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Vemma Review: At A Glance

Vemma is a nutritional supplement company marketing fruit juice drinks that have been enhanced with a large amount of vitamins and anti-oxidants. They also offer an opportunity for people to become affiliates as brand partners to distribute the Vemma product line . Whereas many people enjoy drinking Vemma and referring others to the product, there are others who believe that Vemma is a scam.

Let‘s take a closer look.

Vemma on the Web

Vemma main website   http://www.vemma.com
Vemma on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/vemma
Vemma on Twitter:      http://twitter.com/#!/Vemma

Vemma Review: A Closer Look

Customers: Vemma sells four different vitamin and anti-oxidant-enriched fruit juice drinks. They have their main Vemma drink, an energy drink called Verve, a hydration drink for athletes called Thirst, a specially-formulated children’s drink called Next, and a soon-to-be-released night-time drink called PM. All of these drinks claim that they will make you healthier and taste great. They all come in single-serving bottles.

Affiliates: You can partner up with Vemma for free, however they recommend that if you see the dream that you buy a “Builder Pack” that starts at about $500.. VemmaYou will be given links to the company’s marketing videos and sales literature. Your job is to then post these links to your social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, and to create a general buzz for the product, encouraging others to try it. They call this social network marketing.  As with any network marketing business you make money only when the product is sold, and by helping other people sell the product.

Fees and Guarantees

Customers: Vemma costs anywhere from $53 for 64 ounces of the children’s Next formula to $73 for 64 ounces of the original Vemma drink. Vemma makes no guarantee as to what benefits you will experience, but they do allow you to return the remainder of your product or even your empty bottles to them for a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Affiliates: There is no cost to become an affiliate of Vemma.

However, if you want to buy the samples to hand out to customers, the cost for such packages runs between $300 and $1,000. Vemma makes no guarantees as to how much you will sell. They say that their goal is to help you make between $100 and $500 a month, but this depends on how hard you work and is not a promise of income.

Is Vemma a Scam?

Customers: Many people claim that they have experienced positive health benefits from drinking Vemma. Others have said that they experienced no noticeable benefits. Because Vemma does not guarantee any quantitative benefits, this cannot be considered a scam.

Affiliates: There seem to be few complaints against this network marketing program. Vemma has been around since 2004 and is in over 50 countries around the world. Many people have made a lot of money with this program.

So scam? …I don’t think so.

The REAL question is can YOU make money as a Vemma brand partner?

The answer to that really depends on you, your goals and your desire. The shocking reality is that 97% of all network marketers make virtually nothing.

Does that mean it doesn’t work? No…

…it simply means that it is not for everybody. Building a business takes work.

The truth is that making money in any network marketing business is entirely dependent on your ability to share the program with other people on a consistent basis. The key word there is… consistent.


Do you have any experience with Vemma? I welcome your comments and thoughts below.


Rich Riley
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  1. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who was doing a little
    research on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast simply
    because I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So let me reword this….

    Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to talk
    about this topic here on your web page.

  2. This information was really helpful to me because I’m getting into this vemma thing and I was really scared it might just be a scam. I barely make enough to pay for all the needs my fiancee and I have plus his wants. Fingers crossed for me for this too work I desperately need it to because theres a chance I might get laid off sometime soon :/

  3. I’m a tad skeptical reading all these comments. They all sound like they were written by the same person. We shall see if they post my comment.

    • It does. The contestants on the ABC Extreme Makeover: Weight-Loss Edition Show, use the Bod-e Product throughout their transformation.

  4. I have been using and promoting the products of another nutrition company (one of the top 3) for over 10 years and love the products, but recently have been looking at Vemma as a “cleaner” way to obtain vitamins etc. No soy, no dairy, no gluten are all HUGE marketing tools these days as so many people – including me, are (1) becoming sensitive or have allergic reactions to soy, dairy and gluten, (2) going vegan and making an effort to stay away from preservatives. So far, I have been impressed with what I have read about Vemma. I don’t know if I will become a brand partner, as I am more interested in good health for my family. I would love to talk to someone who IS a BRAND PARTNER with Vemma, but not if you are a salesman/woman who is just thinking about your own bottom line. I don’t mean to be rude, but network marketing can be cutthroat and I’m not interested in that. I want the value of the product for myself and my family – nothing more at this point.

    • Hi Nancy, I am a brand partner if Vemma, a volunteer fireman, and a District Manager of a large supply company. I am not pushy, as this opportunity must be right for the individual. If you are just looking to purchase some product as a customer and avoid the brand partner talk, that is fine by me. Please visit my website, MyNewHealth.vemma.com and purchase as little or as much as you want. If you set it up right, your product will be FREE. Hope you enjoy! You can contact me through my website as well if you have any questions.

    • Personally, I have been researching Vemma for quite some time. I have talked and questioned multiple ‘brand-partners’ one-on-one who have all started from their skeptical minds and stubborn families about this product and all of them have given me their personal stories of how the came from $-500 to $5,000+ monthly in just 6 months with their new BMWs out front. I have also researched the negative stories on various articles and websites like statepress.com and ripoffreport.com. Though neither side has any ‘concrete’ steps on how Vemma brand partners have made their bucks, this much is true…No matter what it is, whatever company, and whatever scheme it claims to be, true hard work and visionary motivation WILL lead to success in American culture.

