, and with help from our personal coach, we saw immediate results – making $500 in our first month and it has taken off from there.

    • What is it that you have to do exactly? I am not a sales person and don’t have the passion to go gun ho on something i am not even sure i want to do as it doesn’t say upfront what it is that you have to do online. any suggestions would be helpful at this point. thanks you :)

    • Keep going and you will face exhaustion if you really work this system. If you have new people you are training, dealing with their new people, and handling refunds, contacting any new leads, dealing with retailing the products, you will become a work slave. You can make a bit of money, and do so very quickly. Just keep the rate going and never let up or it will all come crashing down.

  16. I joined Online Business Systems and became a Herbalife Distributor this past February, 2012. The products are amazing, I haven’t had this much energy in years and I’ve lost 37lbs. in a few short months!! Online Business Systems offers alot for $399 and then the $100 website set-up fee. You don’t have 1 website, you get 6 websites which are completely maintained for $79.95/month. You may invest in buying advertising but plenty of people build their businesses on the many avenues of free advertising which is available on the internet today. As with any business you are starting up, there are start-up costs. But I honestly do not know of any business you can start up for $500. My family has owned and operated a ‘brick and mortar’ business for over 30yrs. and I can tell you right now that the start-up costs were in the 10’s of thousands and advertising in the thousands!! There is nothing mysterious here…No one “makes” you buy advertising. You DO need to work hard ! As with anything in life, “The more time and effort you put in, the more you get out.” I think people of today are looking for ‘something out of nothing.’ To get ahead you need to work hard. I already see my efforts paying off, and I am not going to let ‘quit’ or ‘failure’ come into my mindset; as I strive to reach my goal of achieving financial freedom for mine and my family’s future.

    • Talking points written by someone with a vested interest. This reply alone is so scattered with buzzwords that I can’t take it seriously. Even had I been interested in the first place, this reply alone would make me run away screaming.

      • Jim, Working for a living isn’t for everyone, is it? Any program needs participation and sacrifice to be successful. You want rewards you have to pay a price. How’s this for buzz word? You can keep running I’m working.

    • Patti…gotta love your idea of using this informational site to promote your Herbalife business.
      They should remove your comments. I spent $399 for the best package deal and received a bunch of vitamins, candy bars and a satchel to go cold calling with. Total crap, I like my Swanson vitamins and supplies much better and cheaper.
      The big complaint is having all the radio and tv personalities that I trusted conning me and others into this MLM scam.

  17. Only one comment: You cannot successfully start this business or continue with this business UNLESS you have some money to back you up. I am a former Global supervisor, and trust me, I lost thousands of dollars, and the loss was not due to not having worked hard enough. In fact, I put in 12-hour days into this business. It’s simple math. The more money you have, the more leads you can buy. The more money you have, the better for you to cover all the “hidden” costs. Yes, there are people who have made $ in this business, but the percentage is low. The rest of the people are just scraping by, or broke.

    Oh, and I’m not one of those “dream busters” that Global warns you not to listen to. I am someone who has had a lot of experience with Global and their way, and I am just saying, please, do your due diligence before committing your hard-earned money into this, or any other MLM “scheme” for that matter.

  18. Hello. I joined the Online Business System 5 months ago. Yes, we do distribute products for Herbalife. The business package is in fact $39.95, and there is a start up fee if you decide to joint. If for some reason you do not wish to continue making money, they give you a 90 day money back guarantee. This is not a scam!! Before I joined, I thought it was a total scam. But because they offered to sell the Business package for $9.95 at the time, I decided to order it and read through it. The day that I got the package, someone called me to go over it with me. After going over a few things, I decided to join. They help you every step of the way. I myself am really pleased with the income that I am making. My first month I made about $1100. My second month I made about $1800. My third month I made almost $3000. And my forth month I made $4200. Honestly, you don’t have to do a lot of work. I get on Twitter and Facebook twice a day and put up a tweet/status about the products. And my inbox gets full with people wanting to buy products. I send them to my business site and leave it from there. They tell their friends and family, and they buy products. It’s that simple. But hey, I guess there are some people out there who don’t want to make money. I enjoy this business. This is the best thing I ever decided to do.

    • It is really true, I know it takes money to make money.
      I did reseach it going to take $450.00 to start up I do not believe it is a scam but being secretive about the options like the cost. Can really maintain & recoup the money you invested in?

      • I’m sorry that you feel like anyone is being secretive. I love this business and it has given me the opportunity to be able to stay at home with my children, what is more important than that? Nothing to me!
        The information, start up fees, etc. are actually not a secret, you get all the information you need when you order the decision package. That is why it is a decision package, so you can get all the information you need and make an informed decision whether you want to start your own business or not. For me personally, it was the best decision I made! And I know quite a few others that feel the same way! Best of luck with whatever you choose!

