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Only Cash Surveys Review: At a Glance

Only Cash Surveys is a paid survey site that only pays with cash. The site does not seem to deal with points or sweepstakes as some other survey sites do, only cash.

Only Cash Surveys on the web


Only Cash Surveys Review: A Closer Look

Only Cash Surveys is a website that allows you to do surveys to earn cash. You must have a PayPal account in order to get paid. One of the good things about this company is thatOnly Cash Surveys they do not ask you to pay money to get started. You sign up for the surveys by entering your email information and you can get started earning cash. When you join Only Cash Surveys you will only qualify for certain surveys through their website based on the information you provide them.

The typical earnings from this website are quite low and vary by the survey you are asked to complete. The survey may take more than a few minutes to complete as well. There will be a short description of the survey before you begin taking it. This allows you to chose which of your qualifying surveys you wish to complete.

Only Cash Surveys Review: Fees/ Guarantees

It does not cost anything to join Only Cash Surveys, but payouts are only made after accumulating $20 in earnings.

Your earnings will then be delivered to your PayPal accounts. If you do not have a PayPal account then you will not be able to get paid. You should also note that Only Cash Surveys does not give points or rewards but they only give cash. Each survey may not be worth a lot of money and it can take a bit of time to build up $20.

There is no guarantee to how much money you will make or how long it will take you. You should be prepared to spend some time waiting for your payout after you have requested it.

Is Only Cash Surveys a Scam?

While this is a legit opportunity beware of the amount it takes to receive your payout. A number of users of Only Cash Surveys have indicated that their payout has taken longer than expected to receive. This can be disheartening, especially if you have spent a lot of time doing surveys and you just want to get paid. Also beware of starting a survey and then in the middle the survey may stop.

Clearly, while this may be a legitimate way to make money online, the earning potential is limited. The choice becomes whether the time required to complete surveys is better spent here or in a different program with a higher earnings potential. As always the choice is yours to consider.

Do you have any experience with Only Cash Surveys? I welcome any comments or opinions below.





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Only Cash Surveys| Only Cash Surveys Scam? The Truth — 22 Comments

  1. I have been using this site for a year and 3 months now and have cashed out on $535.00 so far. It has taken roughly 3 weeks for payment after request. they did raise the cash out to $50 and now charge a fee to make deposit to paypal account. Here’s a snapshot of my account as it currently stands …………………My Statement

    Account Snapshot
    Total Earned [?] $573.80
    Total Available [?] $38.80
    Total Pending[?] $27.10
    Redemption Threshold [?] $12.00
    Needed to Redeem for Rewards [?] $0.00
    Total Redemption Amount $535.00
    Sweepstakes Entries [?] 45

  2. I have been a member of OnlyCashSurveys.com and their sister sites. Ipoll.com, Askmesurveys as well as RPSurveys.com for about 2 1/2 years now and have made over $1300.00 via these sites. So these sites are very legit. The payments do take awhile, however if you have the time and patients its very much worth the extra cash via Paypal.

    I do have a site as well that would help you along in finding the best “CASH ONLY” surveys sites around. It’s CashSurveysMadeEasy.com. My site is always changing to give you only the very best Cash Surveys Sites for free…

  3. I just experienced the bumping out near the end. I was not rushing and had been taking the survey for about 15 minutes. I was only 4.00 away from being able to cash out. I am so glad to know it is not just me. I sent them an email and although they may not respond they know that I know. I am a member of other survey sites and have never been just dropped from a survey. You see when we cheat they know but if they cheat they can often get away with it. Well they may get away with it but, I refuse to let them think that I did not notice. I am right at cash out and after I get over this episode tonight I will go back. Wrap it up, request my cash out and terminate my membership. I would rather deal with a reputable survey company that is slow to pay than to deal with underhanded sites that lure you with cash only tactics and try to use and accuse you at their convenience. Remember, just because they pay does not mean it is not a scam. They have to pay somebody sometimes to make themselves look good……

  4. Just started on this website .. so far have tried to take about 6 surveys and it would bounce me out because i do not qualify for the survey. Honestly have not made any money on surveys just the $5 for signing up and 20 cents for completing my profiles. can not even cash out the money until i make a certain amount. Will probally continue until i can cash out and never do it again. Just a waste of time for me.