    • Did you happen to tumble the can? I thought the same thing when I tried my first Bode. Later my brother who introduced me to the product explained to me that all of the Vemma canned products need to be gently tumbled. Made a huge difference. The flavor and supplements settle on the bottom. :) I love Bode and Verve, give it another try.

  5. I am curious. My prior comment was not intended as derogatory to Vemma, just to the conduct of certain reps (I wish I knew their names) in the hopes of an apology or acknowledgement that a general training would be made to teach professional behavior to all…however, for some reason, it seems to have disappeared from the comment section. I am curious as to why. Truly, I have nothing against Vemma. I hope that we all can network with each other successfully.

  6. I have heard awesome things about Vemma and had seriously considered becoming a customer. I don’t think I would be interested in becoming a brand partner, especially now. Recently, a new associate for my company was approached by two Vemma reps who not only tried to ram the product down his throat, but went so far as to tell him our company “AIN’T WORTH ****”. If we are to really and truly work network marketing effectively, such conduct should not be tolerated. If you want legal services, possibly you’d go to one of our associates, and if I want health drinks, I’d possibly go to you. We should all be helping and building each other u[, not tearing each other down to build up business.

    • Jade, I have been with Vemma for a little over 4 weeks and so far I am very impressed with the company. Unfortunatley with this type of bussiness your going to get all walks of life joining looking to make it. Some people are salesmen and some are not. I am sorry you and your associate were approached the way you were, there is no excuse for this and nothing I or anyone else can say to change your minds about Vemma now. But as a human I must appologize for this acts, even though I have no idea who did this, it makes the whole company look bad. Stay healthy and God bless.

  7. Ingredients…

    Water, fructose, artificial colors and vitamins.

    Pour yourself some filtered water and take a multi-vitamin, and save thousands a year.

    • After you take the vitamin with the filtered water look at your urine flow. It will be bright, almost fluorescent. After you drink the Vemma Ultra Premium Anti-oxidant supplement drink. No bright colors due to about a 99% absorbation rate. I’m a six year user and don’t sell it. In two weeks you will see the difference in your hair and nails. Just thought I’d throw in my two cents.

  8. great product LOUSY CUSTOMERSERVICE I’ve been holding on phone for over an hour to speak to someone. I always have a long wait to speak to a person at Vemma

  9. I dont understand how revenue is generated if there is no actual sales of the product????? You just get people interested, have them by a case, and spread the word? So, essentially, the only money generated from the company is the money investors, who only receive money if they get investors. Right? So then, this long line of students willing to put forward their cash to receive a case too sread the word will end somewhere, as no one is buying the drink; they are simply marketing the drink with no actual desire to make sales. So why is vemma paying for cars? Because there is nothing cooler than seeing a kid your age in a bmw, and that alone will get ibly skepticalou to buy their package and market their product, which, once again, is not for sale. Is there a turning point in the company where they want to sell, or do they just want investor after investor to give them money, and this is what they consider revenue. These are the questions which this article, and seemingly, no other article has yet to answer. Short run = yes, Long = ????. Thats basically the business model im seeing here. Until someone can explain to me how revenue is generated besides your “right” and “left” teams expanding and getting more kids to invest, once again with out the actual sale of the product, I will take no part. Ive been approached several times about this comapny. Ive asked where the money comes from, how the revenue is generated, and how this will continue to thrive in the long run? Ive yet to hear an answer besides you build your team, well look at the cars and the paychecks!, or complete silence. Someone approach me with a legitimate business model and plan, with everything drawn out from initial investments, to longterm revenue generating actions, which would have to include the sale oof the product, which is the number one thing the company says they don’t do. Until then, the whole picture remains rather comical to me as more and more simple minded college students, who believe they are “different”, are giving their money away to a company and product which has no explanation of general revenue except for kids like themselves investing. Theres always an end to the line, whether is in the near future, or a hundred years away. I need an explanation.

    • “I dont understand how revenue is generated if there is no actual sales of the product????? You just get people interested, have them by a case, and spread the word?”

      Your statement there tells where the product sales come from. When the distributors buy the cases that IS product sales. The product sales generated by the team is then translated into QV points (pretty much reward points) that when a certain ratio is established calculates into one of the bonuses in the compensation plan. If you take the time to actually go to the Vemma website, they have the compensation plan spelled out for you in great detail. Perhaps you just didn’t do enough research?