        • Well Krysta, it is secretive when you are not told up front that the money you are spending on the kit is just the beginning. Lump sums of money is hard for some people like myself… 39.95 is already a lot for me. I don’t make much but I am trying to remain positive.

        • Krysta, I just finished watching the “decision package”. Nowhere in the package does it state “what” the business is. How much it will cost or what exactly your are doing. Just lots of stories of how people earned this much a month or that much a month and how “online business systems” has made their life better.
          I think if people want to invest in a business we’d like to know EXACTLY what it is and WHAT you’d be doing.

          • I too just read the package and had to research on here to find out what the company sells. It is only through this site I learned that I will have to come up with $450 if I want to get started in the business. I appreciate when companies are up front about the products they market and what the cost involved is. This company is not.

    • Hello there. I just signed io for OBS and they are sending me my package. I am just CURIOUS when you first started out. Did you yourself have to purchase the product then sell it to customers? Or did they go to your website and fill out the nessesary info and purchase through your site and you just made the profit?

  19. I’m very sad that this is happening as it puts a dark cloud over those companies that do business openly without gimmicks. I love network marketing because of the fact that it brings people together. Each persons success is dependent on the other. Some questioned the upfront fees to get started but it is just like anythings that you invest in there are sometimes up front costs. When you purchase a franchise you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars upfront for them helping you set up and train, and get product, etc. With a network marketing company you pay anywhere between $50 to $1000 usually based on what you can afford and how much money you potentially want to make.

    I’ve been in network marketing for a while now and I finally found a company that I love. It is the last network marketing company I will ever do. For more information and to watch a free webinar that will explain it completely with no hidden agenda go here.

    and after you watch the webinar you want more information then follow the steps afterward.

  20. It can be a profitable business…..if and ONLY if you are willing to work. This is like any business…it is not easy…so if you are looking for something to make a quick easy buck without putting something into it…this is not for you. Nor is any legitamite business.

  21. Thanks…..I think u all just saved me a whole deal of time, money and anguish. For that, I’ll suck up the $39.99.

  22. Thank you for all your posts. I am so glad that I only paid $9.95 for the processing fee. I’ve been wanting to know what kind of products that this online business service had to offer and now I know. I use to be in a MLM before and I got out of it and I will not allow myself to be involve with another. I will have to send back the package because I will not allow myself to be charge of $39.95. That’s a lot on my case since I have 3 grown children out of high school. If people are out there to know where to send back your package. The address I have is: Online Business Shipping 203 E. 35th Ave Suite B Bellevue, NE 68005.

  23. Thanks for this website. I already paid the $9.95 shipping for the kit, and already got my first call from the “coach.” I tried to get info up front from him, but he was very vague and said my package and our next appointment phone call will answer all my questions. Reading these responses from other people cleared a lot up. I think I may have wasted my $9.95 but I feel I’m ahead of this game now. I have no interest in selling Herbalife, even though I do think they have decent products. I just am not interested in roping in friends and family into an MLM when I’m not thrilled about them to start with. Thanks for the heads up, everyone!

    • Sharon, I did what you did…paid my $9.95 up front, got my kit and the call from my coach. I too was not interested in selling Herbalife but figured I’d give it a try. You have two options, one costs $69.95 and you have to lean on you friends and family to buy their products. The other costs $400 which I thought covered setting your own website. It does not!!!! That is for the training package and some Herbalife products. I started registering with my coach and found that after the $400, there are more charges! $100 to set up your website and $80/month to keep the website going! I was floored. I told my coach that I could not afford that per month and she said to send my training package back unopened and they will refund my money! Scam or ripoff? I don’t know but I’m getting out NOW! Hope this helps!

      • Hi,I have the same problem, order the kit and now returning it but I had paid $449 and my coach doesnt want me to help how to return it. This is not for me, I need help how to get my money back.

    • Sharon, I don’t think you’ve read the inforamtion all the way through. I myself would not want to involve friends and family, and I’m not. This is a legitimate opportunity to earn money from home. As a matter of fact, you could choose not to “distribute any products”, and still make money with this business. It’s up to you. I recommend that you do your due diligence before you decide it’s a scam, it’s not. I recently got involved with this, commited myself to the dedication I would need in any business that I would be operating, and am on my way to financial independence. If it wasn’t real, they wouldn’t be listed on the NYSE and making a profit even in these tough times.

      • I feel any business that feels it has to hide what its all about (until you have paid enough money to find this out) is engaging in an unethical way of marketing.

        True this might work out for some people, but the rest of us have to pay money to find out its not for us. Our $9.95 price of entry is a part of their cash flow, and part of their business plan.

      • Hello

        I am considering this, but am very skeptical and do not like the scam messages I have read. Tell me about your success and why you were able to navigate this opportunity in a different way then the others .


