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Team National Review: At a Glance

Team National is a direct selling company that is listed as one of the top businesses in the world. Team National has made direct selling easy because they work with several products that their team members can sell.

Team National Review: On the Web

Main Website: http://www.bign.com/en/Home/HomePage.aspx
On Facebook: http://facebook/TeamNational
On Twitter: On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/#!/teamnational

Team National Review: A Closer Look

Team National is a home based business opportunity that is located all over the world. This is a way to sell products and make money off of the products you sell. They are a member of the direct selling association and are quite well known all over the world. Team National has often been seen on the news for selling products from over 20 different industries. It’s not just about what they sell but about what they don’t sell. Team National is known for taking a product and making a success out of it.

Team National Review: About the Founder(s)          Team Natioinal

The founder of the opportunity is named Dick Loehr but he has passed since starting Team National. His legacy lives on through the direct sellers and the products that Team National is involved in. Dick bought the company in 1999 and it skyrocketed ever since. His wife is still living and allows Dick’s legacy to live through the products sold by Team National.

Team National Review: Costs, Fees & Guarantees

The compensation associated with Team National is very hard to find. There is not a clear picture as to how much it costs.

This could because the product is involved in so many industries that you need to talk to direct seller to get started. The opportunity is registered with the BBB and has an awesome reputation with its sellers and customers. While it is hard to say exactly how much it costs to get started, you can read a lot about their successes and involvements.

If you would like to find out the cost for joining then you may consider contacting a rep that deals directly with their company. The prices are not listed on the website. However, there is a ton of information about the opportunity and how successful it can be for those who are serious about it.

Team National Review: What Others Are Saying?

There are a ton of blogs about Team National and how effective they are as a business. Just search “Team National” in a search engine and watch hundreds of positive leads pop up about this company.

Is Teanm National a scam?

There seems to be no truth to any Team National scam claims. Team National is a legit company but it is also a marketing company that thrives from the sales of their products. Consumers should understand everything there is to know about Team National before they sign up and get involved.
One of the best things about Team National is that they are involved with charities and other business to let them know they care. A lot of direct sales companies are concentrated on themselves and not helping others.

Do you have any experience with Team National? If so comments and opinions are always welcome.


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Team National Review| Team National Scam! Is It True? — 18 Comments

  1. This is the best opportunity left in America. Sorry you are wrong stating we sell products. We have no products for sale. We have a membership we save money with. Works real well we have saved over 6000.00 in 12 months. The income opportunity is the best in the industry. Unlimited depth not multi-level. Like most things if you don’t get all the facts and base your information on hear say or rumors you probably will get left behind. We have generated a six figure income and helped many others earn substantially more than they can make working 40 hours a week. Get the facts from those who know and are involved not from those who don’t and are not involved. I recommend Team National to anyone looking for a better way of life with great positive Christen people.

  2. I was in Amway for several years. Did not do to bad. Got out when it went to Quick Star. In Amway your up line lied to you. And you worked your butt off. There products were expensive. One of my down lines from the Amway business showed me Team National today. I got excited it was not hard to figure out what she was saying and how it works. It’s people helping people to get where they want to go. You have to have an open mind. People that think outside the box can see the big picture. And yes your going to have to work at it to make money. You’ll have a lot of rejections because it’s not for everyone. My friend showed me her checks and there real not fake. I had a great down line threw amway. And yes I am going to sign up with them. We worked togather once and did great we can do it again. It’s all in the attitude. Have to have an open mind and get fired up. Make it fun and exciting.

  3. I have been with team national and so far it been empty promise. The commission your going to get from walmart has to be over 75$ in a single purchase. Yes they promised to get me cheaper insurance that any Tom, Dick or Harry could for same price. Insurance companies told that don’t offer cheaper rate just for TN members. So get touch with TN up line and who cares about the saving I just want to get paid. Just tell people we can get them cheaper insurance. I also signed up a friend bc they were having the same problems. I see how it works on the money making side but how do you sell a membership that doesn’t work.

  4. sounds a lot like what AMWAY morphed into. . . so the money “made” is in recruiting and training new members to do the same. . . ???
    the savings is simply that — savings

  5. Sounds like the sales pitch we were given when we joined three years ago to the tune of $2,200. Now, because we don’t pay $75 per year additional, we are no longer able to enter the website to purchase products as before. We can get online, but cannot get into any of the store website as before. When considering a membership, we were told that as long as we purchased something once a year, we were lifetime members. Now it appears we are lifetime members as long as we pay an additional $75 per year for a website of our own that we have no use for. Yesterday I attempted to purchase from Drugstore.com and wasn’t allowed on there through Team National so called the office to find out why. That’s when I found out they wanted $75 to allow me to purchase from drugstore.com. I never made back a dime of the money originally invested, so why throw good money after bad?