    • A or whatever you name may be,

      I understand and hear this question alot from skeptic people and friends who do indeed believe that this is some phony fake think that is somehow in its 8 year of business with a A+ rating. Vemma is on the sides of nascars(mike wallace #01), on the pheonix cyotes stadium, with the charlotte bobcats (MJ’s team), and on and on. Also endorsed on the “O” network by dr. oz and Oprah. So now your probably thinking I am talking around the point. The way the company pays out is according to the amount of product sold out each month. For example, if I have 3 personally enrolled customers who are monthly ordering my product, I get my product free. your question seems to be, where where the hell does the money come to pay for my free product!?!?!? well with all retail things, products are marked up huge amounts and often times costs multiple times more then what they make. This is how alot of people make money off of ebay, they mark up the price. Similarly, vemma sells their product at a higher price than which it cost to produce. In turn this left them with revenue where they could pay their advertisers or brand partners, ie me, for promoting their product. This is like asking how red bull could afford the flutag or the man out or space or the red bull fighters. Simply because their product generates more money for them then what it cost to produce the product originally. Red bull in turn spends the money on advertising in the ways mentioned above. In contrast, Vemma pays its people who are drinking the product instead. I hope this made it more clear to you. I am by no means a elite in the company but the business model is simple. Feel free to contact me with any questions, call me at 443-632-7610, or email me at motorcycle8m@aol.com because once you see the potential in this and have the motivation, your possibilities are endless.

      • You know what I do, if a person is negitive about the opportuinity you don’t need to keep explaining to them. I stop talking a walk away. If you have to push people to believe in a product or opportuinity. You don’t want them on your team. you will have to drag them and be behind them like a bunch of kids. It just not worth the time they hold you down, when you can be spending your time with people who really desire to do what it takes and never give up.
        Its something! you know why other people come to this country and make money and become successful. because they have, desire, and burning vision. they see the opportuinity to come to America.
        We in the USA have lost that, we have become spoiled, and want everything handed to them in a silver Plater. We want to be rich overnight! Dream on! it happens to a small few. The rest work to acheive an income of wealth.
        If we don’t change are poor mentality of thinking. we will always be in the same place year after year.

    • To answer your question , the money that people get from Investing In others is not revenue but what ‘s call commission, cause you’re introducing people or your friends In to this product and persuading them to either join the company and be a brand partner or buy the product itself. The revenue that’s you’re asking comes from the company itself, but as you see you’re not really making the money for you, your making the money for the company. However the revenue they’re making is getting 500 dollars from every member that signs up. And apparently there’s a rank when you’re a member trying to get Ching. The ranks are bronze, sliver, gold, diamond and platuim. For at least every 3 member you bring that will sign up will bring you up to the next rank. Then it just keeps going on and on. As you reach diamond you’ll get to have a brand new car and the company pays for all the payment. This is one of the nine ways to make the profit you want for yourself. But there’s is a catch, you have to pay 500 for a certain package. There’s two package silver and gold, silver is just a quick easy step to just get into the company and still get the car, while gold is paying 1000 to get into the company but having nine ways to sell or make profit. But as I say agai. You’re not really making a great profit. For every three people that’s willing to join each puts in 500, that’s 1500 for the company, but you’re only making at most half of that. Which is around 70o or maybe little bit more depending on how hard you’re progress or work is. The investing is another way to get money but it takes a while because you can only sign two under you and you can helps other and put people under them so really it’s helping other but you’re mainly not getting your money worths. Hope this helps

  10. I can see how this is not a scam now. But, the only problem that have is the idea that you can win a car based on selling drinks. This reminds me of a middle school fundraiser, sell enough and win a car. Looking on the website and reading into this, it seems to me that in order to get paid you have to sell the company to people who can’t do math.
    Kids at my college are taking this too far because they were suckered into being recruited by this company and now need to get their money back, and the way to do this is by reselling and recruiting. You have to work more business hours plus overtime just to refund the money that you lost.
    I don’t hate this business or see it as a scam, but it feels like you are better off getting a job and investing in stock and or eating real food.

    • You dont “win” a car. Once you have reached a certain rank in the business (which is dependent upon success of the team, product sales, and amount of cycles — one of the bonuses in the compensation plan), then you become eligible to have your lease on a new BMW to be paid for by the company. But this is only achieved when you have built your business to a point of success based on you and your teams EFFORTS. It’s not a “do this and you ‘win’ a car” type of thing for anyone who joins. It’s just a part of one of the many incentive programs that are given to those who put in the effort and reap success.

      • I sell cars at BMW and have been getting a few kids in from them lately. They don’t win a car. Vemma will pay the payment but the person still has to be able to get approved and afford it like it was on their own.

  11. Did you know that the founder of Fed Ex wrote his college thesis on the very concept/ business model that generates billions of dollars for the shipping company today? Did you also know that his college professor gave him an “F” on the thesis, replied with words “When you get serious about becoming a businessman, come talk to me.”

    Did you know that when Amazon, Facebook and Twitter rolled onto the scene, people’s skepticism was mounted higher than when we were told that “someday every household will have a computer in it.”? So what’s your point, Ryan?

    My point is that wr are all entitled to our opinions on whether or not something will take off and succeed or not. However, our mere opinion does not dictate nor does it validate the legitamacy of something. The capital market driven by the consumer’s will to buy goods and services is what produces overall results. Bottom line…goods and services are only as valuable as what consumers are willing to pay for them.

    My wife and I did the most extensive research on the Vemma products and company humanly possible. What we found was a CEO/President who believes in helping people lead healthier lives, a mission driven by his personal testimony (which is pretty powerful). We then moved to the product side and had our family doctor check out the Vemma juice. Thinking he would say “absolutely not”, to our surprise he fully endorsed it! We have been using Vemma for about 2 months and have experienced incredible results! We both have increased energy throughout the day that is sustained. We have collectively lost over 40 pounds and feel better than we ever have.