  24. I’m really glad I read these reviews. I did order the $9.95 packet and they make it sound so great, but I still felt hesitant about it. I had to try and find some reviews about it before calling the coach. I need to make money, not lose it. I can’t put my family’s hard earned income on the line. I will be returning my packet.

  25. I’ve just been duped again! I just got out of a MLM situation with Melaleuca…just to fall for it again. The only reason I managed to fall for it again is because a reputable radio station was heavily marketing it. I should’ve known better…just b/c a radio station is marketing something doesn’t make it right. They are getting paid to say whatever they want them to say and are protected by disclaimers. When will I learn?!?!! But, yes, it is just a MLM scheme and a waste of time and money, but you won’t know this until you have paid the $9.99….very misleading. Also, I went against my number one rule….don’t EVER pay for a job…period!!

    • But this isn’t a job. It is your own business. How much would you have to invest in any other business to get it up and running, and could you do it from your home? The answer is no. Skeptical that MLM’s are not legitiamte or legal? I have no affiliation with Melaleuca, but found this information while doing due diligence on Herbalife. frank vanderSloot is the Ceo of Melaleuca. Their annual revenue last year totalled $1 billion. He is the 86th largest land-owner in the US, holding more than 110,448 acres. MLM’s are a scam? Only for the people that don’t do their homework.

      • Dave,

        What you say is true. MLM’s are perfectly legal and a great way to generate income for *some* people. For others not so much.

        Why isn’t the true nature of the business revealed without getting people invested? I think this is the key issue that people find objectionable. It smells a little funny.

      • What gets me with any business offer out there that claims you can make serious money is the up front charges. If you can truly make good money, then the company/business can take their fees out of the first paychecks to the new business owners. Like another gentlemen said, the upfront charges are most definitely part of the business model.

      • Melaleuca and other profitable MLM’s are upfront about what you’re selling and that it takes work like any business. I would certainly shy away from any MLM that wasn’t willing to divulge details before spending money.

      • Anybody else notice that this “Dave” guy shows up and always spouts the words “due diligence?” Pretty sure we know who you work for, buddy.

  26. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site in giving your honest assessments. I too have just received my $9.95 packet. I was very concerned, after having read the material and listened to the CD and the DVD, that it had not been revealed who the nutrition company was and that not once was I informed as to the actual means by which the goals were to be achieved. When there is obvious omission of this type of information, I am “gun shy”. Because of your comments, I now know why.

  27. Thank you. I have been thinking about signing up for the past week and almost decided to go for it TODAY. I am glad I only spent the $9.95 and not the $399.00
    times are hard and I can not throw away $399.00 on a dream.

    • Times are hard, for most of us. That’s why I researched this opportunity for 3 months before deciding to spend the $400. Glad I did. I absolutely hated working for someone else.

      • Dave – You decided to do this – did you jump to Supervisor Level or are you just doing it on your own? How do you feel about it after you’ve been doing it for a couple of months?

  28. The leads are expensive and horrendous. As I agree with the previous reviewer, OBS model is based on recruiting not retailing Herbalife. Not a good area to start a home based online business.

    • Actually it is based on both. Without retailing it wouldn’t be legal. The leads do seem expensive at first, but only because you have never had the expense of advertising your own business. You can also get leads without spending a dime, like I have.

      • How are you doing this when others are failing miserably? I can not afford to sign onto something that is not transparent or above board. My money and more importantly my time is too valuable.

        Speak to me, please.

      • The bottomline is the ROI has been very low and I own a computer hardware company in Silicon Valley and am aware with the advertisting cost associated with it. Good luck with your venture in OBS and Herbalife.

  29. Online Business System’s is just a really pushy way to recruit Herbalife distributors and sell product (but more to recruit people). They say that ‘anyone can do it’ which is a bogus claim, and if you start reading the fine print it even says that results will be based on your own business talent and that testimonials do not indicate what will happen in your business. There are also disclaimers to state that gross profit indicated in their marketing does not include marketing costs, and they recommend you buy around $1200 worth of marketing a month, so when they say $2000 profit, they really mean $800 and that would take an awful lot of hours to make, definetely not worth the time you put in. Some people have made a good income out of this, but their whole life is run by ‘Herbalife’ and they have meetings even at 9.30pm every night, and the uplines encourage you to keep working the business even during holidays. I could go on and on. It is a legitimate business with borderline false advertising (they get away with this false advertising with fine print disclaimers). I would suggest reading the fine print if you get involved in this business.

    • Results in any business that you own are based on your business talent. If you are not the type of person to operate your own business, then this is not for you. Anyone can do it, as long as you have a computer and phone and are the type of person that is able to talk to others. Yes, there is an investment, depending on what level you want to operate at, but every business in the world needs to reinvest some of their income into advertising every month. This is no different.