  5. OnlyCashSurveys.com does pay quite well in cash compared to most survey companies that pay with points. Do note that, as of the spring of 2013, you must earn $50 before you can request payment to PayPal from OnlyCashSurveys. You also can choose merchandise for lesser amounts earned from OnlyCashSurveys. At first, I was happy with this survey site. Then, for reasons unknown even to the Customer Service reps, my account was suspended for ‘inconsistencies.’ I convinced Customer Service to reinstate my account. Several months later, my account was again suspended. Frustrated, I closed my account with almost $35 in it. I was disappointed because I already had been paid several hundred dollars by OnlyCashSurveys.
    A word of caution to anyone who decides to join any survey site: DO NOT rush through surveys, read each question carefully, and DO answer questions as consistently as possible from survey to survey. Sometimes survey takers aren’t given answer choices that reflect our individual life situations. When you are forced to choose an answer that doesn’t reflect your life situation, I feel this results some of the ‘inconsistencies’ that cause accounts to be closed or that cause you to get ‘bounced’ out of a survey. Be careful to work steadily but not too quickly. Choose the answers on each survey that most closely reflect your life situation–ie. job, career, family, etc. Keep track of the ID numbers of the surveys you take and note any problems you have with surveys freezing or being labeled ‘invalid.’ Then you will have the info you need to complain or report technical difficulties to the survey company. Hope this helps you decide whether to join OnlyCashSurveys or any other survey site. I do know that the earning potential definitely is there with OnlyCashSurveys.

  6. Have been answering surveys for 1 month. Balance is $100.00 Have to work on surveys all day just to accumulate 43 or $ 4 a day……….Some surveys taken a month ago are sttill pending!

    Now going to cash out some…..will see how long that takes.

  7. Been with only cash surveys for over two years. Thought everything was going well and my integrity was in tack. I do surveys with several other companies for same amount of time with no issues. All of a sudden, my dasboard stops working and when I ask why I’m advised to read the terms and conditions and that my dashboard will not be reopened. I read it and saw nothing which applied to me. I wrote again and was advised that there were “inconsistencies” and they will not reopen my dashboard. I am due a $35 cashout being verified. I believe they just want to wash me out out the system. Either way, I’m filing complaints with all proper agencies…..beware!!!!

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  9. I repeatedly have completed surveys only to have the rug pulled out from under me at the very end. Ripoff
    I was going to post the page snapshots I took, one says thank you for taking survey give us sow feedback the next page is the we are sorry bla bla bla.

  10. For some reason this site won’t let me post updates of my dash board so here is a copy of my deposits from onlycashsurveys.com This is not countingt the 35 dollar request I have pending
    Recent ActivitySee your most recent transactions, transfers, and more.
    All activity


    TransactionoptionSelectTodayThis Week (Sun – Today)Last Week (Sun – Sat)This MonthLast MonthLast Three Months





    View account statements


    Payments received
    More filters

    Payments received – Sep 20, 2012 to Oct 20, 2012


    What’s thisTransactions you Unarchive will be moved to your Recent Activity list.Payment status glossary

    checkboxSelect all recent


    When an icon appears next to one of your transactions, it means there is more information available or a note attached. Move your cursor over the icon to learn more about the transaction.
    When an icon appears next to one of your transactions, it means there is more information available or a note attached. Move your cursor over the icon to learn more about the transaction.



    Payment status


    Order status/Actions

    Net amount

    Select record 0

    Oct 17, 2012

    Payment From

    United Sample Inc/DMS Insights


    Details Payment From United Sample Inc/DMS Insights 5NE20781VK954441U

    $35.00 USD

    Select record 1

    Oct 2, 2012

    Payment From

    United Sample Inc/DMS Insights


    Details Payment From United Sample Inc/DMS Insights 5FU86261UL760512U

    $35.00 USD

  11. I’m not sure why People are giving bad reveiws on this site…… I have only had 3 surveys that became invalid which I believe was due to the fact of rushing through the surveys……… Guess I’ll see what the future brings …. but so far I have no problems…… If you keep in mind that these aren’t get rich quick schemes, you’ll be OK….:0)

  12. Just an Update on my account……I opened it on 8/6/2012 and as of 10/7/2012………….My Statement

    Account Snapshot
    Total Earned [?] $101.00
    Total Available [?] $31.00
    Total Pending[?] $37.50
    Redemption Threshold [?] $20.00
    Needed to Redeem for Rewards [?] $0.00
    Total Redemption Amount $70.00
    Sweepstakes Entries [?] 15

    I received my first oayment in a little over 3 weeks and have another payment pending. My available balance is $31 Dollars, 4 dollars short of another $35.00 request which will be my 3rd.