    My strong words of advice would be to simply try the product before casting your opinion. See how the overall market is responding to Vemma and consult with your physician before you put anything into your body. One thing YOUR opinion or MY opinion cannot take away is someone’s PERSONAL testimony! Don’t judge that book by its cover and if you don’t agree, I’m sure the founder of FedEx would love to shed a little light on this topic of “judgement”!

    Have a very blessed day and thanks for your time today!!

  12. I have been using the Veema product known as “bode” which is part of their healthy weight solution package since the end of December 2012. Within the first two weeks I lost four pounds. I know this in itself is not astounding, but I am 49 years old and take a lot of anxiety and depression medication and weight management has been a real struggle until now. By the end of January I realized I was not only losing weight, I was feeling more energetic and and feeling less irritable. I have stopped taking my daily tablet vitamin because I do not want to overload my body with supplements. I am choosing Veema as my dietary supplement and weight management product because it is the first product to provide so many benefits. When I consider the weight loss, increase in energy, elevation of mood and tolerance to irritants, its priceless to me. I am a brand member but am not aggressively signing anyone up to sell the product unless they express interest upon hearing my personal experience. In time I may make money, for now, I am thrilled with the results I see.

  13. What ever happened to eating real food!? Not processed food, but real actual food. There are far more real and natural nutrients if food. I’m not talking about processed food of any sort. Where do you think these drinks get their so called nutrients anyway? Saying that, anything that is man made into a “special” drink or a bar etc… is processed! That’s not what our bodies need. Boost your immune system, gain health benefits by eating dark, leafy green vegetables, organic products, fish…I see people drink and eat these so called supplements, but then they still eat processed crap as well. How hypocritical is this?! This is just another con job of selling people the idea that all you need to do to fix your ailments and be healthy is drink an overpriced, processed, whatever is in it, drink. Why are we so ingnorant and can’t get beyond the “quick fix” attitude. Your making millions for the people who have designed this scam. Don’t be so lazy. Get real people.

    • Comment on Vemma

      Jeanie, you are in no way wrong about how people are so ignorant to their health. I am only 18 and a freshman in college. I have been offered to represent a few companies that use this sales technique, mostly because I am very sociable and because they target college students (I have many theories on why they target us so much but that’s another target, still anyone could ask if they’re interested).

      I have concerns about processed foods, and personally will not willingly eat most of anything that isn’t raw or natural including most meat. Although I would never be a consumer of this product, I hope it’s mission is a success. This may sound hypocritical of me but I have a good reason. 

      People these days are trying more and more to eat healthy but a lot of them don’t understand that we are only made to eat raw foods. I believe that we are more likely to sell a supplement than to sell the truth about proper diet because companies tell us what we want to hear. We must find the ugly truth on our own terms and most people want to believe what’s on the surface than dig for the truth, it’s an “ignorance is bliss” thing. However, it is more beneficial to the people to do something about their poor health than nothing.

      Maybe I’ll help Vemma sell some drinks, hypocritically speaking once again, for the good of our backwards society. I would rather people have healthy processed junk than processed shit-in-a-can although I will not personally consume any such thing. And also it could do me some good as a Communications major, which is one of the reasons why I wrote this reply (for a little experience). I hope I have shed a little light on your possibly critical minds.

      Thank You

  14. people in the fitness community that shop at supplement stores and know about supplements wouldn’t buy this overpriced product, the ingredients in it are similar to antioxidant formulas in your GNC stores, Vitamin World etc…. for half the price.

    • Vemma is excellent. I was able to stop taking all of the vitamins my Dr told me to take within 3 months. My blood pressure is better, my cholesterol is down and my creaky joints feel better. I’m not saying Vemma is a cureall but it has helped me with several of my ailments..

    • If I asked you what a pyramid scheme was, chances are you wouldn’t be able to describe one. Before calling something illegal, I encourage you to do research. Verve is the official drink of 3 Phoenix professional sports teams, and the Charlotte Bobcats, which Michael Jordan owns.

      I think if this was a pyramid scheme it wouldn’t be promoted on the Dr. Oz show either. Quit being ignorant, do your research on a Binary Compensation Plans. I’m assuming the only reason you’re calling it a pyramid scheme is because the structure of your team is shaped like a pyramid, just like ANY chain of command in ANY business.

      • I agree with the comment of not calling something illegal or a “Pyramid” Scheme… But, it does “sound” like you are endorsing these types of business plans and even though Jordan’s team uses the product doesn’t mean it is good…

        Personally, I don’t think stating just like ANY chain of command in ANY business is an appropriate statement as MOST chains of command have a return on effort (No matter the level) (Go to your local fast food establishment and you will see two different kids getting paid the same for different levels of effort)… But I know that is just your opinion as well, Right?

        My son has expressed interest in this company and I am now helping him understand the importance of research, and NOT to believe everything you hear from someone or read on a flier… Good Luck People

    • What exactly is a pyramid scheme. I hear people throw that term around a lot. Corporate america is a pyramid – usually one is at the top and we all fall somewhere in line underneath it, work our butts off, get a paycheck and give a huge chunk of it away to the government. So when it comes to network marketing, how is it any different, except with a lot of them, you don’t have to wait for a position higher up to become vacant to occupy it. You can climb the ladder through hard work and belief in your product. Not trying to be a smart aleck – just trying to understand reference point when that term is used. Thanks.