  30. Thank you sooooo much for your posting…I just paid the 9.95 myself and thought…hey it might be a good idea….glad I ran across your posting…we are looking to get a few extra dollars…not lose them!! lol.

  31. I’m sad to admit that I was taken in by Online Business Systems after hearing a prominent radio talk show host rave about it. So, here’s how it works. For $9.95 you get a small package raving about an online business opportunity that could potentially reap big money. No real information about how the business works is contained in this package. Very soon after receiving the package you’ll get a call from a person who will be your personal coach and who will try to talk you into going further and set up a 3 way call so can listen to recording of the head of Online Business Systems. Here is where you learn that you’ll be selling HerbaLife. You then decide whether to cut and run, or get pulled in like I did. If you go on you’ll be charged another $39.95 for for the initial information package and $399.00 for a distributor kit. This kit is a small black bag, a few sample items of product, some brochures, some order forms and training manuals. When you review the training manuals, you learn that the entire business is prescripted. There is literally a printed script that is followed by your “coach” through the whole process. There are even scripted answers for the questions most commonly asked. Here is where you decide if you want to stay at distributor level and make a 25% profit or, for $2000 more, move up to supervisor level and make a 50% profit. For the $2000 you receive around $4000 worth of product to sell, use yourself, or do whatever with. Now, after you’ve invested all that money, you want to recupe it. In order to do that, you can try to generate your own leads, or for $500 Online Business will supply you with 5 decision package leads and 10 or so call leads. A decision package lead is someone who has already invested the $39.95 and a call lead is someone who has invested the $9.95 to review the information package. So this isn’t so much about selling HerbaLife as it is about getting people to buy into the idea of selling it by guiding them through the process of spending $40, then $400, then $2000, then $500 for everyset of leads purchased. The “coach” gets a piece of every dollar you spend, their coach get a little piece, and so on up the chain. Some how Online Business Systems is a legal pyramid scheme. I made $1200 after having invested over $6000 before I called it quits. I should have listened to my wife.

    • Thank you for posting the valuable info. Someone I don’t know sent me the link with no personal contact info. He didn’t respond my questions either. Just feel there is a trap waiting for you to jump in. I am looking for something but definitely won’t be this one. Thanks again for sharing the truth with us.

    • Honestly, if you look at all the info in your post, it seems like a well oiled machine! A proven system…..the same system I decided to get started with 9 years ago. Only difference is I didn’t quit. I have never been a quitter.
      You had choices. No one made yoou do anything….you decided to make the investements and then bail. Herbalife has had only one name in 32 years. The training systems within have multiple names.
      Too bad people can post bogus info but it doesn’t seem to matter as we continue to grow and explode…..our sales increasing over 20% every year!

    • Thank you for posting the exact nature of how this business operates. You saved me money, time and heartache!

    • Thanks for the information. This saved me a headache for sure. It doesn’t work with the masses. I might as well sell kitchen knives to stay at home house wives if I were going to do this.

  32. They may be registered with BBB and are not a scam, but they are not up front about who and what they are until you pay (right now) $9.99 for the shipping of information. Then when you contact your coach, you hear what it is really about. I am still trying to find a legitimate address to send the packet back before they charge me $39.99. My “coach” will not email me back with that now that I am not interested.

    • Beth – where are you located? In researching this company, I found 3 locations: one in Colorado Springs, CO (I live in CO) this one is holding the BBB accreditation, the other two are in NM but do not have a BBB rating. Try contacting the one in Colorado Springs for help. Address is 6946 N Academy Blvd #166 Colorado Springs, CO. Phone number I have for them is 888.421.4850. They seem to be legit in that they do handle their customer complaints. Good Luck. I think after finding out that it is a marketing front for Herbalife (very expensive and hard to sell) I will pass on this. FYI – with any of these always check the link for terms and always verify that they have an actual physical address and legitimate phone number (I call it to see who or what answers). I hope you can get this resolved.

  33. Herbalife is simply a legit front for Online Business Systems. Basically you keep spending money trying to make money. For example, you pay $399 enter the business and actually learn how you will be compensated. To start out at the Supervisor level where you earn 50% profit on what you sell, you have to purchase $4000 worth of product, but your actual cost is $2000. I figure this is the way most of the actual products are sold. OBS main focus is for you to recruit more people. They could care less about how much herbalife u sell. Many people buy the supervisor package and get stuck with a lot of herbalife product because the products are too expensive compared to other products that are sold in stores. On top of all this if you want generate leads online you have to buy the leads, $500 for a list of 5 “HOT” leads which are people you could POTENTIALLY recruit to become distributors of herbalife. Also this company has had 3 different names in 20 yrs. Newest Way to Wealth, Global Online Systems, and now Online Business Systems.

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