    • Don’t forget you purchased a life time package. You have access to group buying power, factory direct and the business exchange. If you would like to get paid back for your purchases on line you do have to pay for your online mall which costs $99 /year. I buy restaurant.com com certificates, ink cartridges and now have access to over 200 on line stores. I bought my lifetime package almost 7 years ago. I have saved over 5 thousand on a used vehicle through a local car dealer, I have saved thousands on the biz exchange and also through the large group buying power I save on my cell phone bill with AT&T and also on rental cars when I travel. I suggest you go back to the upline platinum in your biz and ask them to help you find ways you can save more than it cost you to get in or you can earn more that it cost you in 2 weeks if you educate yourself on your savings potential during your life…I hope since you made this post you have not died. You have your entire life to save wth this company and your parents, grandparents, children , grandchildren and business and 5 employees can save too for the rest of their life since you were smart enough to invest in a premium life time package. Don’t give up! Tap into the savings that improve each year.

  6. Hello, I attended a meeting in Fort Payne on 4/1/2013, I was not interested to join, for my daughter had joined the week before, In doing that I have a opportunity for the discounts at no cost for me. RED FLAG!!! The host would not even sign me up… She said my children would not have the discounts.. so therefore I needed to buy in at 2195 or 795 . Also not buying in I will never get the opportunity again. And she and a person in the room could not tell us how much they had made. Please explain this to me as if I am a 5 yr old.

    • I feel the persons that had the meeting didn’t no what they were doing. My mother who is 90 years old signed up because it would help her 15 children and spouses and her grandchildren which there is almost a hundred of us. And none of us had to pay a penny to get in Yes I did have to sign up but not pay the fee to get in. I paid the $99 for my web site to save money when I buy the products that I need. When your daughter signed. You her mother should have been able to sign with no cost to you. Get with people that are further above the people that signed your daughter up and talk to them they will help you. TN is a peoples business and you can pick who you want to work with. There are alot of great people in the business. And no your not allowed to talk about how much you make. Because not everyone will make that much. It depends on the person that is doing the business. It won’t do it on its own it depends how hard you work at it and want it.

  7. I have to say that Team National is the most awesome opportunity in America today. It does not sell products as you describe in your article but the product is indeed saving people money on the goods and services they are already buying anyway. Because no member makes money off of what another member purchases, noone is encouraged to spend money on stuff he or she doesn’t want or need. If you are reading this, it is probably because you were asked to take a look at this business by someone who thought enough of you to invite you to check it out. Word? Check it out and get the best and most accurate information from whomever invited you.

  8. Team National is as REAL, LEGIT and HONEST as ANY company in America today! We’ve put thousands upon thousands, upon thousands of dollars back into our pockets buying things we were already buying from the SAME companies, like Sears, AT&T, BassPro, Home Depot, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Best Buy and hundreds more. We have been multiple “traditional” business owners for 25 plus years and have never been involved with a direct selling company as a customer or representative until July 2009 when we joined Team National. It has been the BEST business decision we have ever made. Just check out what Dunn and Bradstreet, the BBB of Southeast Florida and the DSA has to say about Team National. Thank you Team National for setting the standard for business today!!! We LOVE this company!!!

  9. If it sounds to good to be true it is Team National !!!
    What an awesome company!

    They under promise and over deliver and consistently adding new stores and products, to save with my shopping on line and also Factory direct as well as phone service with ATT.

    Wow!! I did not know there was an company with such credibility left in our society and I got envolved and am proud of the decision to be able to help others in sharing what my friend shared with me. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Great Company! Rock solid for over 15 years… they have never changed their compensation plan and in my opinion, and I have seen a lot of comp plans, they have one of the most lucrative ones out there! I made mid to high 5 digits first year and on my way to mid 6 digits!

    They have two membership savings packages starting at about a dollar a day and less!

    And yes the savings are legit! They have bene in biz over 15 years and have an A + rating.

  11. Your info on Team National is about 60% accurate. First of all, they don’t go outside the USA. Secondly, they only have ONE product: SAVINGS. (Think of Costco or Sam’s Club on steriods) Being a member ONLY means that shopping at most stores (Target, WallMart, Toyota, expedia.com, Sears, Lowes, Home Depot, Office Deopt, Staples; and a ton of others) will cost you LESS (even less than the SALE price) than it will cost anybody else who shops there and buys the same produc–even if it’s on sale. You buy the same brands you buy now (from the same stores you shop at now) but it just costs you less. Thirdly, people who choose to sell memberships make NOTHING if a member buys PRODUCTS/SERVICES from those stores (they make still be making a huge income–just that the profits aren’t tied to selling tangible products, like they are with AVON or Pampered Chef). Compensation is clear & easy to find–just ask a member. They even have DVD’s that explain compensation in incredible detail. (or you can get it all in writing). I’ve been a member for a few years and am very very impressed with all that they do for their members. I’ve never owned, worked for, or competed against another company that’s done more to help it’s customers, members, or employees than Team National. They truely have set the bar to a new high as far has how businesses should conduct themselves!

    • Team National works, but be prepared to work hard and get rejected. Many more people know of it than they tell you and hope you get good team members because my experience it should be called Solo National. Have gotten the cold shoulder from a lot of the so called “big ones” of the group.

      • @ Rob – A person should prepare to work hard when starting any business! In terms of team support, just do what you say your going to do and you will get all the support you need :)

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