      • Well, a multi-level marketing business and a “pyramid scheme” are two totally different things. First of all, most pyramid schemes are not legal. You earn money by bringing lower tiered associates, who bring in more lower tiered associates, who… Well you get the idea. The money is made by the initiation fee, starter pack, or what ever has the big ticket price. Not the widgets inside the starter pack. A multi-level marketing business, actually tries very hard to sell the product, the more product that flows through you and your lower tiered associates, the more money you can earn. A friend of mine stated that in multi-level businesses selling is easy, making a profit is hard.

  15. We’ve been on Vemma for almost 4 years… and we love it. The boys are completely off all their Allergy meds. We were ALL going to the DR every 4 to 6 weeks with something from fall to spring – like a rotation spreading it around. We’ve not been to the dr for any of those things since. We start to get sick we double our dose for a ady or two and we’re over it.. or maybe prevented it from getting worse. I feel my complexion is better, my periods are much more pleasant. Not saying it will do this for everyone but our family is very pleased with the product. I do not sell Vemma or make any money off it. Not having to take time off work to go to the dr. or stay home sick or with sick kids.. Not buying over the counter allergy meds.. payment enough!

  16. I’m a 23 year old athlete. Was disappointed with the product because it didn’t seem to provide for any benefits in my training. I would assume that other products like tablet vitamins provide for similar if not better sources of nutrition.

  17. I became a brand partner in Vemma almost 2 months ago and this opportunity is absolutely taking off!..before I started this I was a college kid looking for multiple jobs to try to make some extra cash and then one of my good friends told me about this so I joined with him. We both started out extremely skeptical but as we saw our money coming we just get more and more excited everyday to try to grow our business! This opportunity is not a scam! It’s a crazy new way of life that is completely different then what us young people are used to, we have been told by teachers, relatives, bosses, etc. to go to school, get good grades, go to a good college, get good grades, get a good job and stick with it for the rest of our lives. Who really wants to do that!? With this opportunity you create your own future and everyone in this business that I’ve talked to want to work as hard as they can while they are still young and build their success so they can live the rest of their lives worry free still with a GREAT and STEADY income. I’m 19 years old and I never would’ve thought this would really work but it does..this is an opportunity that everyone should hop on board with as soon as possible and spread the word because it is blowing up and it is blowing up fast. If anyone is interested go to hunt17.vemma.com and click “start your business!”

    • I would highly suggest not quitting college for this. Yes, it does work, and yes you can make a lot of money with it, but it is only temporary. Programs like this have a limit, and once that limit is reached, the cash stops flowing. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

      • The limit you’re referring to is people, of which there is no current limit. 15,000+ babies are born in America per day so if you do the math, by the time we ‘reach our limit’ of peopleo, there will be a another whole generation that hasn’t even been tapped into yet. I agree, stay in college. I just feel as though you could find better logic to support your advice such as, ‘What would you do with the rest of your time?’

        • If this is as good as you say it is, people will become addicted like they are to redbull monster etc. then what? They don’t need you anymore, the checks stop coming in, the leases stop getting paid, you are now a kid who is just like the rest of us. But you had a decent part time job.

  18. I’m seventeen years old, I was introduced to Vemma a month and a week ago, I’ve met over a handful of people now that have testimonies of the wonders than Vemma has done for them. I SWEAR BY IT! I am a brand partner and in my first month I’ve made over a grand. Im seventeen years old!!! This is INSANE!! The support you get when you jump on board is unbelievable. We are dreamers. Vemma is our vehicle to get to where we dream about. If you are looking into joining Vemma on a customer basis WELCOME! You won’t be dissapointed. And if you see the bigger picture and realize the ture potential of this, and are becoming a brand partner. CONGRATULATIONS! Keep in mind results are based on your own efforts. You can either make a little money, or ALOT. The thing is.. This doesnt hit a salary cap. You can make a thousand a month to a hundred thousand a month. We have younger and older people that are doing it! GO YPR (youngpeoplesrevolution) Robin Ricketts, Canada BC

    • I just got my starter kit from the mail. And I must admit….I am VERRRRRRRRRY SKEPTICAL. So I’m doing research as we speak. So far Im reading and hearing more Great News than awful. Thanks Rich for,the info and thanks to Robin and Matt for the success stories. I’m only 23, young like you all. And it hard 2just go against what we’ve been training 4our entire lives. I will not quit college like Byron mention but I am going take a chance with Vemma. After all life is about the changes and chances we make!!! Wish me luck ;-)

  19. I have been networking the product on my college campus for a few months. It has taken off more quickly than expected. It is newWORK marketing…you have to put in a little work. It comes down to the people you know. It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, as I am constantly on skype and other social networks talking about the product.

  20. I would be careful about telling how much $ you make in an MLM. It is illegal. Anyone looking for pharmaceutical grade nutrition – check out USANA. 20 years of manufacturing the best affordable supplements available. Top products are listed in the Physicians Desk Reference so your Dr could write a Prescription for them! VEMMA does also look like a good company though.