    PayPal balance: $35.00 USD

    My recent activity – Last 7 days (Sep 30, 2012-Oct 7, 2012)

    Oct 2, 2012

    Payment From

    United Sample Inc/DMS Insights


    Details Payment From United Sample Inc/DMS Insights 5FU86261UL760512U

    $35.00 USD

  13. Why did my post with my dashboard get deleted?….Thought that was a good sample of hot the site works……..can’t believe it’s not on here.

  14. One question I have is that I can’t find any information on the ipad sweepstakes. I have 11 entries but can’t find any rules or such on how the sweepstakes works. I would think there would be rules or a list of winners somewhere.

  15. things went well in the begining….after doing surveys for 3months i finally reached the payout thresh hold.$20.00 WOW …. it took a toal of 5months to get paid.during this time i continued to take surveys on a regular basis……guess what happened? after the months came and got my money..i was denied money because the surveys i took sudenly got denied payment.i wrote to the site managr and they gave me no response to why i was denied…anyway after six months time a manage to get the secound $20.00…never guess what happened after that? i still thought that i would be ABLE TO MAKE SOME MONEY…..THEY RAISED THE PAYOUT LIMIT WITHOUT STATEING THE SITUATION..i am now totalling an alarming $80.00 .wowWEE…it,s been a year now and all is not well.it,s taking over 6months to make money {now the limit for payout is $35.00)I HAVEN,T RECEIVED ANY MORE PAYOUTS SINCE 1YEAR AND AHALF THIS SITE IS REALLY A SCAM..FUNNY HOW MY SURVEYS HAVE BEEN REVOKED….and getting a response of ..i have been submitting false asnwers to my surveys..even with proof of my survey taking taking and submitting answers with back up prove of my answera i have been denied…what a joke.after almost 2years now i have made says the site $118.00.funny i only have &80.00 TO SHOW FOR IT.THIS SITE REALLY MAKES ME ANGRY.I DIDN,T AGREE TO THE RULES BEING CHANGED HALF WAY THREW THE GAME .please STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE….ONLYCASHBACKSURVEYS……ALSO. THEY HAVE A BUDDY SITE WHICH IS A DUPLICATE SITE .rewardportsurveys…any other people useing these sites? send ffedback we together can stop this fraud….
    MR. B thnkx

  16. been paid .aint getting rich better than lot of sites.not a sales tool.lot of rejection same as other sites but they pay upon request in a timely manor .If you can see that a survey is if not right for you exit it .sometimes you put time into a survey then get bumped out.such is life

  17. Ive been doing it for about 3 mons and have banked $55 so far. First time $20 then it changed to $35 and so far got paid for all that. Even though some of the surveys are as little as .25 and I am not eligible for some(as others have said) once it clears I haven’t been denied anything as Ive been truthful. If you lie I guess they can figure that out based up repeated questions being asked and answered. Soon I shall be requesting another $35 and waiting for more to be processed to then again get another $35 once a few more surveys arise. I wondered if this was a scam but then I did get paid. It takes time and some take 30-40 mins and some take 10 or less. Good experience so far.

  18. hi- just finally reached my 20.00 to get paid, WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!they dexcided that they changed it to 35.00 then i would get paid. cheaters and not a company of integrity at all. on the website it still states 20.00 i want to unsubcribe to this lousy company, but i will contact the bbb first-

  19. So I referred all of my friends to this site and have been a member for two years. They started writing off all my highest paying surveys as “invalid” when I brought this to their attention they told me to read the terms and conditions which I did. I have always gave the same completely true information on my surveys. It’s been a year since this started happening and now 75 percent of my referrals have been suspended for also having “invalids” this company is keeping our money and wasting our time. I have reported them to the BBB and hope to see a resolution soon. As for now, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!

  20. I think it is a scam. I have not been able to “qualify” for a survey for months. They take a limited amount of data and claim they have reached their quota, or say you are not the type of survey participant you need.

  21. I was limited to some survey on only cash survey. I am still at $5.00 and I’m trying to do more surveys, so my question is how to get more survey that I can do.

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