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Is Project Payday a scam for the Average Joe?

Projectpayday.com claims to be a site that can provide realistic extra income for the Average Joe. In fact they claim that a person with no internet experience or special business knowledge should be able to make money the very first day. Can they actually support this claim? Let’s look closer.

The top of the home page of projectpayday.com states that-13 of14 test students – all “Average Joes” with no prior experience – made between $200 and $2,500 in their FIRST 30 DAYS. The rest of the page is dominated by a testimonial video; a question asking if you would like to make $44 to $154 using your computer for only 1-3 hours; a short note from the founder, and an opt-in form.

It is necessary to click a link on the bottom of the page, or fill out the opt-in form, to learn more about how Project Payday. To gain full entry to the members’ area you must either pay a one-time membership fee of $39.95 or sign up for a no obligation trial from one of their sponsors.

Project Payday Review: How it Works

Co-founder Monika St. John states that projectpayday.com will show you “2 stupidly simple methods to make money”. And to ensure your quick start you will be assigned not one but two mentors to guide you through the first few days to get you off to a good start.

Method 1 seems to be filling out offers. This entails finding people who need a certain number of referrals to win something from a company. They are willing to pay you $5 – $50 (and presumably) others to sign up for free offers so that they can receive the referral credit that they need. Method 2 seems to be that you get others to fill out the forms for you.

The trick seems to be to stay organized enough so that you cancel the free trial before it expires and get billed the automatic charge that is associated with the offer. Otherwise whatever profits you make will be eaten up by these automated charges. And unfortunately most of us have experienced those charges at one time or another.

Project Payday Review: Any Guarantees?

It is refreshing that projectpayday.com seems to focus on allowing the Average Joe to make between $250 and $2500 a month. They make a big deal out of not being a “get rich quick scheme”. In fact they guarantee that you will NOT get rich from their program. However they do also offer their “Law of Gravity” $100 guarantee, stating that if you follow their Fast First Fifty Program and don’t earn $50, they will pay you $100.

So is Project Payday a scam?

Although this program might not appeal to everyone I believe that it would be unfair to call projectpayday.com a scam. It may not provide job replacement income but it never claimed that it would.  It appears to be a legitimate opportunity for those who stay on top of their calendars and are willing to keep very organized records. My problem is that it claims to be set up for the Average Joe; however many of the Average Joe’s that I know are not well enough organized.

As always, I welcome any comments, especially if you have any direct experience with the topic.


Rich Riley
"Helping People Make Better Decisions Through Better Information"

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Project Payday Review | Project Payday is a Scam – The Truth — 12 Comments

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  4. Dear Rich,
    Is PayDay Automation pretty similar? Philip Mutrie is the name used in the promo. They talk about a website and beating the marketing Mafia at their own game.-sounds like a cookie cutter site to nowhere. I get so many of these offers that I have no intention of joining after any that I tried were useless.
    Can one really make money online without it being a scam?

    • I don’t know about PayDay Automation, but yes you can make money online. There are a number of programs that are legit and honest. The issue is that it takes work to make money online or offline. There are skills to learn and it is a process that will not happen over night. I see too many people that really only want to stick their toes in the water, and if it doesn’t happen in a week or two call it quits and sour on the whole idea. I know NO business that you can learn and master in a two week time frame that will make you any real money. However, if you are SERIOUS about learning how to generate money online check out the resources tab to find legitimate programs.

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