    • It is not illegal to tell how much you make, it is illegal to claim that everyone will get rich with this. Everyone will have different results based og=ff of how hard you work and how much effort you put inti it.

  21. Gone are the days when I felt tired and upset, not having any energy for my family. I have heard of online supplement stores, but finding Vemma was a lucky coincidence. My best friend is part of Vemma network, and I love the product. Now I stay naturally healthy.

  22. My hubby and son loves waking up to a Vemma shot. A super product for a healthy family. And that’s not all, we have found the best online business opportunity through Vemma, make some dollars by doing half the work you do at a regular job!

  23. Prior to trying Vemma I was taking many supplements and post workouts to help my muscle recovery. All good products but was always concerned with the affects that it would have on my body in the future. Since I started using Vemma products I have noticed a spike in energy and also in my muscle recovery. From someone who frequently works out it is nice to wake up in the morning not feeling soar and full of energy. As a bonus there is the additional income that you can gain from this product the people that have not is because they have not taken advantage of it there is a 3o day money back you know…. you can send back empty bottles as stated above and get a full refund. I strongly recommend Vemma.

  24. I think, Vemma was the best to happen to me. I do Yoga since Years, worked 30 years in hospitals as a registered nurse, shifts and hard work. since 8 month I am drinking vemma and i changed to younger, happier and my horrible keeproblem disapeared after 5 weeks of Vemma. And i become better every day. And so i believe in Vemma, its so simple, delious and complete.
    Cecilia Tatscher, Austria

  25. I have been selling vitamins for Vemma now for a couples months making little to no money. You do not make money unless the person buying vitamins from you clicks on auto delivery and you yourself have to have auto delivery. I myself think this part of it is crazy. Also with shipping you are spending 200 dollars a month on bode for 2 packs which is a lot money. Definitely vitamins for the wealthy

    • I don’t think you understand what Vemma does. It compensates you for consuming and promoting their products.You build a team of people to consume it. You don’t go out and sell the drinks. This is my third week of being a brand partner. Im 17 years old and believe becoming a brand partner was the best decision i’ve made in a while. If you feel like they are just taking your money by making you put the product on auto-delivery then you have been very misinformed by someone. If you find three customers with enough qv then your product is free for the month. They offer that so the people that aren’t capable of paying $160/month are able to be a successful business owner too. I was able to get free product within my first week of becoming a brand partner. At this point I think your bigger problem is either that you are misinformed about a lot of information, of its a lack of effort issue you are dealing with. No offense by all means. That is just what it seems like to me.

  26. In 60 days my husband lost 88lbs, reversed his type 2 diabetes and has gone off of CPAP (he also had sleep apnea) all by buying a juicer and juicing our own fruits and vegetables and drinking our vitamins and minerals straight from the juicer. I lost 50 lbs and went off acid reflux meds. We have not been sick, had the flu or any other illnesses and we have tons more energy. We are long haul truckers and feel Fabulous!

  27. I use Vemma. I am not actively selling it. I am using the product because it works for me and my family. I am not profitting from it. I can say that my family has not been sick with cold, flu, or anything since using it even when many people around us have had several of episodes of illness in their homes over the past year. We just have more energy, and less illness. My husband’s knees have been bothering him for years with arthritis.. He has not complained of knee pain since being on Vemma after about a month. I can get up and out of bed in the morning with energy since about a month after starting Vemma where I used to drag myself out of bed in the mornings. I have tried other products over the years and this one is easy, tasty, and works for us.

  28. Vemma may be a legit company, but it is definitely shady in the same way that Vector is with selling their Cut-Co Knives.. How? Look at every single review above me. All of these people are claiming the health benefites of vemma. The catch? They are all affiliates for Vemma who put up the link to their page. They are all hoping that ppl will read their bogus reviews and then click on their link and they will make a ton of money. I’m assuming everyone on here is probably expecting to be making over $1,000 a month doing that. I would bet the money I’ve made this summer in short term investing of stocks(~$2700) that none of the people end up making that much money in a year selling Vemma.

    • Hi Dave,
      Rich is trying to share his experience with people around the world. There’s plenty of investment in the market. I believe in there’re many investor around like yourself, you probably make (~$2700) this summer but why didn’t you mention about last summer or even coming winter?
      A real investor are people who make money from their own Business and irregardless of whether the investment earn or lost it doesn’t matter cause it’s being invested from their asset.
      For example, a person who never smoke before is asking a man who smoke for his last 10 years to quit. Do you think this person is in the right position to do so?
      Well… There’s no need for you to be Rich to get Rich. If someone approach you and gives you an opportunity to invest in but not able to explain within 2 minutes. I guess there’s no need for you to even consider it.

      • To Charmaine,

        As the president and CEO of my own multi-million dollar company, may I suggest spell/grammar check? “Irregardless” is not a word; as long as you use it, you certainly will not be hired in reputable companies where well bred people are doing the interviewing.
        “A real investor are people”…REALLY??? Come on people and wake up! Proper English is not a thing of the past.

