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Website.ws at a Glance

Website.ws suggests separating yourself from the .com crowd by creating “your internet address for life” using the .ws extension. The .ws extension, said to stand for WebSite, is an alternative web address extension and is globally managed by GDI or Global Domains International.  GDI is the official worldwide registry for all ws website domain names. GDI also seems to be synonymous with Website.ws and actually appears to be the focus of this site.

Website.ws: What it Offers

GDI offers a domain name purchasing and hosting platform that has an affiliate MLM program component. Websit.ws presents this affiliate program using an animated video. The video explains that the program includes a .ws domain with 10 custom email accounts. The video further explains that the program requires no personal selling, no required investment and can create long term ongoing income.

The selling is apparently done by the same video. Affiliates simply supply names and email addresses to an automated email system and the system itself sends out invites to watch this same video. GDI also claims that it can supply qualified leads to affiliates that are only able to supply a small list to the system.                                                        website.ws

The Website.ws / GDI affiliate compensation plan seems to be very straight forward. Affiliates receive 10% commissions on all sales made by every one they personally refer to the program, and the same 10% for all sales generated by anyone in their downline, through 5 levels. There also may be bonuses available for volume sales periodically.

Website.ws: About GDI

Global Domains International, featured in a 2002 issue of Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S, was founded by Michael Starr and Alal Ezeir, the CEO and President respectively.  Website.ws states that they partnered with the country of Samoa to market the WS extension worldwide, with Samoa receiving a percentage of all ws sales.

Websit.ws: Program Costs

The cost of being an affiliate is a recurring $10 per month fee. This fee covers a domain name, an editable website and an email package. However if you choose to have purchase any of the premium domains (domains that have fewer than 4 characters before the “dot”) the costs would certainly be higher. There are also costs associated with the site builder and any hosting options other than the standard hosting option.

Is Website.ws a Scam?

GDI has been doing business since 2000, and offers a viable alternative to a .com or .net web address. The .ws extension has not been utilized to the extent that the others have and thus it may be more attractive to some to have a web address such as “www.yourname.ws” as opposed to “www.yourname675.com”.  Joining an affiliate program can indeed be a lucrative proposition; however one must always weigh the amount of work necessary to generate commissions with the amount of the pay-out.

Do you have any experience with Website.ws?  I welcome your comments and thoughts below.



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Website.ws Review | Website.ws Scam! Is it True? — 15 Comments

  1. Most programs will work if you learn to get enough targeted traffic to the sites capture page. I have been in GDI for 3 years and it has been the most solid income performer in all the “programs” I have tested. I am actually building a downline, and a residual income. I have shown new members how to get to the GDI leaderboards, BUT they needed to put forth some efforts to get initial free traffic. You do need to use the right system usually to make GDI sales, and you should get a sponsor that will teach you how to get traffic to your system. Sadly most sponsors don’t support well, probably due to they really don’t have an income that they feel is truly a business. Don’t underestimate the $1 ($14 if premium) commissions. They can build over time to a nice income. Thanks for the opportunity to post this and hopefully help someone change their families financial status.

  2. Just joined for trial period, yesterday. They tell you that it is easy to set up but it is not. They tell you that anyone can do it, not true. There is no technical support and your sponsor is of no help at all. He’s too busy trying to sell you something else him or herself. There is not enough support, technical or otherwise.

    • My husband’s friend started doing it a while ago when his wife lost her job. It was actually the wife the started it to compensate for the lost income. For a while my husband kept on telling me about their progress, but we had tried to do similar stuff so many times that I was not interested. It so happens that every day he would come home telling me about a new $ amount and how his friend is so excited he started doing it himself. I checked it out and liked it. I do have to admit that you are required to do more than expected, but honestly, when have you seen someone making money without working? I think that if you dedicate a little bit of time you can make it happen. My husband’s friend did! Now me and my husband are both doing it. We’ll report along the way. One thing to be mentioned is that you don’t have to spend more than the $10 if you don’t want to. By simple encouraging others to join, you’ll get $5 bucks. Doesn’t seem like a lot but when you have 5 people, it turns into $25… Seems to me like I’m making $15 that no one else is going to give me.

  3. Two things I believe. 1 Your greatest limitation is yourself. 2 As long as you do nothing that is what you get. I just recently embarked on this trip. Time will tell the truth, it always does. I try to think positive in hope of same results. After all faith and hope is all we have sometimes.

  4. I have been checking into this quite enthusiasticly. Problem is, you would be a distributor for GDI. Working for them. Doesn’t sound like your own business to me. If you would choose to go to the next level, “Mastermind”, if you do not perform up to thier expectations, they politely fire you. Never heard of being dismissed from my own business.
    Trying to find out more seems to be difficult. Going back to the beginning to review is made difficult. You can do it, but they don’t make it easy. Makes me wonder if they’re trying to hide something.
    Want to go straight to “Mastermind”. Don’t know if it’s worth the risk. Or just go with the 10 bucks a month and feel them out. Or just forget it. What to do, what to do??????????

    • Was fed up in 3 days. Help was not as advertised. Not enough compensation for the work and/or investment in my opinion. Your not going anywhere for $10.00 a month. More money will be required along the way, with very small return if any…just my opinion.

  5. Hi! I’ve joined GDI yesterday and it does everything it says as far as building your website and the 7 day free trial period. I’ve been working on my referrals but you can’t earn any commissions til somebody who signs up for the free trial period decides to purchase a domain name package. They become potential profits for you but they have to be willing to go through with it. I can’t say if it’s COMPLETELY legit yet because I haven’t made any money yet. I’m working on it but observe my site the only way to find out if it’s legit is by DOING trial and ERROR cause people do like to lie.

    • Thank you for the comment, however it should be pointed out that the question of any business being legitimate or not does not depend any one person’s ability to generate income or not.

      • I got it off of a site called Next Job At Home and I hear nothing but bad reviews about them when I searched them up. So, I know GDI is NOT a good business to make money, it’s only a good business to look pretty and have pretty sounding words.

  6. I actually sat and watched the animated video, and it seems like a pretty legitimate business. However one can’t seem to be quite skeptical of such a “too-good-to-be-true” opportunity, and I wouldn’t blame them. OF course then you have those who write reviews online about the company being a scam and so forth; only to later promote and lead you towards their own product. I haven’t personally witnessed it yet, but I will and I sure hope it’s not just another scam.

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