        • Luckily for her, she is probably brand partner of this company and doesn’t have to listen to a CEO. She makes her own hours and she can use as poor or as proper grammar as she wants and can potentially make money doing it. It’s not a scam and it is also no one’s fault except their own for thinking that way because they haven’t taken the time to look at the cold hard facts of how the company is run. Numbers don’t lie and if you don’t want a part of the company then that is your prerogative. But I would hope you would consider this quote by F Scott Fitzgerald, “Whenever you feel like criticizing any one… just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” If you don’t want to think that way then that too is your prerogative and no one should harp on you for standing true to your beliefs; you just might find yourself with few true friends… but there is the possibility that you may have plenty true friends because I have no idea who you are. Then again, you have no idea who she is either yet that is how you treated her and I believe a tree is identified by the fruit it bears and I guess I have to reiterate it once more to make sure everyone gets it… that’s my prerogative and you don’t have to agree with me either.

        • Compasssion, tolerance, and manners are also not a thing of the past.
          This is someone communicating in English which is not their first language. Is your grammar in a second language as good?
          How does one get to be a CEO of their own multi-million dollar company with low social intelligence…? Must be breeding.

          • I was pondering the same points made regarding Petitejan’s post – and couldn’t have stated it ANY better! Kudos to both Dawn and TMac!
            Credits and Disclaimers for anyone that feels the need to poke and prod into my standings with Vemma or my ability to write or lack thereof…….. (AKA Naysayers that have nothing better to do but create havoc……) This is a post made by me, a mother of three, wife to one, and more to the point…… Yes, proudly also a Vemma Brand Partner and MASS Consumer of their products. I joined as a Brand Partner verses just being a member (nonactive affiliate, aka customer, if you will….) with this company because of the amazing differences their products have made with my family (weigh-loss hubby and myself, improved ADHD symptoms in my middle child, all great and wonderful BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY and here is were the blood work results come in…. My, YES ME, the Mom…….. had elevated CPT levels of 24.3 (norm being 1.10-1.30.) Important to note here is that an 24.3 is moderate but high… a level that can indicate serious underlying issues happening in my body…. like Cancer, Heart Disease, Lupus, ect..) WELL…… happy to report after taking Vemma products (downing over 6 ounces a day of the Vemma Formula in various forms…. Bode (weight loss and Verve (energy drink) mainly…..) for just 8 short weeks, my follow up blood work test results reported a C-reactive protein (CRP) level of only 1.5 AND my disbelieving doctor had it re-ran twice – thinking the results were lab errors! Also, on a side note – I have lost 12 pounds, my cholesterol has dropped and my energy levels and attention span has soared!

            So THIS is why I LOVE this company and their product line!!!!

            Not because I have aspirations of getting rich! Instead, I am grateful to be able to offer this wonderful lifesaver if you will to everyone I come in contact with, but more importantly my family and friends …. the ones I LOVE!

            As the daughter to two parents that both died of Cancer in their early 40’s – I AM ALWAYS OPEN MINDED TO natural ways to increase my health and wellness and this product has seriously done JUST THAT….. and I don’t state that based on how I “feel” – I state this based on “blood work results I have had……..”

            SO CHALLENGE THAT all you Naysayers……

            Please, until you try it, don’t knock it…. you may have been blessed with perfect health and don’t suffer or have loved ones suffering……….. but understand…….. you just may be dissuading someone that does have a serious health crisis or loved ones suffering and this could be just the catalyst they needed to improve!

            Which according to the cute little guy on the Madagascar Movie…. that could mean ……. BAD JU JU FOR YOU!!! LOL! Just kidding with the bad Ju Ju part of course… just wanted to ease up on the serious tone a bit! Have a Blessed Day!

        • Petitejan-

          You seem to know what your talking about. I would like to talk to you personally via email if possible…?

        • Really? You are going to down her on grammar because she is trying to make a point? Oh that’s right you are the president and CEO of your own multi-million dollar company so you have the right to step on the little guy and tell her she would never get hired anywhere. Get over yourself! I am a police officer and have been for nearly 20 years and I have worked my butt off for those 20 years and barely can pay the bills for my family while people like you who have everything sit in your “Ivory Tower” and look down on the rest of us and have nothing better to do than put someone down for their grammar mistakes. You may have worked for what you have but it sure doesn’t change the fact that you are arrogant. Have a wonderful day in your business.

    • Im sorry but you are wrong. Vemma is an excellent chance to make some good money. if your hooked up with the right team you will go far. i am a member of the fastest growing team in the company i’ve made 1200$ my first week and am currently setting up and out of state team which will bring in about another grand. its not a scam you are paying for a tangible product they just give you the oppourtunity to advertise it through word of mouth to make some serious money. we have a a+ rating with the bbb and lots and lots of young people are doing extremely well!

    • I personally know people making $19,000 a week with this company. His name is Brad Alkazin. look him up. my friend Josh Noble, $9,000 a month. My friend Alex morton, $12,000 a month. My friend Kanoa Nartatez $4000 a month. Myself, $800 a month. I just started about 2 months ago. I encourage you or anyone else who has doubts about this company to get in contact with any of these people above. google their name, youll find ways to contact them. So, I’d kindly like to take up that bet. I can send you my address if you like.

    • My friend is on his way to getting his BMW paid for from the company and is getting a 1000 dollar check next week you got to look at making your money long term the more time you put into promoting this product the more money you get out of it

    • Im sorry to rain on your parade but again… this is my third WEEK in Vemma and ive made $960. Subtract the builder pack I decided to start on and ive still earned $460. My upline who has been doing this for 3 months has made $5000… another guy on my team has been doing this for 72 days and made $2400 which is only the beginning… I know your reply is going to be “well you cant prove it” and you’re right… Im not going to show you a picture of my bank account or my Vemma back office which shows my earnings because I have no idea who you are. But, Im sure as more brand partners see this comment they will be able to give you examples of many, many guys that have made more then your $27oo.

  29. I want to know why every other site has criticisms regarding the structure and business plan of this company and this one has none. Sounds extremely shady.

    • Dear Bobby Smith,
      Vemma, works off of a business plan more commonly known as multilevel marketing (MLM). Simply put while providing information to potential brand partners or consumers via word of mouth, Vemma allows a unique experience to help people set up their own business and to promote the awesome product you sell. As you help establish these peoples business you develop a network of people beneath you that order these products (whether they may be for professional or personal use) which in turn increases the amount of volume you help sell for the company. The volume that, you and your team of people associated with you helps to sell or consume, that volume pays you and the whole up-line of people in your network. This can have great success or failure depending on your motivation, basically it is like a sales job and volume is your commission. The great thing is money for someone beneath you is money for you, which can make for astounding encouragement as well as group success. This may not be for everyone but Vemma makes a great product which should demonstrate this is not a scam. I do hope that this helps…let me know if I can help clear up anything else for you.

      – Justin

  30. A few years ago I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and was put on Prednisone for the rest of my life. The thing is, they kept upping my dose and I didn’t feel any better. I then found Vemma, tried it, and loved it!! Within a week I was up off the couch and back to the gym. I lost several pounds, I had energy, and best of all I was able to get off of the prednisone! My endocrinologist could not believe it! The downfall is the cost. My symptoms of my disease were bad enough that I had to take double doses for several months which at that time was about $150 for a month total. I agree if it helps then it is worth it but if you just don’t have the money then you don’t have much of a choice. I would love to start it again someday because I felt so much better!!!

    • Lorie, Vemma has a Loyalty Bonus now and you don’t have to be a Brand Partner to participate. If you refer a minimum of 3 customers and you triple your monthly autoship then the next month all you pay is shipping and tax. As long as the customers you refer are active then your order is free. Hope this helps!

  31. Well written and documented. Vemma does not promise miracles, nor from a health perspective or from the gains, simply invites you to try, with no obligation to continue to purchase products or advertising them. So I think that, in case of doubt, the best thing to do is to try: the worst thing that can happen is not to obtain benefits for our health and to be repaid, the best thing is to have physical benefits and also find a method for a serious extra income!

  32. I was suffering from lower back pain for the past five years or more.I got treatment from a specialist and was on medication for almost five years but no significant improvement occurred. But with some research through the internet I tried vemma which had claimed to be the most powerful antioxidant in the world containing full spectrum of vitamins and more than 65 trace and ultra trace minerals.Alhmdulillah, it worked very well on me. My back pain had almost gone and I felt much healthier.So I do believe that vemma is not a scam product. It is a real product that nourishes you with all the necessary nutrients needed by your body in order to remain healthy.

  33. This was a fair assessment of Vemma. I am personally a brand partner of the company, and have been for about a year. My story is a very realistic one – I have been promoting the business fairly aggressively for about a year and make about $1,000 per month. I haven’t been able to capture massive income success like some of my friends, BUT there are those people in the company who make significant incomes. Vemma is absolutely NOT a scam, it is a very credible company, and it is going big places. I encourage anyone with about $150 of extra disposable income per month to give it a go. I’d love to add you to my team ;)

  34. Great write-up! It’s refreshing to see someone who is honest but fair when it comes to reviewing the business side of Vemma juice. The juice itself is a great product and something everyone should consider if they’re thinking about supplementation. It’s all-natural, full of nutrients, great tasting and convenient to use. You can find out more about Vemma juice (including how to get your hands on some!) right here: http://su.pr/7A5a8s

  35. Before trying Vemme, I was extremely tired, no energy, and suffer from fibromyalsia. I have now been on the vemme 2 oz shots for 3 weeks, and let me tell you, 2 small oz gives you all that your body needs for one day! My fibromyalsia, is at this point 80% better, my mood has been upbeat, and I feel so much healthier! I also drink the Bode from them. Filled with vitamins and plant based products (which so many people don’t even know your body needs) it has helped me go for walks now without hurting! I do not sell the product, I wasn’t trying to make money, I saw first hand someone who had tried it, and saw how it helped them. The mangostein fruit that is in it has been a healer in China and Asia for years! I have tried many other products, this IS the real deal!

  36. Last, here is something to think about. Network Marketing is a real-world business school for people who want to learn real-world skills of an entrepreneur, rather than the skills of an employee and so for your last comment you made about jobs and stocks that’s where you differ from me your skills are as an employee and mine are from the side of an entrepreneur.

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